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The Legendary Man Chapter 825

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Jonathan spat out a mouthful of blood. The sword wounds on his body were already completely healed.

The location of the stab wounds should have been enough to kill any other cultivator, but Jonathan had
bounced back in the space of a few minutes.

Nobody knew how Jonathan could heal himself so quickly.

The two God-Kings, who should have been concentrating on the fight, had to explain to their men why
Jonathan was still alive.

“Jonathan, the Pryncyp of Blood is gone! There is no escape for you!” Louis shouted to Jonathan in the
West Region tongue.

Jonathan waved Heaven Sword.

“What the hell are you saying? I don’t understand!”

“He said you can’t escape!” A clear voice rang out from behind the crowd.

Everyone turned around, searching for the source of the voice.

Jonathan stared at the speaker in a surprised daze.

The speaker was tall with a slender, well-proportioned torso and a sharp, angular face topped with
distinctly blonde hair. It was Blaze whom Jonathan had encountered in Springwyn.

“What are you doing here?” Jonathan asked, scratching his head in confusion.

Blaze had been wanting to launch the Holy War and conquer the entire world. He wanted to be one of
the four knights in the Holy War.

Jonathan saw him as an enemy, not a friend.

At that moment, he did not know why Blaze had appeared suddenly.

Jonathan pulled out his bronze handbell while looking at Blaze solemnly.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to join in the fun,” Blaze replied with a sly grin. “I was already on the plane out of here,
but then I saw the commotion from the air, and I jumped off the plane to see what was going on.”

What the f*ck?

Jonathan stared speechlessly at Blaze.

The plane is high up in the sky, and he talks about jumping off mid-air so casually! If you didn’t have a
spiritual weapon, I would’ve killed you a long time ago, you bast*rd!

“You’re joking, right?” Jonathan pointed accusingly at Blaze. “I’ll pay you one billion for each man you
kill here. As for the ones in white, I’ll pay you five billion each! Do you accept this job?”

Blaze was not just any assassin, but the very best killer. He had never once missed his target.

Since he had suddenly appeared, Jonathan would be a fool not to engage his help.

“Five billion?” Blaze pulled out his dagger. “I’d be stupid to refuse such an offer, but I have one

“No, I will not be one of the knights!” Jonathan countered with a smirk.

Jonathan did not want to be the person responsible for starting a world war. Even if one did not care
about the lives that would be lost, the war would still be on Jonathan’s conscience.

“Fine!” Blaze agreed, casually spinning his dagger in the air. “Then I’ll consider this a favor for you. You
owe me one. Don’t worry. I know your rules in Aploth. I’ll only kill as needed.”

Jonathan nodded at Blaze’s words.


As the two of them were talking, Damoyed’s men were also whispering among themselves. They were
all standing in defensive stances and staring at Blaze.

They could guess that a deal had been struck between Jonathan and Blaze.

One was Asura, and the other was a top assassin.

How could the men not be afraid when two of the top cultivators had agreed to work together?

The five Seboxiasm men could not understand the Chanaean tongue. However, they, too, looked
suspiciously at Jonathan and Blaze as words were exchanged between them.

Louis glanced at Blaze.

“You, Sir, please leave Bazar Temple. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to kill you.”

Blaze turned to Louis and said in the West Region language, “What a coincidence! I want to kill you as
well. But first, let me introduce myself. I am an assassin code-named Blaze!”


The worshippers of Seboxia were stunned when they heard Blaze’s name.

Louis, who was the first to react, stepped away and disappeared from the crowd’s eyes.

Blaze, too, vanished.

Nobody saw even a shadow of the two men.

Right then, an arm draped around Jonathan’s shoulders and jerked him backward.

Jonathan’s head spun from the sheer force. In the next moment, he was already a long way from
where he was just standing.

At the site of the battle, Louis was limping forward unsteadily.

“I stabbed him right through his heart. He will be dead soon!” Blaze said next to Jonathan’s ear. His
right hand was shaking.

Jonathan glanced at Blaze’s right arm. A small dagger had pierced his forearm.

There was another long and deep cut on his shoulder.

“He was too fast! If I had not raised my hand to block his attack just now, I would be the one who’s
dead!” Blaze said in explanation. The top assassin sounded a little shaken.

At that point in time, Louis had not yet mastered his Pryncyp. If what Blaze said was true, then Louis
had the potential to be the highest-ranking cultivator in the whole world.

It had been an intense fight.

Blaze had only managed to emerge victorious because of his killer instincts.

Louis collapsed to the ground. His aura was fading rapidly.

Everyone stared at Blaze and Jonathan in horror.

Two Seboxiasm God-Kings now lay lifeless on the ground.

One was an immortal Aetomoye who possessed the Pryncyp of Blood. He was the highest-ranking
cultivator after the God-Kings.

Another was called an heir of the God-King. He had mastered the Pryncyp. The God-King Kenado had
once said that as long as he was to achieve the God-King cultivation level, no one would be able to
defeat him.

Yet now, they both lay dead on the ground.

One had been killed by Jonathan, and the other by the assassin who had mastered the spiritual

The two of them were dead, and Bazar Temple was in ruins. Almost two hundred lives were lost that

Bazar Temple was not the base of the entire Seboxiasm religion. There were branches of Seboxiasm
that had flourished throughout the West Region.

However, the most elite group of Seboxiasm cultivators had been based in Bazar Temple.

The West Region was about to undergo massive changes.

Thunder boomed and lightning crackled all across the sky as if marking Louis’ death. Purple lightning
flashed rapidly in the black clouds overhead.

“Kenado is feeling anxious.”

Jonathan yanked the dagger out of Blaze’s arm. He pressed his palm over the bleeding wound, and it
was healed in an instant. There was not even a scar left on Blaze’s arm.

Blaze stared at his own arm in disbelief. It finally dawned on him why those men had wanted to capture

Even he wanted to abduct Jonathan now.

“Jonathan, y-you…”

“Stop talking and help me move these things.”

Jonathan pulled out a stack of talismans and pointed at Damoyed and Kenado.

“What are you trying to do?”

“That b*stard hit me just now. I want to blow him up as revenge!”

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