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The Legendary Man Chapter 826

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Blaze let out a helpless sigh when he saw the serious look on Jonathan’s face.

“Maybe you should just let that slide…”

Jonathan stared at Blaze as he twirled his fingers in the air, causing the talismans to spread out in front
of them.

He tossed out the demon beast’s blood that was used to draw the talismans and asked, “Just answer
my question! Can you open a portal or not?”

Noticing that Blaze was still hesitating, Jonathan moved the demon beast’s blood toward the talismans.


Blaze’s face was filled with fear the moment he felt the spiritual energy fluctuations from the talismans.

He pointed at the spot in front of Damoyed and Kenado and made a strange pose with his left hand.

The next thing Jonathan knew, a portal had appeared in front of him and was exuding a powerful surge
of spiritual energy that was out of this world.

Is he transferring spiritual energy from the sky all the way here?

Jonathan was snapped out of his train of thought when Blaze shouted angrily at him, “What the f*ck are
you looking at me for? Toss them in!”

Jonathan quickly crumpled the hundreds of talismans into a ball and tossed them into that spot.

A second later, a huge fireball with a radius of about dozens of meters appeared in the sky above.

The shockwave from the blast was so powerful that it sent Damoyed and Kenado flying instantly.

“Hah! I knew a quantitative change could lead to a qualitative change!” Jonathan cheered when he saw
what happened to them.

Those words had barely left Jonathan’s mouth when Kenado, who was standing above the statue of
Seboxia, pointed his hand in their direction.

Damoyed, who was on the tower nearby, was staring at them as well.

Although they did not possess Spatial Pryncyp, they had God Realm cultivation levels and could easily
pinpoint Jonathan and Blaze’s location through the detection of their Pryncyp.

A few seconds later, a purple beam of lightning with a diameter of about fifty centimeters was headed
toward them.

Right next to it was a wind blade that seemed to cut through time and space as it flew in their direction.

Those attacks were filled with Pryncyp, so being hit by either of the two could easily get them killed.

“Run!” Blaze yelled as he grabbed Jonathan by the shoulder and pulled him away from the impending

A second later, the two of them were standing on the rooftop of the hotel nearby.

“Where to?” said a voice that boomed from the sky above as dozens of purple lightning beams came
flying toward them.


Blaze summoned a black ball and pressed his palms together to create a space-altering formation.

The purple lightning beams disappeared upon coming into contact with that formation, only to reappear
hundreds of meters away in different directions.

At least six or seven of those lightning beams were cut off mid-air before being redirected by Blaze’s
Spatial Pryncyp toward the other lightning beams, causing them to cancel each other out.

According to ancient records, the Pryncyp that people used was generally weaker than natural ones.

For example, the Pryncyp of Speed and the Pryncyp of Strength served to boost certain aspects of the
user’s body.

Natural Pryncyps such as Kenado’s Pryncyp of Thunder and Kenado’s Pryncyp of Wind, however, had
the ability to alter the natural environment.

The ones at the top of the three thousand Pryncyps were those that could manipulate space, time,
light, and darkness.

The records of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique did not go into detail about those Pryncyps. The
individual who created those cultivation methods practiced the Pryncyp of Slaughter, which was against
the rules of nature, so they couldn’t learn more about the other Pryncyps.

That was the restriction for Pryncyp.

However, Jonathan had learned the true meaning behind the highest-ranking Pryncyp that day.

When he first witnessed Spatial Pryncyp, he assumed it was nothing more than a teleportation ability.

Seeing Blaze’s application of Spatial Pryncyp was what helped him fully understand how it worked.

It created a portal that could lead to anywhere in the world.

Had Blaze fully mastered Spatial Pryncyp instead of relying on spiritual treasures, he could counter an
attack by opening two portals—one in front of him and one behind the attacker.

That would result in the attack hitting the attacker from behind.

“Whoa! I didn’t know you could use your spiritual treasure like that!” Jonathan exclaimed excitedly.

He turned to look at Blaze when he didn’t hear a response, only to see traces of purple lightning
forming on Blaze’s body.

“We’re not going to be able to escape! Our surroundings are sealed off by Pryncyp, and my Spatial
Pryncyp can’t sense anything beyond a hundred-meter radius!” Blaze cried out with his teeth tightly

Jonathan frowned slightly when he heard that. As he looked up at the purple lightning beams that were
clashing against each other, he could clearly feel the power they carried.

But Blaze has disrupted the beams. How could they seal us in?

That was when Jonathan realized something was amiss.

The skies were covered in black clouds as though a storm was approaching, but there was no wind in
the area.

Oh, no! This is bad! I really messed things up this time!

“It’s the Pryncyp of Wind!” Jonathan exclaimed with a gloomy look on his face.

As Blaze could no longer maintain his space-altering formation, the purple lightning on his body
exploded in his chest and sent him flying instantly.

The black ball went back into Blaze’s body, and Jonathan had to use some spiritual energy just to
stabilize his condition.

“There’s no way we’ll be able to escape now!” Blaze yelled as he glared at Damoyed, who landed
dozens of meters away from them.

Kenado, too, slowly descended onto a balcony behind them with the help of his lightning and thunder.

“Jonathan”—Kenado pointed at him—“you two killed my divine messenger and enforcer, destroyed the
coffin of Seboxiasm’s founder, and released the High Priestess! Your crimes are so severe that not
even death is enough for you! Right now, I shall give you a chance to redeem yourselves. If you join the
Seboxiasm religion, I will allow you two to live.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Kenado. They are your mortal enemies now, so they’ll never join you
willingly. We might as well have them join Damos instead!” Damoyed said with a chuckle. He then
turned toward Jonathan and Blaze. “Jonathan, Blaze, listen to me very carefully. There are no rules in
Damos, so you two may come and go as you please. On top of that, I promise that Kenado won’t be
able to hurt you two if you join us.”

Jonathan and Blaze exchanged confused glances upon hearing that.

Not only did these two Divine Realm cultivators spare our lives, but they are also trying to recruit us?

That was when the two of them realized there was still a chance to turn things around.

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