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The Legendary Man Chapter 827

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-Supporting Blaze, Jonathan glanced at the two old men.

Supporting Blaze, Jonathan glanced at the two old men.

“May I ask if I choose to side with one of you, will the other person do away with me?”

Jonathan put forth a straightforward question, but no one thought it was inappropriate.

As things stood, they decided to spare Jonathan’s life because they realized Jonathan and Blaze might
be useful to them.

If not for that, the two old men would’ve eliminated them instead of negotiating terms with them.

However, the two old men didn’t answer even after listening to Jonathan’s words.

Jonathan and Blaze understood the lack of response was their way of expressing their stance and
implying they had silently agreed to Jonathan’s statement.

Under such circumstances, they could still retreat, but the chances were slim.

Jonathan furrowed his brows and contemplated.

“Will we be allowed to survive if each of us joins one sect?”

“I’ll spare the life of the person who joins Damos,” Damoyed chirped.

Blaze, who was standing at one side, uttered, “But you’ll slaughter the person who joins Seboxiasm, is
that right?”

“Smart,” Damoyed answered while wearing a kind smile. “The two of you have great potential. Killing
Aetomoye and Louis, who were said to be imperishable, is already proof of your capabilities. If you two

fall into Kenado’s hand, I’m afraid there will be two more additions to the ranks of Divine Realm martial
artists. I cannot stand by and watch as the difference in power between Damos and Seboxiasm grows
wider. Hence, I have no choice but to put you in this difficult situation. Now, make a choice. Choose the
sect you wish to support you. Then one of us will do our best to secure your survival.”

After listening to Damoyed’s speech, Jonathan turned to gaze at Kenado.

Kenado appeared to be meditating as he merely stared at Jonathan and Blaze quietly.

At that point, speaking further was futile.

Jonathan and Blaze were like two pieces of commodities at that instant. Damoyed and Kenado were
merely waiting for Jonathan and Blaze to make up their minds before deciding whether to make a

Blaze’s eyes glinted as he gazed at Kenado.

As Blaze was the one who murdered Louis, Kenado had been directing his killing intent at Blaze ever
since his advent.

Blaze had a feeling Kenado wouldn’t let him off easy even if he were to join Seboxiasm.

“We need some time to discuss,” Blaze said coldly through gritted teeth.

Kenado trained his turbid eyes on Jonathan and Blaze for a long while before averting his eyes in

Blaze stretched out his right arm and gently waved his hand to isolate himself and Jonathan from the
others using Spatial Pryncyp.

Damoyed and Kenado were slightly taken aback by Blaze’s gesture. Still, they didn’t let their emotions

After all, the two had completely sealed off the area using their Pryncyp. It was no longer possible for
Jonathan and Blaze to escape that place using Spatial Pryncyp.

Blaze covered his mouth with his hand to prevent Damoyed and Kenado from seeing the movements
of his lips.

“Jonathan, be honest with me. What’s with your ability to heal wounds rapidly?”

“Damn it! We’re caught in a life-and-death predicament now. How can you still dwell on that matter?”
Jonathan covered his mouth and shouted while gnashing his teeth. “We’re now considered friends who
have survived ordeals together. Can you quit coveting my trump card?”

“I’m not coveting anything. I’m just thinking of a way to survive!” Blaze was enraged by Jonathan’s
remark. He hurriedly added, “Jonathan, do you still remember the technique I used when I slayed


Jonathan frowned while taking a walk down memory lane.

Blaze escaped the God and Devil dimension moments after Jonathan and Vikas left that place. As for
Amiel, he was possessed by the severed head in God and Devil’s hand and turned into a freak with two

At that time, the trio was engaged in an intense battle. In order to eradicate Amiel, Blaze entered a void
and revealed only a sword-wielding arm to cut off Amiel’s head.

However, because of that, the mysterious severed head officially took over Amiel’s body and fled

Brows knitted, Jonathan nodded while staring at Blaze.

“I do. You stretched out your hand and cut off that guy’s head.”

Blaze explained, “I didn’t just stretch out my hand! That was a result of my decision to linger in the
chaos dimension temporarily.” Then, he uttered to Jonathan in an undertone, “I can pull you into the
chaos dimension as well. That is a highly disorganized space isolated from reality. I’ll endure a
significant backlash if we wish to hide within the chaos dimension. Based on my previous experiments,
I can linger there for at most eight seconds. Upon exiting, I’ll need to recuperate for three months to
achieve complete recovery. According to my estimation, my limit is around ten seconds. However, if
your regenerative ability can hold out for a sufficient period, I can hide us within the chaos dimension
longer. In that case, perhaps we’ll be able to escape from here!”

“Are you serious?” Jonathan looked at Blaze doubtfully. “Blaze, I think you’re getting more proficient at
scamming and lying now. What if you bring me into the chaos dimension and leave me stranded

Blaze stared at Jonathan in a daze for a long while before finally letting out a long sigh.

He pointed his middle fingers at Jonathan and uttered, “Jonathan, f*ck you!”

“Back at you!” Jonathan swung his fist at Blaze’s face.

At the same time, Blaze lifted his leg and booted Jonathan’s abdomen.

The two God Realm martial artists began hitting one another, fighting like hooligans without using their
spiritual energy.

Twisting Jonathan’s right arm, Blaze bellowed, “F*ck you and your whole family. Did you become a
member of the higher-ups in your organization for too long until the position corrupted your mind?
Aren’t you behaving too paranoiacally?”

Jonathan tugged at Blaze’s hair. “Damn you! You were trying to fool me into becoming some stupid
knight. How can I trust you with my life?”

“I can swear on it with my most esteemed reputation!”

Jonathan scolded loudly, “Esteemed reputation, my foot! How can you be reputable when you’re an
assassin? F*ck you! I’ll pluck off all your hair and turn you into a bald man.”

Jonathan pulled Blaze’s hair forcefully as he shouted and, indeed, ended up pulling out a huge chunk
of the latter’s hair.

Standing outside the Spatial Pryncyp, Damoyed and Kenado were dumbfounded.

Although they could figure out Jonathan and Blaze’s conversation by reading the movements of their
lips, they were still baffled by what Jonathan and Blaze were doing. Are they putting up an act? They’re
assaulting each other with the lowliest techniques. Hair-grabbing, nose-picking, and even targeting one
another’s private parts…

Damoyed and Kenado felt uncomfortable as they took in Jonathan and Blaze’s uncultured and
dishonorable brawl. Assuming they are really fighting, they didn’t actually have to engage in this fistfight
since they are both cultivators. They could’ve utilized their spiritual energy to strangle their opponent or
even shatter their opponent’s meridian.

Jonathan and Blaze wrestled on the rooftop. Just as Blaze was about to turn bald, he finally yelled at
Jonathan, “That’s enough! I swear on my cultivation, which you Chanaeans regard with utmost
importance, that I will not leave you behind no matter what. Will that be sufficient?”

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