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The Legendary Man Chapter 834

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-Jonathan recommended two individuals to Hades—Freddie, who
could be of great use, and Leslie, who was put on hold at Jonathan’s instruction.

Jonathan recommended two individuals to Hades—Freddie, who could be of great use, and Leslie,
who was put on hold at Jonathan’s instruction.

Then, Hades reported the recent movements in Remdik, the West Region, and Jetroina to Jonathan.

Of course, Jonathan had already known what happened in the West Region. After all, he did contribute
to the detonation of the special missile.

Remdik and Jetroina had completely settled down and retracted their forces after Jonathan worked
together with the seven respectable families to invade Remdik.

Remdik’s Medved Army and four other armies, which totaled about eight hundred thousand soldiers,
were stationed about hundred fifty kilometers north of River Onxy.

Meanwhile, even though the Eastern Army was in the midst of a power transfer from Karl to Hayes, the
army wasted no time in reinforcing their base in preparation to face Remdik’s threats.

And in Jetroina, there was not a single piece of news about Zebedee’s death.

Despite Freddie’s intensified efforts to interrogate the intelligence personnel of Terrandya and Baridoki
for any possible infiltration of Jetroinian spies, no new discoveries were made.

From Jetroina’s lack of reaction, it seemed that the Saint Emperor was completely unaware of the
matter, but the absence of any response was, itself, unusual.

As Jonathan tried to predict his opponent’s next moves, there was something in his mind that was
bothering him.

There was only a week left till the deadline he gave Karl, and the latter was in the last stages of his
power transfer to Hayes.

Jonathan was contemplating whether to kill the man.

The virus warfare that had played out had inadvertently killed almost a hundred thousand people in
Northern Crimson Prison and Mysonna Army combined, and it was all orchestrated by Karl.

Even though Karl had plotted the warfare to intensify the conflict within Chanaea and ultimately crush
the eight respectable families, he still had to answer for the loss of almost a hundred thousand lives.

Then again, Jonathan couldn’t bring himself to actually kill the man.

Karl had been Jonathan’s trusted companion through thick and thin, and it pained him to see how
things had turned out for him.

He heaved a long sigh and turned to look at Hades.

“Hades, you’re the person in charge of Asura’s Office now. If any emergency arises, you have the right
to decide without approval. I hope you will make appropriate use of your power. Right now, we should
focus on our armies in Eshistan. It’s almost certain that we cannot pass through Yaleview now, so we
must think of an alternative and prioritize our elite armies to lead the convoy. Make the arrangements
on your own, including the transfer of manpower. Be sure to capitalize on their greatest strengths.
Okay, now, I want to talk to you about the future development of Asura’s Office.”

Jonathan came to a brief pause, recalling what he had witnessed in the West Region.

“I’ve shared the detailed report on my experience in the West Region with you. I believe you already
have a good understanding of Seboxiasm and Damos. If these two religion clans infiltrate Chanaea,
over a hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators will reduce three to five of our army headquarters in

various districts to ashes overnight, and this is excluding the two leaders of the clan who are both
Divine Realm cultivators.”

As Hades listened to that, a hint of concern flickered across his eyes.

Hades had read through the report that Jonathan had given him. Despite the fact that he commanded
an army of over four hundred thousand people, the number of cultivators in the West Region still
shocked Hades.

Of course, there were cultivators in Asura’s Office as well. However, Jonathan, the highest level
cultivator among them, had only attained God Realm.

Meanwhile, other than Karl, his Kings of War were all Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

As for the newly-formed Dark Special Forces under Jonathan’s leadership, the unit was composed
entirely of cultivators, with less than ten of them in Grandmaster Realm. The rest were made up of
Superior Realm cultivators.

There were over one point six million people in Asura’s Office, and only less than thirty of them were
Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

If it wasn’t for the special cultivation environment of Chanaea, their cultivators would have been
crushed by other higher-level cultivators overseas.

The special cultivation environment was caused by the dysfunctional distribution of resources in

Including the Whitley family, which had been eradicated over a decade ago, the nine respectable
families had monopolized the cultivation resources, making it difficult for rogue cultivators to succeed.

With a powerhouse like the Whitley family as a deterrent, other nations hesitated to make rash moves
against Chanaea.

However, with the complete annihilation of the Whitley family by the eight respectable families, Remdik,
the West Region, and Jetroina were quick to take advantage of the power vacuum and began their
invasion of Chanaea.

Jonathan couldn’t help but wonder how long those small battles would last.

If the worshippers of Seboxiasm or Damos worked together with the West Region to launch a large-
scale invasion of Chanaea, would the eight respectable families come together to stave off the enemy?

What if the three nations worked together?

Since the eight respectable families were fighting among themselves, it was not likely that they would
be able to help.

Both Chanaea and Asura’s Office might seem impenetrable right then, but in reality, they were walking
on thin ice and could collapse at any moment.

“Mr. Goldstein, if we don’t get rid of the eight respectable families, we will never be able to cultivate
high-level cultivators on a large scale.”

“We don’t need high-level cultivators,” Jonathan said in a low voice. “We can focus on cultivating
Superior Realm cultivators. After all, they only need to accumulate spiritual energy from nature to attain
that level. Then, we will choose the elites from this bunch and cultivate them to reach Grandmaster
Realm and train them to become part of our leading forces.”

Hades nodded slightly. However, his frown deepened.

“Mr. Goldstein, I understand where you’re coming from, but where do we find these people?”

“People?” Jonathan chuckled. “Do you think Asura’s Office lacks people? We have over one point six
million people.”

“Mr. Goldstein, are you suggesting that all our soldiers practice cultivation?” Hades asked in an
incredulous tone.

Jonathan’s idea was shocking.

As a cultivator himself, Hades knew the resources that poured into cultivating one.

At present, Asura’s Office was not short of funds, as its subordinates had multiple sources of income.
The amount of money in their accounts had already reached astronomical figures.

However, if they were to spend all their money to train cultivators, training even only a fraction of them
would jeopardize their finances.

Even if they were to combine the money of all eight respectable families, it would still not suffice to train
all of them to reach Superior Realm.

Jonathan looked at Hades and threw him a storage ring.

“Hades, this storage ring contains all the cultivation methods, spiritual weapons, and the simplest
methods to refine medicine I’ve collected over the years. I’ve organized them into three levels for you.
The first level is Postcelestial Realm. You have to let all of them master this. Then, pick the fast
learners and let them go to the second level. The second level is Precelestial Realm. This level is
mainly screening the soldier’s background. Similarly, pick those who are fast to enter the third level.
The final and third level is Superior Realm. You have to focus about ninety percent of your resources
on them. Then keep an eye on those who have the potential to attain Grandmaster Realm. I will

personally take them away for group training. At the same time, pass down the simplest methods to
refine medicine and weapons. Focus and train those who can understand them. Pass on the order to
summon all core Superior Realm cultivators in all war zones back here to train these soldiers. Before
these soldiers attain Superior Realm, speed is of the essence! Over ninety percent of them will be
stuck in Superior Realm and will not be able to have a breakthrough. In that case, we will use
quantitative change to bring about qualitative change. I want to cultivate about ten thousand Superior
Realm cultivators in a year.”

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