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The Legendary Man Chapter 828

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-“Are you serious?” Jonathan asked Blaze again as he panted

“Are you serious?” Jonathan asked Blaze again as he panted heavily.

“I swore on my cultivation, didn’t I? What else do you want from me?” Blaze retorted as he kicked
Jonathan aside in frustration. “You should believe me now, right?”

“Yes, I do,” Jonathan responded. He then patted his clothes and got to his feet. “Let’s do as you say!”

They go to their feet to face Damoyed and Kenado.

Damoyed flashed a pleasant smile. “So? Have you made your choice?”

“Yes!” came Jonathan’s cheery answer.

“What is your choice, then?”

The moment Damoyed asked that question, Jonathan promptly discovered he was the target of two
killing auras.

“Our choices are…”

Jonathan stretched his left hand out and placed it on Blaze’s shoulder as he spoke.

However, he gave Damoyed the middle finger with his right hand.

“F*ck you!”



An invisible blade and a purple flashlight rammed into each other.

These were Damoyed’s and Kenado’s killing moves. They could’ve easily killed Jonathan but ended up
crashing into each other forcefully.

Right before the attacks could hit them, Jonathan and Blaze quickly vanished from sight and found
refuge in an alternate chaos dimension, allowing them to escape the danger.

They found themselves suspended in a peculiar dimension, one that seemed to exist independently
from the world they knew, yet they could observe the exterior world with remarkable clarity.

They saw Damoyed shaking in anger and the vicious look in Kenado’s eyes. In fact, they saw all the
details, including the ripples formed by the Pryncyp collision earlier.

They felt as though they were observing the world through a VR headset.

They saw everything with startling clarity, but they felt completely detached from it.

Jonathan turned over his shoulder to glance at the ruins of Bazar Temple. Nothing had changed even
though he was now within the chaos dimension.

“Blaze, this is amazing! I had originally assumed that entering the chaos dimension would mean
entering a state of pandemonium and disarray, but it looks like I could not have been more wrong. So
this is what the chaos dimension looks like.”

“This isn’t the chaos dimension!” Blaze managed between gritted teeth.

It seemed that he was enduring excruciating pain.

“My spiritual treasure is currently protecting you. I’m the only one who has to suffer the chaotic
backlash from it. If we were in the real chaos dimension, the two old men outside would perish just by

touching it, let alone you.”

“Oh, I see.”

Jonathan couldn’t sense the real situation within the dimension, but he knew his life force was surging
toward Blaze.

He turned to Blaze, wearing a grim expression. With each passing second, his life force was rapidly
draining away, and he knew that he only had three minutes left.

The coffin had made it clear that it would never lend its life force to Jonathan anymore.

“Blaze, I need to let you know that our life force can last for one minute and thirty seconds at most!”

Blaze looked at Jonathan in astonished admiration, his eyes wide with surprise. “Really? That long?”
he asked incredulously.

Jonathan was confused. “Is one minute considered long?

“Hey, we’re enduring the chaos dimension’s backlash. Holding out for thirty seconds at most is already
considered quite impressive,” Blaze disclosed with a sigh.

“One minute is enough for us to leave.”

Blaze turned and led him away.

Jonathan reached out and grabbed his shoulder. “Blaze, can you open a portal? I want to poke that old
b*stard to his death!”

Blaze turned over his shoulder to see Jonathan holding the black spear he got from Devil and God.

“Seriously?” Blaze yanked Jonathan and ran straight ahead. “If you hadn’t insisted on bombing them,
we would’ve escaped by now!”

“Hey, that’s enough. I promise I won’t poke them. Stop pulling my ears!” Jonathan howled in pain.

They charged ahead at full force, not leaving any traces behind.

The Pryncyp restraint was like a heavy, inky black cloth draped over Blaze when he found himself in
the normal dimension. He felt completely cut off and isolated, unable to sense anything from the
outside world, let alone open a portal to escape with Jonathan.

However, the Pryncyps in the outside world couldn’t affect Blaze when he was in the chaos dimension.
He easily made his way outside.

“Let’s go!”

Blaze firmly grasped Jonathan’s hand and led him forward with a determined stride, and they appeared
in the outside world again.

However, they were currently thousands of meters away from where they started.

The moment their auras emerged, Damoyed and Kenado turned to look in their direction.

However, Jonathan and Blaze vanished in a split second. This time, they had traveled too far away to
be detected by Damoyed and Kenado.

Jonathan and Blaze had escaped successfully.

“Damoyed, is this the outcome you desire?” Kenado asked calmly as he stared at the ruins of Bazar
Temple at its top.

Damoyed let out an icy snort. “Kenado, if you’re not interested in power, then I ask that you kindly
relinquish the position and allow me to take on the role of the Sage of Seboxiasm. We don’t have to go
against each other.”

“You should leave,” Kenado said calmly as he clasped his hand before his chest. “Our beloved master
foresaw that one day we would come to be at odds with each other. He believed that it was necessary
to take preemptive action, and so commanded me to put an end to your life. However, I was not willing
to carry out such a heinous act. I take full responsibility for this and accept the repercussions of my
decision. From this point forward, we are no longer connected in any way. Should you make a mistake
of this magnitude again, I will not hesitate to make good on my master’s original command.”

With that, he took one step forward and disappeared from the rooftop.

The dark, oppressive clouds that had been looming in the sky slowly dissipated, giving way to the
brilliant, orange sun as it set on the horizon. Peace had been restored in Newcove once again.

Nevertheless, the ruins conveyed a strong message to everyone that nothing would ever be the same

Five figures belonging to Damos members landed on the rooftop.

“Lord Damoyed, the rest are dead,” a cultivator in the advanced phase of God Realm reported politely.

“Mm.” Damoyed gave a curt nod. “You did a great job. Let’s go.”

Under his lead, they left the ruins.

Under the huge statue of Seboxia, Kenado clasped his hand as he stared at Seboxia’s tomb.

“Seboxia, is leaving with him part of your evolution with the heaven and earth? It’s time to bring an end
to this game that has lasted for one thousand and six hundred years.”

Outside the courtyard, dozens of cultivators in Grandmaster Realm came closer as Kenado walked out.

“This is a holy order. All disciples in Grandmaster Realm or above must gather here three days later.
Those who are late shall be killed!”

Hearing his order, the Grandmaster Realm cultivators gave a deep bow.


After they left, Kenado lifted his head to stare at the giant statue.

“It’s time for a change in the West Region!”

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