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The Legendary Man Chapter 939

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-An enormous wave of energy erupted from Jokovich and shattered
the enormous hands.

Right then, Nicholas retrieved a car from his storage ring.

Although the vehicle only stayed afloat in the mud vortex for some time, it gave him the support he
needed to jump and land in a safe zone.

“What’s up with this guy? He has so many tricks up his sleeves!” shouted Nicholas while taking out
another spear.

Jokovich fully unleashed his spiritual sense as he eyed the surroundings carefully.

“Be extra careful. A few God Realm cultivators of Sanctuary have died in his hands.”

The middle-aged man had heard the story of Jonathan killing Oscar before.

Regardless, he knew the difference in one move could determine the fate of cultivators of similar
cultivation levels.

God Realm cultivators could be killed by another.

More often than not, traps were what killed them rather than capabilities.

Even so, Nicholas had finally learned how horrifying Jonathan was.

If not for Jokovich’s help earlier, Jonathan would have killed him.

Jonathan had a terrifying amount of experience in wars.

“Hurry! Come to my location to find Jonathan!” shouted Nicholas into the communication device.

They were all God Realm cultivators. After exchanging a few blows with each other, they realized what
Jonathan was up to.

Nicholas knew Jokovich would be fine if Jonathan stayed and kept fighting. However, Jonathan would
surely do everything in his power to kill the former.

Back then, Nicholas wanted to claim the credit for killing Jonathan. And now, all the former was looking
forward to, was for reinforcements to arrive sooner.

Ordinary God Realm cultivators were no match for an expert like Jonathan.

One needed to understand the incompleteness of Pryncyp in the absolute phase of God Realm to be
able to fight against him.

To put it bluntly, a God Realm elite like Nicholas was only a number to Jonathan. The former was not
powerful enough to threaten Jonathan.


A fountain of soil shot into the air, followed by a second, and a third one.

In just a short amount of time, the sky looked as if there was a sandstorm. The sand formed a screen
that enveloped Jokovich and Nicholas.

Located underground, Jonathan made a couple of hand seals. When he bit on a Spirit Rejuvenating
Pill, a massive wave of spiritual energy rushed into his energy field. It flowed through his meridian and
shot out of his hand.

“Transform into a sword!”

Jonathan let out a muffled groan, and the gravel in the sky began to condense.

Swords made of mud and gravel formed in the sky. In the next second, they fell straight toward
Jokovich and Nicholas.

Wherever Jokovich punched, there would be broken swords made of gravel and soil.

Although the sky was filled with swords, they were so brittle that they broke mid-air. They were
harmless to the duo.

“What on earth is he doing?” asked Nicholas in confusion as he conjured a shield above his head.

“Be careful. His actual sword might be hidden among them.”

Nicholas felt a chill run down his spine when he heard that.

After all, he had witnessed Heaven Sword’s power before.

Its solidity alone was already terrifying enough.

Although Nicholas’ spear was not a top-notch magical item, it was not too bad for a God Realm
cultivator who had military history.

Nonetheless, it broke when it collided with Heaven Sword even for the briefest moment.

If a weapon like that was hidden in the sky that was raining swords, his spirit shield would not be able
to withstand the attack.

At that thought, Nicholas hurriedly summoned another shield before him—only then did he feel more

Truth was, Jonathan did consider what Jokovich mentioned.

However, Jonathan had no plans to use it.

The swords raining from the sky were only a tactic to distract Jokovich and Nicholas.

As time passed, the soil on the ground kept getting sucked into the sky.

A large hole was beginning to form beneath the opponents’ feet.

“Converge!” Jonathan yelled and slapped his hands together. The swords in the sky spiraled in the air
and joined to form a huge dome that came falling.

“Run!” Jokovich sent a fist out and leaped upward.

The moment Jokovich leaped, the ground collapsed, and everything sank.

Nicholas lost his balance, so he stomped violently on the ground when he felt there was nothing
beneath his feet.

Spiritual energy filled the space between his feet and the sunken ground. Hence, he used force to leap
out of the hole like what Jokovich did.

Jonathan witnessed all that with his spiritual sense while being underground.

Sensing Nicholas was about to free himself from the dome, Jonathan clasped his fingers together and
shouted with a deep voice, “Seal!”

With that, spiritual energy poured out.

Immediately, a spiritual energy force field that had a radius of a hundred meters was formed.

The hole Jokovich created in the air suddenly shrank and wrapped tightly around his waist.

Seeing that, Nicholas released two bursts of spiritual energies from both hands.

To his dismay, the energies were not as firm as he expected them to be.

It was as if the energies collided into a pile of cotton; it made no harm.

Meanwhile, the surrounding mud flowed up to Nicholas’s arm and completely engulfed him.

Jokovich reached out and used his Pryncyp to form a huge invisible hand. The invisible hand then
grabbed the soil and threw it to the ridge in the distance.

Gravels scattered all over the place, but Nicholas was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Nicholas was already in the ground wrapped in soil.

As he struggled, spiritual energy kept pouring out of him. He wanted to create a spirit shield to push the
surrounding soil away.

Alas, Jonathan was a step ahead of Nicholas. The former used his spiritual energy force field to create
a spirit shield around Nicholas before compressing the soil in the middle.

The two spirit shields pushed against each other, causing the soil in between to harden.

Finally, it turned into an extremely huge and hard shell that trapped Nicholas in it.

After an indefinite amount of time, Jonathan stomped on the ground, making Nicholas sink further into
the ground. Only then did he turn around and walk toward the surface of the ground.

By then, the hole was already over a hundred meters from the surface.

A God Realm cultivator’s spiritual sense could only reach as far as a hundred meters in the air.
Naturally, the distance would be shorter on the ground.

Jonathan figured it would not be detectable even with Jokovich’s and Nicholas’ spiritual sense

Sensing the weight that was coming in every direction, Jonathan quickly leaped out like a fish jumping
out of water.

Just like that, Nicholas was left to face the weight that was ten thousand tons alone until his spiritual
energy was exhausted. Finally, he would be reduced to a mess of blood and flesh and be buried there

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