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The Legendary Man Chapter 822

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-Underwear? Jonathan froze momentarily when he heard those
words. Immediately after, he recalled something and quickly looked down.

“What the f*ck?” Jonathan yelled and stomped on the ground forcefully. As soon as he did that, the
gravel and debris around him floated into the air and surrounded him.

When Aetomoye used Pryncyp to bury Jonathan a hundred meters deep, Jonathan’s clothes had
already been torn to pieces.

After that, Jonathan got rid of his clothes entirely to increase the contact area of his body when he was
absorbing the blood mist on Divine Chessboard.

In other words, Jonathan had been completely naked ever since then.

Seeing that he was in his birthday suit, Jonathan quickly whipped out a set of sportswear from his
storage ring and wore it. “What the f*ck, Hossom? You said so much when you were lying on the
ground outside Divine Chessboard. Why didn’t you tell me I was naked?”

While being held, Hossom couldn’t help but flash a helpless and bitter smile when he heard Jonathan
grumbling behind the wall of gravel and debris. “Mr. Goldstein, I was on the verge of dying. Why would I
care if you had clothes on or not? Are you still able to fight? Help me…”

Right then, the gravel and debris fell to the ground, and Jonathan was seen standing on the pile of
rubble with his bare feet. While looking at the bald man in white, he smiled and bowed. “Hi, there!
They’re my siblings. They’re young, and they committed a mistake. I’ll bring them away and teach them
a lesson on your behalf.” He chuckled and added, “For my sake, please let them go.”

Although Jonathan was talking with a smile on his face, the monk in white remained motionless as he
stared at Jonathan with beads in his hand.

“What is he doing?” Jonathan asked Hossom.

The latter shook his head weakly and answered, “He’s from West Region, so he might not understand
Chanaean. Did you expect the worshippers of Seboxia to learn Chanaean?”

“What should I do, then?” Jonathan asked in a helpless tone. “I can’t possibly fight him right away, can
I? That would be rude.”

Suddenly, Louis smiled and used a West Region language to say, “Although I don’t understand a word
you said, I know you’re not a Seboxia worshipper. In that case, I won’t be letting you go. You should

Jonathan heard those words and cast Hossom a confused look. “What is he blabbering about?”

Hossom turned toward Louis weakly before shifting his gaze back toward Jonathan. “He called you a

As soon as those words fell, an icy look swirled in Jonathan’s eyes, and he immediately stabbed Louis’
chest with Heaven Sword.

However, Jonathan was stunned by what happened next. Heaven Sword stabbed right through his
chest, no? Why didn’t I feel any sort of resistance in his body? It’s an illusion!

Jonathan was in awe, and the bronze handbell floated above his head once again.

Almost simultaneously, a ray of golden light flashed across Jonathan’s back, and he was flung forward.
Still rooted to the spot, Louis frowned and looked at the marking on his right palm solemnly.

“Why does this symbol look so similar to something I saw in the ancient texts?” Louis mumbled to

Obviously, Jonathan didn’t hear those words. Besides, Louis was speaking in a language from West
Region. Jonathan wouldn’t have understood Louis even if he were to hear those words.

Upon stabilizing his body, Jonathan turned around to look at Louis. This man is fast! I used Pryncyp of
Slaughter when I struck just now, but he was able to react faster than I could! That’s not a speed a
cultivator of God Realm could possess!

When Jonathan removed the bronze handbell, he vaguely sensed the aura Louis was exuding. His
cultivation level is the advanced phase God Realm, and I detected Pryncyp!

Realization struck when Jonathan was looking at Louis. It’s obvious that he had also figured out the
concept of Pryncyp. Is that Pryncyp of Speed? Is there such a Pryncyp?

Jonathan furrowed his brows and glanced at Louis. If he keeps moving at that speed, it doesn’t matter
how strong my Pryncyp of Slaughter is because I won’t be able to touch him. As long as one is fast
enough, there are no techniques that can’t be overcome. That’s a concept all the cultivators in
Chanaea know. It illustrates the importance of speed and strength. Now, he has definite dominance
over me! What should I do?

Jonathan was watching Louis’ movements closely, and that was when he noticed something odd. Since
just now, I think I can feel the blood flow in the bodies of others. It’s just that this feeling is the same as
other senses that I had just recovered. Besides, I missed it just now because I was too concerned by
the fact that I was naked. Now that I’ve calmed down, I realize I can feel the speed of the blood flowing
in everyone’s body.

When Jonathan looked at Hossom, he felt as though he was looking down at a heavy flow of traffic.
Hossom has blood accumulated in his chest, and the blood is flowing into his lungs. When did he suffer
injuries to his lungs again?

Apart from feeling surprised, Jonathan felt something else after he regained his senses. Not only can I
feel the blood flow, but I think I can even control others’ blood flow! Is this Pryncyp of Blood?

Stunned, Jonathan slightly raised his right hand toward the monk next to him, who was in Grandmaster

The moment Jonathan made a squeezing gesture, the Grandmaster Realm cultivator was pulled
toward him.

“Ah!” the cultivator screamed in agony. In the next second, his body trembled.

Right then, a mist of blood in the shape of a human was removed from the cultivator’s body.


The Grandmaster Realm cultivator fell onto the ground, and he looked as pale as a sheet. Due to the
massive blood loss, the corpse had dried up.

Needless to say, the cultivator died on the spot.

Upon seeing the lifeless body on the ground, the crowd panicked and fled from Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Louis was using his Pryncyp to form a spirit shield in front of his body. That’s Pryncyp of
Blood! Isn’t that Aetomoye’s Pryncyp? How is that fellow using it?

“Aetomoye?” Louis yelled at Jonathan.

Louis knew it was impossible to transfer spiritual energy to someone else, let alone Pryncyp of Blood.
Even if Jonathan had killed Aetomoye, Aetomoye’s Pryncyp was supposed to return to nature instead
of being transferred to Jonathan. Since Jonathan was using Pryncyp of Blood, Louis thought Aetomoye
had most probably possessed Jonathan.

However, Louis was wrong.

With the mysterious coffin in Jonathan’s elixir field and energy field, Aetomoye was long gone.

Jonathan couldn’t possibly inherit Pryncyp of Blood, but Aetomoye had voluntarily entered Jonathan’s
body. Since a cultivator’s body was self-contained, it could isolate itself from nature. Nature would
retrieve Pryncyp of Blood, but it needed time to find out about Aetomoye’s death.

Before that could happen, Jonathan was free to use Pryncyp of Blood.

“Is this a complete form of Pryncyp?” Jonathan was toying with the blood in his palm.

The next moment, the life force in the blood was quickly sucked away by the mysterious coffin.

Jonathan tossed the scab aside and looked at Louis. “Let’s see the true strength of this Pryncyp!”

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