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The Legendary Man Chapter 831

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-The young commander would probably never understand why he
had to suffer a severe beating in his entire lifetime.

The young commander would probably never understand why he had to suffer a severe beating in his
entire lifetime.

After all, Jonathan couldn’t possibly explain that he almost got blasted into pieces by his own men.

Verily, he couldn’t afford to bear such humiliation.

At Central Hospital in Zadiff, Jonathan’s arrival immediately plunged the entire hospital into a frenzy.

Aiden walked out with a cigarette in his mouth, looking haggard beyond words.

“‘You’re finally back, Mr. Goldstein!” He trotted all the way to the lobby and grabbed Jonathan’s arm,
asking frantically, “Where’s the antidote? Did you get it?”

At the sight of the man all panicked, a sense of foreboding promptly flooded Jonathan.

“Did something happen to Dorian?”

Aiden nodded profusely.

“Let’s not talk about this first. Quick, give me the antidote! He has tried to take his life thrice. Even now,
he’s still lying in the intensive care unit!”


Jonathan shot a hand out and formed a massive palm with spiritual energy to propel Aiden along as he
sprinted toward the fifth floor.

In less than three breaths, the two of them had already reached the door of the intensive care unit.

Jonathan’s face was frightfully grim as he pinned his eyes on Dorian lying inside with tubes all over.

“What’s going on here, Aiden? According to your assessment, wasn’t Dorian supposed to be able to
hang on for two weeks? I’ve only been gone for twelve days. Why did he end up in such a state?”

Right then, Aiden was still in shock from being carried forward at lightning speed. Straightening his
glasses tremblingly, he heaved a sigh.

“I underestimated the agony he would endure. For the first seven days, he could still communicate
normally. But later on, he grew increasingly irritable. He even gave up controlling his spiritual energy
and allowed the wounds to bleed. When we stopped him from doing so, he started self-mutilating and
attempting suicide. In desperation, we could only continuously pump anesthetic into him so he’d remain
unconscious. That aside, the blood flow from his wounds was too great. The Thunder King of War of
the Northern Army urgently mobilized twenty cultivators of Superior Realm to take turns sealing his
wounds with spiritual energy around the clock.”

Jonathan cast his gaze into the intensive care unit. Sure enough, a cultivator was sitting tall at the head
of Dorian’s bed while grasping the man’s hand, perpetually infusing spiritual energy into him.

Pushing open the door to the ward, Jonathan reached out and placed a hand on Dorian’s arm.

“Mr. Goldstein,” the cultivator greeted cautiously.

Jonathan waved a hand, dismissing him.

“If there’s no antidote, Dorian can’t be healed at all, Mr. Goldstein.”

Jonathan frowned slightly.

“I’m the medicine. Even if he lacks a heart today, I can still give him life once more!”


As one of the top figures in the medical field in Chanaea, Aiden naturally didn’t believe the man.
However, he couldn’t say anything contrary, considering Jonathan’s status.

Furthermore, he was aware that the latter was a cultivator.

He couldn’t help having a shred of anticipation after hearing such a confident statement.

Jonathan took out several short blades and daggers. With a mere thought, the spiritual energy around
him swirled and slowly lifted Dorian up.

By then, blood had begun oozing out of Dorian’s wounds since there was no longer any spiritual energy
suppressing them.

Scanning his spiritual sense over the wounds littering Dorian’s body, Jonathan flicked his fingers
imperceptibly. At once, the short blades floating in mid-air turned into cold glints of light and slashed at
the wounds.


Excruciating agony jolted Dorian awake from his sleep. Regretfully, the surging spiritual energy around
him had been suppressed by Jonathan with a single hand.


In his daze, he even thought that he had been ambushed. Exerting force on both hands, he struggled
to break free from the latter’s grasp to retaliate.

Alas, he was evidently not Jonathan’s match when he was merely in the middle phase of Grandmaster

“Stay still!”

With a slap from Jonathan, blood spurted out of Dorian’s mouth and nose.

That slap woke him up completely.

No sooner had he spotted Jonathan than he cried out in agony, “Mr. Goldstein… Ahh! Kill me, Mr.
Goldstein! I beg you! I know you and Aiden want to save me out of the kindness of your hearts, but I
really can’t take it anymore. Please! Even if only because I’ve been at your beck and call, end my

“No way!” Jonathan retorted, throwing the man a cold look.

At that moment, the spinning short blade had already gouged out chunks of flesh from Dorian’s

Crimson blood blanketed the bed and floor of the intensive care unit.

However, Jonathan wasn’t the least bit worried then. In the next heartbeat, ropes of life force streamed
into Dorian’s body unceasingly.

“What’s this, Mr. Goldstein?”

Dorian gaped at Jonathan. The bone-deep wound at his arm was actually regenerating rapidly, new
layers of flesh overlapping interminably.

In just ten breaths, his wound had healed completely without a scar in sight.

Placing Dorian back onto the ground, Jonathan turned a blind eye to him gawking at his own body with
a silly grin.

“Whoa! I’m no longer in pain! Mr. Goldstein, my wounds aren’t reopening! They really don’t hurt

The corners of Jonathan’s mouth curved upward a fraction.

In all honesty, he hadn’t bothered looking for the antidote anymore after obtaining the mysterious coffin.

After all, that most primeval life force was sufficient to neutralize most poisons in the world.

Based on the situation currently, that was indeed true, for Dorian had been healed entirely.

Right then, Dorian was still oblivious to the fact that Jonathan had planned on severing his arm and
regenerating a new one had his condition persisted. As for the other wounds on his body, the man had
contemplated gouging holes around them with a blade.

“Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Goldstein! What was that? The energy you infused into me earlier didn’t feel like
spiritual energy. What exactly was it that it could heal me in such a short time? It’s simply miraculous!”

Recalling Aetomoye’s words, Jonathan replied, “It’s known as life force. You can also call it vita. It’s one
of the most primeval energies.”

“Regarding this life… vita… or something, Mr. Goldstein, do you have a lot of it?” Dorian ventured

He knew that magical herbs that could regenerate human bone and flesh were undoubtedly priceless.

Mirth bubbled within Jonathan to see the man so hesitant.

“Hey, stop acting like a scaredy-cat! Just say whatever it is!”

“Mr. Goldstein, some of my brothers-in-arm were also injured in the battle previously and ended up
disabled. Could you please help them as well? Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein! I know how the world works.
I certainly won’t be asking you to help for free. State your terms, and I’ll accomplish them for sure.”

“Cut the crap. It’s nothing.” Jonathan sighed. “They’re your soldiers, so they’re also mine. Where are
they? Are they also in this hospital?”

While saying that, he made to head out.

Although he hadn’t much life force left within him at that moment, it was still enough to treat a few

“They’re at Mysonna Army Military Hospital, Mr. Goldstein,” Dorian hurriedly answered.

“Ah, that makes sense. Oh yes, how many are there?” Jonathan asked smilingly.

Dorian scratched his head.

“I think… below three hundred.”

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