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The Legendary Man Chapter 824

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-A giant palm subsequently formed in the sky. Just like a fly swatter, it
slapped the tower underneath Jonathan in half.



Jonathan’s body was thrown aside before turning into an afterimage to crash into the ruins.


When Hossom saw the dust that had been kicked up from afar, he scratched his nose awkwardly.

At the same time, Prima gave him a look of concern.

“Hossom, that’s a devastating blow. Should we… check if Mr. Goldstein is all right?”

“That doesn’t sound like a good idea…”

Hossom stared blankly in the direction where Jonathan fell.

“Given how anti-climatic it was, we would embarrass Mr. Goldstein if we go over now.”

Despite their words, Hossom and Prima hurried toward the location of Jonathan’s crash.

When they arrived at the ruins, they were greeted by a huge crater that was over twenty meters wide.

Right in the center, the physically deformed Jonathan was coughing blood while painstakingly climbing
back to his feet.

“Sir, are you all right?” Hossom asked.

Grabbing his right foot with his hands, Jonathan forcefully snapped it back into place.

From his exposed flesh, chips of shattered bone fell onto the ground. Nonetheless, new bones rapidly
grew at the fracture to join his foot back together.

“It looks like I’m still no match for them.”

Grimly watching the two Divine Realm cultivators engage in battle, Jonathan felt a chill down his spine
from the close shave earlier.

Fortunately for him, both of them were mortal enemies. When Kenado attacked Jonathan, Damoyed
seized upon the opportunity to strike at Kenado.

The only reason neither paid Jonathan any heed was that they were occupied by their own fearsome

Otherwise, Jonathan would have been crushed if he were to fight them individually.

When Kenado broke Jonathan’s body earlier, it sent a shockwave through the universe, causing
Heavenly Pryncyp to notice that Jonathan was in possession of the Pryncyp of Blood, which didn’t
belong to him.

At that moment, the Pryncyp of Blood began to flow away from Jonathan, making him feel as if he was
gradually forgetting something that he had learned.

Even though he could clearly understand them a moment ago, the Pryncyp was now nothing but a blur.
The clarity that had previously been there was nowhere to be found.

Cough! Cough!

Upon getting back to his feet, Jonathan dusted the sand off his body.

“It’s their lucky day I’m not fighting them today. Let’s go!”

Just as he spoke, Jonathan had climbed out of the crater by supporting himself on his companions’

However, a group of Seboxiasm cultivators, with Louis at their helm, had surrounded the three of them
right then.

No sooner had the three steadied themselves than another group of men dropped in. They were none
other than the people from the Damos religion.

When the two groups battled earlier, there were a total of seventeen God Realm cultivators. But now,
there were only ten left, including Louis.

These men’s bodies were covered with wounds, while their weapons were tainted with blood. Every
one of them looked like the Grim Reaper himself.

Although the ten men seemed to have a clear line drawn between them, all of them had their eyes on

“Mr. Goldstein, they don’t seem keen on letting us leave,” Hossom said with a sigh.

“F*ck! The wall has collapsed, but we still can’t get out.”

Hossom wasn’t the only one feeling distraught. Even Jonathan had begun to grow concerned about the

The consecutive battles within Bazar Temple had taken a toll on them.

Damoyed and Kenado might still be engaged in a brutal battle, but they would stop sooner or later.

When that happened, their chances of escape would narrow dramatically.

Upon trying to access the Pryncyp of Blood within his body, Jonathan furrowed his brows.

Heavenly Pryncyp had almost taken all the Pryncyp of Blood away from him in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, there was no way he could use the Pryncyp of Blood to vanquish Louis.

“They’re here for me.”

With a slight twist of his body, Jonathan flung Hossom and Prima out of the perimeter as if he was
throwing a ball far out.

Just as expected, Louis didn’t stop the two from escaping.


The moment Hossom landed, he turned around without hesitation, hoping to support Jonathan.
However, he felt the flowing blood in his body freeze suddenly.

Jonathan had used the residual Pryncyp of Blood to control Hossom’s body.

“I appreciate the thought, but you’ll just get in the way. Just like how fighting the God-Kings was out of
my league, you’re not qualified to join this battle. Now, go!”

Upon summoning Heaven Sword with a flick of his wrist, he subsequently engulfed it with Pryncyp.

Thereafter, he unleashed the Pryncyp of Blood from his body again.

This combination was his foremost choice for battle.

He had wanted to use the last of his Pryncyp of Blood to defeat the God Realm cultivators in front of

After all, going all out was the only way he could eliminate Louis, who posed the biggest threat to him
because of his possession of a handicapped Pryncyp.

As Jonathan released a strange shockwave from his body, the God Realm warriors suddenly froze.
Seizing upon the opportunity, Jonathan emerged right behind Louis.

A showdown between powerful warriors was usually decided in an instant.

Thrusting Heaven Sword forward, Jonathan soon felt some resistance.

Unfortunately, Louis’ figure disappeared before Jonathan could celebrate.

This time, Louis, wounded at his waist, had reappeared behind Jonathan’s back.

Despite sensing Louis’ presence, Jonathan couldn’t react in time as the former was just too quick.

The Pryncyp of Blood is too faint now. If I hadn’t gotten ahead of myself by challenging the power of
Divine Realm, I probably wouldn’t have fallen into such circumstances. Fortunately, I still have the
mysterious coffin where I can recover from my injuries instantaneously.

The moment he felt an excruciating pain in his back, Jonathan flipped Heaven Sword around and
plunged it upward through his ribs.


Blood gushed out of his nose and mouth.

At the same time, the sharp tip of a dagger emerged from the center of his chest. The one who stabbed
Jonathan was none other than Louis.

Jonathan’s plan was to unleash a suicide attack upon Louis.

By allowing his enemy to kill him, Jonathan lured his opponent close enough so that he could pierce
the latter’s heart.

As the mysterious coffin could heal him thereafter, he could leave once his plan succeeded.

Once the speedy Louis was defeated, none of the other God Realm cultivators would be fast enough to
catch Jonathan if he were to flee.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had underestimated Louis’ speed again.

Even though he had managed to pierce his sword into Louis under the cover of his own body, the
latter’s movements were just too quick.

No sooner had the dagger torn through Louis’ flesh than Louis reemerged more than ten meters away.

With two blades stabbed into his body, Jonathan unleashed his spiritual energy to force both of them
out, causing everyone around him to recoil in shock.

As his wounds gradually healed, Jonathan pounded his chest while holding Heaven Sword still.

Just a moment ago, the coffin had conveyed a message to him, warning him not to use suicide attacks
again, for the supply of life force was now constrained.

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