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The Legendary Man Chapter 823

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-Once he got a feel of the amount of Pryncyp in his body, Jonathan
broke into a smirk.

He waved his hand, and his body was completely engulfed by the Pryncyp of Blood.

The Pryncyp suppressed every trace of his breath, causing Louis to lose track of him.

“Hey, don’t run!”

All of a sudden, a terrifying pressure gripped Louis.

Just as he attempted to back off, he realized that his body was frozen. It was as if all the blood in his
body had stopped flowing.

Jonathan took a step forward and closed a distance of more than ten meters to instantaneously appear
in front of Louis.

There, he extended and swung his right arm menacingly.


Accompanied by an agonized scream, a mist of blood exploded from Louis’ face.

At the same time, he had his blood flowing again by channeling Pryncyp through his body.

He disappeared in a flash, then reemerged more than ten meters away.

Louis’ vitality had begun to recover, something that didn’t escape Jonathan’s notice.

It seems that he must know some secret technique or has some powerful medication.

Jonathan turned toward the group of cultivators who had tied Hossom up.

“Kill him!” Louis thundered from afar.

Just as the monks beside Hossom were about to strike, Jonathan unleashed the Pryncyp of Blood and
enveloped the twenty-odd Grandmaster Realm enemies within it.

“Mr. Coffin, it’s time to eat!” Jonathan sneered. His right hand transformed into a sharp claw as he did a
pulling motion in the air.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Just like exploding soap bubbles, the cultivators dissolved into mists of blood and gathered at his hand.

Above the ruins, the blood mist of more than twenty Grandmaster Realm cultivators spun in the sky
before turning solid and falling into Jonathan’s palm.

Once Jonathan absorbed all of their life forces, the blood mist that filled the air previously was reduced
to a dark red scab the size of a basketball.

He walked up to Hossom’s side and placed his hand on the latter’s shoulder.

“Sir, I’m aware of how disrespectful I was previously, but I was still naïve back then. I promise to
acknowledge you as my boss and pledge my undivided loyalty to you…”

All this while, Jonathan and Hossom had been using each other and didn’t really share any kind of

Hossom, fearing that Jonathan would turn him into a mist of blood, begged for mercy without any

Just as he was pleading, Jonathan released streaks of pure life force from his hand.

Although Hossom appeared to be grievously injured, his wounds were largely external. All it took was a
small amount of life force to help him recover.

In the blink of an eye, he was as good as new. His collapsed left chest had been restored, while the
wounds on his body had mostly healed.

Hossom stroked his chest and vomited a pool of black blood.

“Sir, you’re amazing! What did you do? I’m f*cking blown away by this technique of yours.”

“F*cking blown away?” Jonathan gave Hossom a look of resignation. “I’m surprised you even know
how to swear like a Chanaean, you damn foreigner.”

“Sir, that would be inaccurate. I have a Chanaean ID card. A genuine one, in fact,” Hossom said

As a professional thief, he possessed plenty of identities from all over the world.

Jonathan pulled Prima over to his side. With a gentle pat, he unraveled the restriction within her body
with the Pryncyp of Blood.

“In that case, what’s your name in Chanaean?”

“It’s Gr—”

Hossom stopped mid-sentence and gave Jonathan a stunned look.

“Sir, to you, I’ll always be your loyal subordinate, Hossom Hoffman!”

“Gr… Grant? Graham? Grundy? Forget it. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself since it’s fake.”
Jonathan shook his head. “I suppose we’ll never see each other again after this.”

Jonathan looked at the shockwaves above Seboxia’s statue. A thirst for battle began to well up within

“Hossom, ever since fate brought us together in Mysonna, I have protected you and saved your life
three times. And now, I’m sending you and Prima away. With your skills, hiding your identity should be
a piece of cake. Considering Prima’s special status, both of you’d better get as far from here as you
can. Don’t ever reveal your identity as a cultivator again. The enemy might use Prima’s grandfather as
collateral. If you try to rescue him, you might not be able to escape. But that decision is yours to make.”
Here, Jonathan let out a sigh. “Go now. This is where our destiny diverges.”

As Jonathan spoke, he walked toward the central battlefield.

“Sir!” Hossom gave Jonathan a conflicted look. “What are you doing? It’s a battle between two God-
Kings, for goodness’ sake!”

“God-Kings?” Jonathan chuckled in response. “The only difference between me and a God-King is the
ability to wield Pryncyp in its complete form. Now that I can use the Pryncyp of Blood, there’s no reason
for me not to test myself against those two old men. Since I have reached a bottleneck in my progress,
I might learn something new in my battle with them.”

“What if you don’t come back?” Hossom asked grimly.

“I suppose that will be my fate.”

Before Jonathan finished, he had already set off for battle.

From above the ruins, Jonathan could feel the pulses of two extremely powerful figures.

Even though he couldn’t see clearly what they were doing, he could feel through the Pryncyp of Blood
that both of them seemed to be engaged in battle.

“Kenado! Damoyed!”

Jonathan’s voice thundered across the sky, amplified by his spiritual energy.

“I’m Jonathan Goldstein, Asura from Chanaea. Do you dare accept my challenge?” Hands behind his
back, Jonathan stood on one of the uncollapsed towers near Seboxia’s statue. His aura exploded into
the sky, aggressively tearing through the two men’s aura. “Do you dare accept my challenge?”

Following the booming voice, a powerful shockwave descended from the sky, sending the two figures
into retreat.

Damoyed and Kenado, panting slightly, looked up toward the tower where Jonathan was.

At that moment, the standoff between the three attracted everyone’s attention.

Hossom held Prima’s hand. He was filled with admiration as he stared at Jonathan’s silhouette.

“Mr. Goldstein is an extraordinary man. Even before the age of thirty, he dares to challenge two God-
Kings openly, demonstrating an unprecedented level of courage and skill. He—”

“Get lost!”

Before Hossom could finish, Kenado thundered suddenly from the top of Seboxia’s statue.

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