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- Permission To Conduct An Experiment

“Mr. Goldstein, two Superior Realm cultivators is all I need!”

“Mr. Goldstein, two Superior Realm cultivators is all I need!”

Jason’s determination was beginning to falter in the face of Zachary’s direct admission.

“I really need subjects for this experiment. I’ve already made so much progress in my studies on the
vitality of cultivators. Actually, I’ve already discovered a plant hormone that can drastically improve the
circulation speed of both vitality and spiritual energy!”

Jonathan whipped his head around to stare at Rebecca, who had been on her phone the whole time.

“You were involved in this too?”

After leaving Xiara, Rebecca had been frightfully loyal to Jonathan and hadn’t stepped foot outside of
Edenic Heights since.

She had even willingly given up all of the poison and antidote recipes as well as electronic devices in
her possession so that everyone else would trust her and be at ease.

From the looks of it, she was extremely close with Zachary. Word on the street was that it was only a
matter of time before the two of them finally got together.

Furthermore, her sneaky poisoning skills, deadly talent in assassination, and breathtaking shooting
abilities that trumped even a Grandmaster had cemented her popularity amongst the community.

As of recently, she had at least five hundred people joining her assassination training sessions every
day and had truly evolved into a core member of Edenic Heights.

Before her arrival, Jason hadn’t made much progress despite the countless experiments he had done
in secret.

However, after Jonathan’s short departure of about two or three weeks, Jason suddenly saw a massive
leap in his findings. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that it couldn’t have been without Rebecca’s

Rebecca sheepishly tucked her phone away at Jonathan’s interrogative tone.

“I didn’t have much to do with it, Mr. Goldstein. Jason was still the mastermind.”

“What are you talking about?” Jason said excitedly. “Mr. Goldstein, if it wasn’t for Rebecca’s help, I
would never have been able to find the correct dosages to create this steroid. Even if I were to dilute it
to ten times less than its current potency, it would still easily crush all the other steroids on the market!
If you ever fire me one day, this would still be able to make me a fortune—”

“Okay, you can continue with your experiments. You don’t have to hide it anymore.”

Jason hadn’t finished his sentence when Jonathan’s voice suddenly echoed in the room.

The others all stared at Jonathan in shock while Jason let out a heavy sigh and slumped into his seat.

“Okay, fine. I won’t do any experiments anymore—”

He paused abruptly and looked up at Jonathan with a look of disbelief. Even his breathing was starting
to become ragged from excitement.

“Wait. What did you just say, Mr. Goldstein?”

“I said, you can continue with your experiments. I won’t get in your way,” Jonathan said firmly.

“Not only will I not get in your way, but I’ll even lend you the help of the whole of Asura’s Office.
However, I have some ground rules. First of all, you must only do experiments on enemy cultivators,
and only on those who started a fight first and got captured by us. Secondly, I will help you gather all
the information I can on genetic manipulation, including about human subjects. However, you must
promise me that when you’re capable of mass-producing cultivators in the future, you’ll ensure that
they have complete freedom and control over their own actions.”

The second ground rule was a line that Jonathan couldn’t allow Jason to cross.

Complete freedom and control over their own actions included two conditions.

The first was that those who signed up had voluntarily done so, of their own personal accord.

The second was that the cultivators who underwent modification would always act according to their
beliefs and personal ambition, even when assigned to a fatal operation.

He didn’t want his soldiers to become complete beasts devoid of all emotion and empathy like
Charleigh’s werewolves.

Remdik’s operations had really shocked Jonathan.

Charleigh, the crazy scientist, could actually mass-produce Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

If he were to station them on the battlefield, not even the hundreds of thousands of members of Asura’s
Office could withstand such an attack.

When he returned last time, Jonathan had even held onto some hope that his weapon could keep this
immense force at bay.

Sadly, after his visit to the West Region, he learned that that was just his wishful thinking.

In Jonathan’s opinion, when it came to the world of cultivation, the cultivators in Chanaea were simply a
bunch of rookies.

To countries like Remdik and Jetroina, a community that could be ruled by merely Grandmaster Realm
cultivators was nothing more than a small fry.

At present, Jonathan was extremely paranoid over their lack of cultivators.

Now, his strongest desire was gathering and training cultivators, and he was willing to take all the risks

Jason didn’t know what Jonathan could have possibly gone through to change his mind so much, but
such a change was definitely in his favor.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein. I promise that all of my test subjects will be those who deserve to die, and
that those who take part in the final experiment will only do so of their own will. I will never break my

Jonathan nodded, relieved that Jason had agreed with his terms.

Unbeknownst to him, their pact would kick off a storm of lure-and-kill cases all across Chanaea.

The scouts of the eight respectable families and other outside forces were continuously baited to take
action. As a result, they were all captured by well-prepared mysterious men and sent into Jason’s lab to
undergo torturous experiments.

Jason’s near insanity even managed to discourage anyone who ever had the intention of infiltrating
Asura’s Office.

It was somehow more effective than any previous purging operations that were carried out.

Of course, since all of that happened in the future, it was impossible for anyone to predict it.

After getting Jonathan’s official approval, Jason was just about to leave and organize his to-do lists for
the experiments.

His previous experiments were all child’s play compared to what he was truly about to do, and that
meant he needed to upgrade his equipment.

Before he could even reach the door, however, Jonathan called out to him.

“Hold on, Jason.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein?”

Jason turned around, but as soon as he did that, a long sword instantly pierced through his chest.

Everyone stood up in shock while Jason looked at Jonathan with pure confusion in his eyes.

“Mr. Goldstein?”

Jason’s voice quivered as he could feel his energy being drained from his body when his heart was


“I want you to know what life force truly is.”

Jonathan retracted the sword and infused a huge gust of life force into Jason’s body while squeezing
his shoulder with his right hand.

The huge gash on Jason’s chest began to heal rapidly. Before he could even take another breath, he
was completely healed without even a trace of his previous injury.

“What just happened?”

Jason’s face was filled with sheer shock as he felt the remnants of Jonathan’s life force pulsing in his

He quickly pulled out a scalpel and sliced his wrist open.

Fresh blood immediately started spurting out of the incision, but in the blink of an eye, the skin and
flesh started to knit themselves back together as the others watched in shock.

“Jason, I know you think that cultivation isn’t important since you’re a doctor. However, remember what
this feels like. If you can achieve the Divine Realm and gain the Pryncyp of Life, then you may become
immortal,” Jonathan said, giving Jason’s shoulder a light pat.

“Do not waste the complete cultivation method passed down in your family. I’ll help you with the
cultivation resources needed.”

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