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The Legendary Man Chapter 832

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-When Dorian finished his words, he felt a strong, murderous aura
surrounding him.

When Dorian finished his words, he felt a strong, murderous aura surrounding him.

“Sir…” Dorian looked at Jonathan with an apologetic smile.

“I’ll pay for it… Ah! Sir, don’t hit my face!” Dorian’s screams rang out from the intensive care unit,
causing several medical staff who were passing by to glance into the ward.

Aiden stood at the door and casually lit a cigarette.

“This is Dorian’s new treatment plan. Don’t learn it. Move along.”

After ten minutes, Jonathan walked out of the intensive care unit, looking refreshed.

Behind him stood Dorian, whose face was swollen from all the beating.

“Dorian, don’t you think that’s the case?” Jonathan asked Dorian with a laugh.

Dorian nodded earnestly behind him. “You’re right, Mr. Goldstein. I’ll settle things with them. I definitely
won’t let my friends down.”

After their intimate conversation, Dorian finally understood that Jonathan’s life force was not endless.
He did not dare to say anything else after that.

Jonathan had gone to Mysonna to give the spirit stone to Dorian. However, because of Dorian’s injury,
Jonathan accidentally stayed in the West Region for almost two weeks.

Even if he wanted to give the spirit stone to Dorian, he had none left.

It looks like I’ll have to find a chance to fleece the Blackwood family.

Fortunately, the trip to the West Region saved Dorian’s life. Jonathan could finally be relieved after
knowing that the troops in Mysonna had received support and that Dorian had knowledge of the
organizational structure of the military in Mysonna.

Jonathan took the military plane and rushed to Harfush overnight.

Although Jonathan was still the head of Asura’s Office, he had already transferred control of the office
to someone else.

The person he had chosen to transfer the control to was the current person in charge of the
headquarters of Asura’s Office, Hades.

Jonathan still did not choose to enter the headquarters of Asura’s Office.

Instead, they met at the old building of Asura’s Office.

They were in an empty conference room. Although Hades had ordered someone to clean the room
before their meeting, it still looked depressing.

Jonathan stood by the window and looked at the greenery downstairs. It was already the end of
November, and it was winter in Harfush despite it not snowing yet.

The branches of the trees swayed with the wind, and there were fallen leaves on the ground. The place
looked somewhat desolate.

“I was the one who chose this place!” Jonathan smiled as he pointed toward a tree in the garden.
“Hades, look at that banyan tree. I chose this place as the headquarters because I noticed the banyan
tree could survive. I thought since that banyan tree could grow here, Asura’s Office could do the same.

We could even grow to be as strong as that tree! Unfortunately, Asura’s Office is progressing further,
and we must say goodbye to this old friend.”

Hades handed a cup of coffee to Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, as long as you want it, you can take control of everything in Asura’s Office anytime. I
know you are being constrained by the Osborne family right now, but you must remember that you
were the one who built Asura’s Office from scratch. If we follow you, we will never have any complaints
even if we were to die in battle.”

Jonathan smiled and shook his head. He took a sip of coffee and felt the warmth of it spread
throughout his body and felt more energetic.

“This coffee tastes good. Where’s it from?”

“This coffee is made from coffee beans produced by one of my subordinates in Superior Realm. He
said his family has been planting coffee plants for generations. He also mentioned that they produce
less than five pounds a year of this type of bean. They’re planted and produced at a place where vita
gathers. It can help to refresh and clear your mind and also relieve fatigue. If you like it, I’ll give the rest
to you,” Hades explained to Jonathan.

Jonathan nodded in response. “That’s okay. I appreciate your kind offer, but this type of thing no longer
works for me at my current cultivation level. Keep it for yourself.”

As he said that, he placed the cup of coffee aside.

“We could transfer hundreds of thousands of people and numerous equipment and supplies in less
than a month. Thank you for your hard work,” Jonathan bowed slightly toward Hades as he said that.
His action shocked Hades, causing the latter to back away.

“Mr. Goldstein, that is part of my duty. I can’t afford to receive such a grand gesture of thanks from

Jonathan gave a faint smile and said nothing more.

“All right, let’s not talk about that. The purpose of my coming here is to get a report on the current
situation and discuss the future direction of Asura’s Office with you face-to-face. Let’s start with the
report,” Jonathan said, then turned around to sit at the head of the conference table.

Hades hurriedly asked the person next to him for the tablet.

“Mr. Goldstein, the domestic situation has been relatively stable recently. First of all, in Yaleview,
Wilbur’s Yaleview Army is expanding on a small scale, but there is no deployment or mobilization. After
Wilbur teamed up with the Salladay family to assassinate Joshua, Wilbur has not done anything else.
He also seems to have cut off any connections to the Salladay family. It looks like something went
wrong with their collaboration.”

Jonathan nodded slightly. “How many spies are left in Yaleview?”

“Previously, we have withdrawn those in the open from Yaleview according to your instructions. As for
the spies hiding behind the scenes, they’ve been blacklisted. There are about three thousand of them
left. Only three are left from the ones who were able to infiltrate Zedfield.”

“Three?” Jonathan frowned and looked at Hades.

When he had heard about Joshua’s assassination, there had still been six of them left.

It’s only been a month. How did we end up with half left?

They were all elites that Jonathan had personally trained. Their identities had been wiped out entirely.
Unless the Intelligence Bureau had come to investigate, it would be impossible for any mistakes to
occur by just an ordinary investigation.

“Hades, did you use them to get information?”

“Only one. I used him to provide me with information about Wilbur,” Hades replied grimly. “As for the
other two, I don’t know how they died, but they have indeed disappeared. Wilbur has most probably
started to eradicate the suspicious people by his side.”

“Wilbur…” Jonathan scrunched his eyebrows, and a perplexed look appeared on his face.

Seeing that Jonathan was silent, Hades stood at the side and dared not say a word.

A few minutes later, Jonathan asked Hades, “Go on. How’s the situation in Doveston?”

“At the moment, Doveston has reestablished their relationship with the headquarters to exchange intel.
Freddie Lopez, the one you previously recommended, is skilled. He’s already reconstructed the
intelligence network for Terrandya, Horbah, and Baridoki and plans to do a complete integration. Mr.
Goldstein, I plan to bring him to the headquarters if he can integrate the intelligence network of

Hades’ words took Jonathan by surprise.

Although Hades was one of the Eight Kings of War, he had always been mainly in charge of everything
at the headquarters of Asura’s Office.

He was cautious about transferring personnel to the headquarters. Everyone had to undergo multiple

That was the first time Hades had taken the initiative to demand Jonathan for someone.

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