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The Legendary Man Chapter 837

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-Jason’s family had been heavily involved in medicine for many

Jason’s family had been heavily involved in medicine for many generations.

In terms of modern society, he was equivalent to those heroic protagonists in novels who were skilled
in both medicine and cultivation.

Sadly, that advantage was what caused the downfall of the entire Carrick family.

When Jonathan first met Jason, he was merely a crazy doctor and a Grandmaster who was in the
beginner phase.

Back then, he had been robbed and fainted in a drunken state by the side of the road.

Jonathan only brought him back because he could sense the spiritual energy coming from him.

For a long time after that, Jason didn’t even thank Jonathan for possibly saving his life. All he did was
drink his days away in Jonathan’s house.

Everyone, including Hades, had been incredibly angry and frustrated with him.

Only Jonathan, who had once been shunned and kicked out of the Smith family, knew exactly how
lonely and hopeless Jason felt.

That was why he was able to empathize with Jason, and as a result, shared an unspoken bond with the

More than a month after Jason was brought back, Hades had been heavily injured and was on the
verge of dying by the time Jonathan carried him back to the military camp.

Right as the military doctors were at a complete loss, Jason stepped forward while still stinking of

Ever since then, Jason had become the chief of the special operations unit’s medical team.

In fact, Jason had even helped Jonathan a great amount with his cultivation in the very beginning.

Moreover, after the incident of Jason saving Hades’ life, Jason told Jonathan everything about his
family’s past as a way to show gratitude for all that Jonathan had done for him.

He told Jonathan about all the cultivation methods passed down in his family as well and didn’t leave
out even a single detail.

Within the following three years, Jason focused all his efforts on medicine.

That was because he knew that Asura’s Office was the only force capable enough to defeat the eight
respectable families and get revenge for his family.

He wanted to perfect his skills so that he could ensure that Jonathan and the other members would
stay alive no matter what.

Within those three years, he never even cultivated. However, he still somehow rose to the middle
phase of the Grandmaster Realm with help from his family’s cultivation method alone.

In fact, since his cultivation level was slowly but steadily attained, it was incredibly solid and strong.

Jonathan had once roughly calculated that Jason’s cultivation speed wouldn’t be any slower than his
own as long as Jason worked hard on cultivating.

The sudden sword attack just a few moments ago was Jonathan’s way of using his life force to awaken
Jason’s desire to cultivate.

He wanted to show Jason that any form of medical skill paled in comparison to the Heavenly Pryncyp.

As cultivation slowly began to become more and more commonplace, talented cultivators were
beginning to saturate the community, getting involved with countless power struggles.

In order to get his revenge under such circumstances, Jason had to improve himself.

“You get what I’m trying to say, right?” Jonathan asked, pointing the blade of his blood-tainted sword at

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” replied Jason, nodding profusely.

“Do you still have any of that life force to spare? I think I need to feel it again,” Jason said as he pulled
out his scalpel again and aimed it right at his heart.

Being on the brink of death was something he had never experienced before. A crazy doctor like Jason
could think of a thousand and one different ways to experience near death over and over again since
he knew he wouldn’t die.


Jonathan used spiritual energy to hold Jason’s arm back and stopped him from stabbing himself.

“Hold it. One whisper of life force that can revitalize a dying person is going to cost you three billion. If
you have the money, I’d be happy to play along.”

“Um… Bye, Mr. Goldstein, I’ll be going back to my lab to list out the equipment I need.”

Jason didn’t even hesitate and quickly disappeared at the mention of money.

Zachary and Rebecca left as well since Jason was only the chief of the medical team and still needed
them to actually acquire any equipment he needed.

After the three of them left, Lauryn was the only one left in the meeting room with Jonathan.

At that moment, she still appeared rather awkward and reserved around Jonathan.

Clearly, even though she was the communicator between the Blackwood family and Asura’s Office, she
was still somewhat a hostage. It was only natural that she was wary of Jonathan.

“How is your stay in Edenic Heights so far? Have you gotten used to the place?” Jonathan asked with a
rather exhausted tone as he sat down.

“It’s not too bad,” Lauryn replied, looking down.

“Since you already know I’m a spy from the Blackwood family, why aren’t you letting me go?”

“What good will that do?” Jonathan asked with a sigh.

“Even if I send you away, the Blackwood family will still keep sending undercover spies to infiltrate
Asura’s Office now that they know about our plans. There will never be true peace and trust between
the respected families and Asura’s Office. Rather than letting them send someone else in, I might as
well keep you here. At least I can keep an eye on you so nothing big happens.”

Lauryn was rendered speechless by Jonathan’s explanation.

He’s clearly trying to say that I’m so bad at gathering intelligence that he doesn’t even feel threatened
by me.

“You don’t have to humiliate me just because I suck at confronting prominent forces.”

“I’m not trying to humiliate you.” Jonathan shook his head.

“Do you really think you’d be able to make it in just because you want to?” he asked.

Lauryn said defiantly, “Isn’t that what happened? It took me a lot of effort in order to fulfill the promise I
made to you back at Summerbank Abyss.”

“Think carefully. Is that really the case?” Jonathan asked as he knocked on the table lightly.

“The Blackwood family was capable of sending Colton to the entrance of Edenic Heights as soon as
you arrived. Why couldn’t they stop you then?”

“I—” Lauryn stammered, stumped by Jonathan’s question.

Jonathan continued with a smile, “The Blackwood family needed a proper excuse to approach me.
Colton merely used you as a reason to come and test the waters. They just want to build a connection
with me, knowing that if they stationed a spy, I would have gotten rid of them immediately. But if they
made it obvious, they wouldn’t even have the chance to approach me. As such, they might as well go
with the flow and send you here. Your innocence is the best form of insurance. If your intentions were
as complicated as Colton’s, then I would already have killed you.”

Lauryn felt a chill run down her spine as Jonathan’s eyes glinted murderously.

However, she still remained quiet, gritting her teeth.

Retracting the murderous aura he was exuding, Jonathan fixed his gaze on Lauryn and began
speaking again. ”I let you live as a signal to the Blackwood family that I was open for collaboration.
Why else would Sirius have helped me without reservations back in Remdik? You may be just a pawn
in this game, but you are still important nonetheless. The reason that the Blackwood family and Asura’s
Office could work together is all thanks to you, Lauryn.”

Jonathan then tossed a highly-encrypted memory chip on the table.

“Send this document to Mr. Blackwood as well as the contents of today’s meeting. I believe he’ll know
my intentions. Since the Blackwood family wants to expose the entire cultivation realm to mortals, then
it should happen soon. There’s only so much time we have left.”

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