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The Legendary Man Chapter 838

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-Meanwhile, in Dyadgon Mountain of Warblerich, Glybir, Graeme was
glaring at Lauryn’s face on the big screen.

Meanwhile, in Dyadgon Mountain of Warblerich, Glybir, Graeme was glaring at Lauryn’s face on the big

As Jonathan had already made clear his relationship with the Blackwood family, Lauryn felt as though a
huge load had been lifted off her shoulders while performing her duty as the messenger.

Back then, Lauryn had to find a secluded spot to secretly deliver information to the Blackwood family,
but that was no longer the case.

She had Jonathan provide her with an office so she could contact them via video call instead.

Lauryn was probably the first in the world of intelligence gathering to enjoy such a privilege.

“Grandpa, is what Jonathan said true? Do you really think I’m stupid too?” Lauryn asked as she was
still bothered by Jonathan’s words from before.

Graeme burst out laughing when he heard that. “Lauryn, I will always see you as the smartest person
in the world.”

Lauryn pouted as she said, “I don’t believe you! Anyway, I have just given you all the information that
Jonathan provided me. He said you would know what to do.”

Having recalled something, she added excitedly, “By the way, Grandpa, I witnessed something rather
surreal earlier. Jonathan pierced Jason through the heart, but he healed it a few seconds later!
Jonathan even told Jason that it was called ‘life force’ or something—”

“What? Say that again!”

Graeme, who was calm and composed in his chair, leaped to his feet the moment he heard the words
“life force.”

“Lauryn, are you sure you heard Jonathan mention ‘life force’?”

Lauryn had never seen him get so worked up before, so she was shocked by his reaction despite the
distance between them. “Huh? Yeah, I’m certain of it. Jonathan told Jason it was life force that saved
him. He even encouraged Jason to work harder in his cultivation and master the Pryncyp of Life. He
told Jason it could allow him to achieve immortality,” she replied cautiously while recalling Jonathan’s

Graeme was so distracted after receiving her confirmation that he didn’t bother hearing the rest of her

“I can’t believe someone actually understood life force… How could it possibly be Jonathan?” Graeme
muttered repeatedly under his breath as he paced back and forth in the conference room.

Harvey quickly waved Lauryn goodbye through the screen and ended the video call.

“Dad, is there some kind of secret behind life force?” he asked while helping Graeme onto his chair.

“No, not a secret. It just means we will be needing Jonathan’s help in the future. Harvey, we did the
right thing by not making an enemy of Asura’s Office! Hahaha! The Osborne family is done for!”
Graeme replied with his fists tightly clenched.

Harvey frowned in confusion when he saw how happy Graeme was.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Dad. What does Jonathan’s ability to control life force have
anything to do with us? Why would we need his help? Even if he could heal wounds with it, all of us

respectable families have the best doctors in Chanaea at our service. I don’t think we’ll ever need
Jonathan’s help at all.”

Harvey was about to say something further when Graeme cut him off, “Harvey, what you’re talking
about are common injuries that cultivators face. What about injuries that God Realm cultivators and
Divine Realm cultivators face? Do you really think our doctors can treat those?”

Harvey stared doubtfully at Graeme after hearing that. “Divine Realm…”

But all respectable families keep their Divine Realm cultivators hidden, so why would they get injured
for no reason?

Noticing that Harvey was still confused, Graeme shook his head and asked, “Harvey, what do you
personally think of Divine Realm cultivators?”

“Divine Realm cultivators are practically invincible!” Harvey replied without any hesitation whatsoever.

However, Graeme shook his head slightly in response.

“Divine Realm cultivators are human too, so they are not immune to injuries, illnesses, and death.
You’ve been researching the major forces in Chanaea extensively, so you should know how the eight
families teamed up to wipe out the Whitley family ten years ago. Tell me, how many Divine Realm
cultivators participated in that battle?”

“The Whitley family was on high alert and had its descendants spread out, so the battle was fought
over a very large area. If I recall correctly, it was about half the size of Chanaea. In order to ensure the
total annihilation of the Whitley family, the eight families pretty much deployed all of their strongest
cultivators. The eight families deployed one Divine Realm cultivator each, and the Whitley family
deployed three, so that makes a total of eleven. I don’t have the exact number of the God Realm
cultivators involved because the families split up afterward, but I do know for a fact that over two

hundred of them participated in that battle. As for Grandmaster Realm cultivators… Well, there’s no
way to confirm that at all,” Harvey said after a brief pause.

Graeme nodded after hearing his analysis.

“The figures that you mentioned are pretty close to the actual figures. Since you’re a God Realm
cultivator, I want you to answer this question as best you can. Imagine a scenario where you are
attacked by multiple God Realm cultivators. Assuming that you go all out in that battle, how many do
you think you can defeat before you are overwhelmed?”

That question caught Harvey completely off guard.

When cultivators of the same level fight each other, victory is often determined by their trump cards.
Sometimes, it could even end up in a life-or-death situation. As such, I can’t determine how many I can
defeat in such a scenario. The best I can do is to simplify and standardize the conditions as much as
possible and imagine how a typical battle between God Realm cultivators would turn out…

With that in mind, Harvey replied hesitantly, “I think I could defeat five of them at most, but that is only if
I go all out and deplete my vitality in the fight.”

Graeme nodded. “Hmm… I suppose that’s fairly realistic. If that is what a God Realm cultivator like
yourself can achieve, then what do you think Divine Realm cultivators are capable of? The eight
families were also on guard against each other when they teamed up against the Whitley family. They
didn’t dare go all out as they didn’t want to end up doing the work for someone else. The three Divine
Realm cultivators from the Whitley family, however, put their lives on the line to defend it. What makes
you think the Divine Realm cultivators from the eight families could kill all three of them without being

Harvey fell silent after hearing that.

That incident from ten years ago was a dark moment in history, so most of its details were not recorded
in writing. The battle was intense, but the ending was rather rushed. The entire battle and aftermath
ended in less than ten days…

After giving it some thought, Harvey realized something was amiss.

“Dad, are you saying that—”

“Yes.” Graeme looked out the window and stared at the core of the ancestral land as he continued,
“The Blackwood family isn’t the only one with a wounded Divine Realm cultivator. All Divine Realm
cultivators from the eight families sustained severe injuries. No one can confirm how many of them are
still alive today.”

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