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The Legendary Man Chapter 830

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-Amidst the yellow sand of Mysonna, a figure zipped past, swiftly
heading west while leaving a cloud of yellow dust in his wake.

Amidst the yellow sand of Mysonna, a figure zipped past, swiftly heading west while leaving a cloud of
yellow dust in his wake.

Right then, Jonathan had already crossed the national borders and entered well into Chanaea’s

From afar, at the west of Saosa Desert, he spotted the remnants of the desert poplar that stood at a
height of less than a hundred meters.

When he had drawn closer, a wide grin split his face as he caught sight of the car parked under the

“Sure enough, my homeland has far better security. I’ve parked my car at this spot for a long time. But
then, it’s still here.”

Climbing into the driver’s seat, he took out the key and inserted it into the ignition.


Like a fountain, yellow sand sprayed twenty to thirty meters high, scattering into the sky. Jonathan lay
on the yellow sand, his life force healing his wounds at lightning speed.

Argh! Someone attached a bomb to my car!

“I’ll definitely kill that person if I find out who did this!” he snarled through gritted teeth, glaring at the
SUV that had been blown to pieces.

Jonathan sprinted the rest of the hundred miles. It took him until sundown before he finally glimpsed
the outline of Northern Crimson Prison.

Although Northern Crimson Prison had already been destroyed then, reconstruction was on the
Mysonna Army’s agenda.

There were still armed guards on the city walls that had collapsed at the west.

“Reporting in! It’s detected that a living creature is rapidly approaching from the west at eighty
kilometers per hour, suspected of being a cultivator!”

Following that bellow, the soldiers stationed on the west wall lifted their guns and pointed them at the

In the desert, a cloud of dust whizzed forward at high speed.


The instant that order rang out, two crisp pops split the air as two snipers on the watchtower opened

Clink! Clink!

A burst of golden light shimmered before Jonathan, and the two bullets from the sniper rifles bounced
off, one after another.

“These little brats are vigilant!” Jonathan commented with a gratified smile upon sensing the immense

Nonetheless, he didn’t slow down. Instead, he put on a burst of speed and charged toward Northern
Crimson Prison.

Since Northern Crimson Prison was Mysonna’s last distribution stop, its restoration was of the essence.
Alas, the Mysonna Army had suffered heavy losses. Despite the thirty thousand people transferred
over from the Zaidham Army and the Northern Army, they were all in the process of adapting.

In truth, only some four thousand rubble-clearing soldiers were at Northern Crimson Prison presently.

Only a few hundred soldiers stood guard outside, with merely about a hundred on the west side. Thus,
firepower was limited.

For that reason, the rifle bullets couldn’t harm a hair on Jonathan’s head despite the plinking sounds on
the protective shield.

During the last few hundred meters, the man unleashed his skills to the maximum. His figure flashed so
quickly that even the two outstanding snipers couldn’t lock onto him.

“Damn you! I’ll die with you!”

Seeing that Jonathan was already close to them, the commander on the city walls roared before
rushing toward him with two grenades in hand.


Dodging the commander, Jonathan made a hand seal and confined the spiritual energy around the

On the heels of that, he snatched the two grenades, whose pins had been removed, away and flung
them far into the distance.

Dozens of meters away, two muffled blasts sounded in succession.

Jonathan waved a hand and dispelled the spiritual energy around the commander.

“I’m Jonathan Goldstein!” he cried out at the top of his lungs.

“I don’t f*cking care!”

Whipping out a dagger, the commander swung it at Jonathan’s neck.

Left with no other choice, Jonathan again used spiritual energy to restrain the man.

He massaged his throbbing temples and muttered, “I forgot that my identity is classified for the lot of

At the sight of the dozens of muzzles pointing at him, he used his spiritual sense to rummage around in
his storage ring.

“This is my military seal. I’m Asura!” Jonathan asserted.

He tossed the lion military seal into the commander’s hand.

The mention of Asura promptly made the commander’s heart jolt.

He scrutinized the military seal in his hand for a long moment. In the end, he made a call to his superior
to verify Jonathan’s identity and authenticated the man as Asura.

No one had ever expected Asura himself to personally inspect the soldiers’ progress in clearing the
rubble. The news spread, resulting in the entire Northern Crimson Prison plunging into an uproar.

Jonathan gazed down at the four thousand people gathered below, inexorably feeling a touch

As a cultivator, he had military power over Asura’s Office and could make the whole world tremble.

Yet, the eight strong troops mostly comprised young men of flesh and blood.

In other words, they were guarding Chanaea’s territory with their mortal bodies.

The more Jonathan stared into their scorching gazes, the greater his determination to draw the line
with Blaze.

After all, a single wave of his hand had the power to have millions of people fighting to their deaths, and
a single look from him sufficed to change a party’s situation.

They all regarded him as their idol, yet ninety percent of them had no idea about Asura’s true identity.

I’d be worse than a monster if I were to exchange their lives for so-called benefits or status!

Amidst the ruins of Northern Crimson Prison, Jonathan shared a meal with the four thousand people.

As he ate and drank with them, he even performed some spells exclusive to cultivators for their
entertainment on the raised platform in the middle, winning him a series of cheers.

While he wanted to stay and help them clear away the large pieces of rubble, he knew it wasn’t where
he was supposed to be.

Standing on the city walls, Jonathan watched the crowd return to their posts below.

“Is Dorian still in Zadiff?”

At that question, the commander hastily stepped forward, answering, “Mr. Chance is still recuperating
in Zadiff, Sir.”

Jonathan dipped his head a fraction in acknowledgment. Then he turned to the man and patted him on
the shoulder.

“The patrol and defense did a good job. Everyone reacted quickly with a resolute counterattack. Keep
up the great work.”


When the young commander received a compliment from Asura himself, he was instantly fired up.

Jonathan’s easygoing personality enabled the soldiers around him to relax.

A newly recruited soldier exclaimed excitedly, “You know what, Sir? Our commander has said that while
it’s impossible for us to declare war with the West Region for the time being, we’ve got to be on guard.
The scope of our patrol has extended to below the desert poplar. We even found a car there with
Zadiff’s license plate. But we investigated, and there was no record of it at all. Hence, our commander
suspected that it was likely driven away by a spy who infiltrated our base. He even attached an
explosive to it personally. If the spy dares drive the car, he’ll be blasted to pieces!”

Halting in his tracks, Jonathan turned to the commander, the look in his eyes as calm as ever.

“You attached the bomb personally?”

“Yes!” the commander answered enthusiastically. Subsequently, he glanced at the soldier at the side
with embarrassment written all over his face. “Why did you tell Asura all that? That’s our responsibility.”

Jonathan stretched out a hand and beckoned at the dozen soldiers standing on guard nearby,
summoning them all over.

“Come here. I’m now giving you a command as Asura’s Office’s commander-in-chief.” He pointed at the
commander and continued, “You’re not to break his bones or inflict any internal damage on him, but
you must make it so that he can’t get out of bed for three days. Get him!”

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