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The Legendary Man Chapter 829

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-Blaze and Jonathan emerged in a house at the edge of Newcove.

Blaze and Jonathan emerged in a house at the edge of Newcove.

Two people entangled in a passionate embrace were stabbed by a dagger, dying before they could see
who the intruders were.

Jonathan gave Blaze a disapproving look.

“You didn’t have to do that. You could have just knocked them out.”

Blaze sat on the couch and picked up a bottle of unfinished wine. He gave it a sniff before taking a
huge gulp.

Jonathan calmed down, sensing half of his life force within him.

Even if Jonathan was severely injured, he could still rebuild his body with the remaining life force.

After downing half the contents of the wine bottle, Blaze said cheerfully, “Seal your spiritual energy. We
might’ve escaped several dozens of miles, but who knows what a Divine Realm cultivator is capable
of? We won’t get this lucky if we get captured again.”

He wasn’t telling Jonathan to seal his meridians.

What he meant was that Jonathan should control his cultivation method to make sure it didn’t
communicate with the rotation of the outside world.

Once communication was cut off, the spiritual energy in the outer world wouldn’t fluctuate. No one
could detect Jonathan’s location through energy fluctuation unless they used their spiritual energy or
spiritual sense to envelop his body.

Jonathan took a seat across from Blaze and found some snacks under the coffee table. He ripped it
open and started stuffing food into his mouth.

When cultivators fought, they exhausted not only their spiritual energy but also their vitality.

In a single day, Jonathan’s life hung in the balance multiple times, which required him to go through the
arduous process of rebuilding his body each time. Thus, he was in a state of extreme hunger due to the
lack of sustenance.

Jonathan would find pet food delicious, not to mention snacks.

After consuming the snacks, he turned around to face the bed, which was saturated with an ominous,
crimson hue from the spilled blood.

“You’re quite bloodthirsty, huh? No wonder you’re known as the best of assassins.”

“Stop joking,” Blaze replied with a grin. “You have uncovered the gruesome truth of the Pryncyp of
Slaughter. How can you possibly accuse someone else of being bloodthirsty? That’s absurd. There
must be a minimum of millions of people who have perished as a direct or indirect result of your
actions. In a mere twelve hours, you have slain an innumerable amount of Grandmaster Realm
cultivators and above at Bazar Temple. Do you truly have any regard for their lives? We are both
equally merciless killers. Don’t attempt to portray yourself as a saint.”

Jonathan froze.

“I only kill those who deserve to die.”

“That’s purely your opinion!” Blaze mocked. “Remember Louis and Aetomoye? Did they threaten your
family or do something immoral? We’re all cultivators, so it’s pointless to discuss this.”

As Blaze spoke, he lit up a cigar for himself.

“Jonathan, pray tell. What is your next move?”

“Go back to Chanaea,” Jonathan replied without hesitation.

According to Aiden’s previous assessment, Dorian could only survive for approximately two weeks.
Jonathan had been here for ten days. He feared Dorian would not be able to last the remaining time if
he did not return.

“I know you’ll definitely return to Chanaea,” Blaze answered with a chuckle. “I mean, what do you plan
to do after returning to Chanaea?”

“What will happen after I return to Chanaea?” Jonathan furrowed his brows.

Something told him that Blaze was up to something. Has he not given up on persuading me to join their
Holy War?

Blaze pondered briefly before explaining, “Chanaea is in a precarious situation. To the north, they are
neighbored by Remdik, to the west by the West Region, and to the east by Jetroina. All three of these
countries are powerful and have their eyes on Chanaea’s resources, making them a constant threat of
war. The tension is only exacerbated by the internal strife within Chanaea, as the eight respectable
families are becoming increasingly unruly, causing the high-ranking cultivators not to cooperate to face
the outside enemies. The only thing standing between Chanaea and total chaos is Asura’s Office, but it
may not be enough to handle both the internal and external issues. Can Chanaea overcome these dual
threats and maintain peace and stability?”

Jonathan tossed away the snack and leaned into his chair, casting Blaze a frosty look.

“Your evaluation of Chanaea is even more impressive than my own, particularly considering I am
Asura. You clearly possess a great deal of knowledge regarding the eight respectable families. That
must have required a considerable amount of effort and dedication on your part.”

“Not really,” Blaze replied as he waved his hands. “You know I’m only competent in assassination and
infiltration. We could not ascertain what the eight mysterious respectable families were until Asura’s
Office conducted an investigation, and we were made privy to all the relevant information.”

Jonathan gave a curt nod.

“Got it. I understand that the Apocalypse is more than capable of infiltrating Asura’s Office. Why did you
bring up Chanaea’s situation with me? Is it simply an attempt to assist me in better understanding the
situation, or is there something else you are trying to tell me?”

“Of course not,” Blaze responded as he puffed out smoke. “I want to make it clear to you that if you so
desire, I can create an immense amount of disarray and havoc in both the West Region and Jetroina.
This would leave them in a helpless state, allowing you to successfully conquer and combine the two
nations. I’m sure you understand the requirement for me to do so.”

“You want me to become a knight?” Jonathan asked curiously.

“Yes.” A smile nudged Blaze’s lips. “The war will not take place in Chanaea. Rather, it will take place in
a separate nation. I hope this knowledge offers some level of comfort.”

“I’m not interested.” Jonathan shook his head.

He never wanted to start a war, even if Blaze promised that he could reign over the people after they
established a new conduct.

Jonathan had absolutely no interest whatsoever.

His goal had always been discovering Pryncyps, and he couldn’t afford to create discord in society.

Blaze got to his feet and let out a long sigh.

“Jonathan, remember my condition. If you ever find yourself in trouble because of the actions of
Remdik, the West Region, and Jetroina, you can always come to me for help. Additionally, regarding
the eight powerful families that you’re so concerned about, they have already reached the peak of their
power in Chanaea. If you truly wish to uncover the secrets of Pryncyp, you must be wary of the
Enlighteners, otherwise known as the Divine Punishers. They originated from the secluded sects, and
their goal is to create a free state. Should anyone attempt to surpass Divine Realm, they will be silently
killed by the Divine Punishers. I understand that you may not want to work with me now, but I’m sure
you will come to me once you have achieved Divine Realm,” Blaze said as his lips curled into a smirk.

With that, he took one step forward and disappeared.

The Divine Punishers?

That was the first time Jonathan had ever heard about them, but the information caused him to feel a
tremendous amount of stress.

Divine Realm was the highest possible realm in the world. Above it was Ultimate Realm, which had
only appeared in legends.

Cosmic Realm, once a powerful force above even Ultimate Realm, had faded into obscurity after its
heyday in ancient times.

Jonathan couldn’t help but wonder if the Enlighteners, having the power to build the most powerful
nation, could also hunt and kill those in Ultimate Realm.

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