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The Legendary Man Chapter 833

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-Jonathan lightly turned the coffee cup as he looked at Hades’
determined eyes.

Jonathan lightly turned the coffee cup as he looked at Hades’ determined eyes.

“Freddie… He’s skilled, indeed. When I was in Terrandya, he had the guts to install a listening device in
the office. He also killed his direct superior in front of me. He’s been in hiding for many years to avenge
his family. Are you sure you want someone like him?”

“I’m sure,” Hades said with a chuckle. “A person who does intelligence work must be cruel enough. He
was able to set a Grandmaster Realm cultivator up for someone with no cultivation level. I must make
sure this person stays. Plus, with his skills, it’s a waste only to let him manage a small place like
Eshistan. Now that Asura’s Office has added the Dark Special Forces, the intelligence network is
getting stronger and expanding non-stop. I’m in urgent need of such a talented person.”

Jonathan nodded his head. “Then tell Freddie that he has to integrate the intelligence network of
Doveston within three months. He’ll be given a chance to join the headquarters if he can do it.”

“Understood,” Hades replied with a smile. “By the way, Mr. Goldstein, speaking of Freddie, I’m
reminded of the other person you recommended.”


“Leslie Hart from Summerbank,” Hades said with a frown.

Jonathan sat up straight when he saw the frown on Hades’ face.

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem with Leslie?”

“No, that’s not it…” Hades quickly waved his hand. “She has a problem, but it’s not with her identity. It’s
her way of thinking that’s the problem.”

“I don’t understand.” Jonathan took a sip of coffee. “Get to the point. I’m in a hurry.”

“Okay. Leslie is considered an operation-type talent. She seems like a whole other person when she’s
analyzing something. No matter what data we give, she’ll always be able to find a breakthrough point,
so I sent her to study at a military school. They have a virtual battle platform for battle practice, and
Leslie has participated in a total of hundred and five virtual battle practices.”

“Any victories?” Jonathan asked in curiosity.

Hades hesitated momentarily before replying, “She’s won seventy battles and lost thirty-five.”

Jonathan hesitated when he heard that. “The two-to-one win-to-loss ratio is indeed low. What are you
trying to say? First of all, I recommended her so you could observe her. I didn’t say that she needed to
stay. You can always send her back if you think she’s not up for it. Do you understand?”

“Mr. Goldstein, I understand what you mean, but Leslie’s win-to-loss ratio is weird,” Hades quickly

“The thirty-five battles she lost were the first thirty-five battles she participated in. She’s never won
because she was unfamiliar with the combat methods of each military unit…”

Right then, Jonathan stood up.

“Are you saying she’s never lost the last seventy virtual battles after familiarizing herself with the
combat methods?”

Perhaps Jonathan did not know about it, but he was panting when he asked that question.

That kind of virtual battle platform was a large-scale military strategy game specially designed based
on various military forces, maps, and tactics in the real world by Asura’s Office to strengthen their

The average winning rate of the military academy officers who could enter Asura’s Office was around a
ratio of three point five to one.

Leslie only had a winning rate of two-to-one, and she was a rookie unfamiliar with the combat methods
of various units before.

After she familiarized herself with the combat methods, her ability to win seventy continuous battles
could be described as incredible.

“Hades, is what you’re saying true? She won all seventy battles after?” Jonathan gripped the edge of
the table tightly as he asked once more.

“That’s right. She won all seventy battles.” Hades nodded. “But… Mr. Goldstein, Leslie’s method of
combat is not conventional.”

“It’s only natural for someone who can achieve a one hundred percent win rate to take the enemy by
surprise, so it’s understandable if she uses an unusual combat method,” Jonathan said excitedly as he
paced back and forth. “What method did she use? Is it tactical infiltration or suppressive fire? Perhaps
it’s decapitation? Or maybe information warfare? Hurry up and tell me! We’ve struck gold this time!”

“Mr. Goldstein, Leslie is good at combination attacks and has many tactics.” Hades hesitated
momentarily before continuing, “But in order to win, she has never considered the attrition of soldiers.
The worst virtual battle showed her having eight hundred thousand soldiers but losing seventy hundred
and eighty thousand soldiers with a remaining twenty thousand with severe injuries.”

Jonathan was taken aback.

He froze on the spot as he looked at Hades. He did not know what to say.

The virtual battle platform by Asura’s Office was designed for soldiers to become closer to the image
and reality of war.

In other words, if there were such a battle between two armies, Leslie would win by killing nearly the
entire army.

In conventional warfare, it could be considered a failure as long as the loss of manpower exceeded
one-third of the total.

And Leslie lost all eight hundred thousand soldiers.

Jonathan calmed himself down by counting to ten in his mind before he asked, “What’s Leslie’s
average battle damage?”

“If we disregard the first thirty-five battles, the average battle damage for the last seventy battles is forty

“That’s nearly half of the battle damage!” Jonathan frowned as he looked at Hades. “Does she like to
use a tactic where she outnumbers her enemies?”

“Not really.” Hades sighed. “Leslie’s battle damage comes from her disregarding the soldiers as
humans. It doesn’t matter as long as she can get a win. She can even send two hundred thousand
soldiers as bait if it means that the enemy will fall for it. As I said, Leslie doesn’t seem to be human.
She seems more like an emotionless robot.”

Jonathan took a deep breath and let out a long sigh when he heard Hades’ words.

“Hades, have you talked to Leslie about this?”

“Of course. After all, such a solid winning ratio already shows no problems with her operations. The
rest is a problem of human nature,” Hades replied grimly. “However, Leslie has her own understanding
of war. For example, her losing eight hundred thousand soldiers to win. Leslie explained that we only
have the arrangements and settings of soldiers in the virtual scenarios. However, the two armies would
fall into a stalemate if it was a real war and the enemy could not be dealt with immediately.”

He continued, “By then, both parties will send more troops. If there is not enough, they’ll forcefully
recruit more. That will negatively impact society in all aspects, which is far worse than the number of
dead soldiers. Plus, her method is the best solution to end the war as quickly as possible and constrain
the casualties only in the army. Although cruel and tragic, it’s short and fast and can bring long-term

Jonathan turned silent at Hades’ words.

Leslie’s explanation made sense, but they should never sacrifice a soldier’s life to ensure the victory of
the war.

Jonathan could tolerate a commander’s misjudgment of the war situation, but he absolutely could not
accept the method of deliberately using soldiers as bait.

“Hades, if Leslie doesn’t change her method of commanding, then let’s keep it hidden. We cannot allow
her to enter the army with such a command style. I won’t allow it!”

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