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The Legendary Man Chapter 821

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-“He is in a battle with a Chanaean cultivator but is currently missing,”
the monk answered before casting an anxious glance to the side.

Although Hossom was the first one to react to it, the Grandmaster Realm cultivators soon realized the
terrifying waves of power coming from Jonathan as well.

Louis looked in the direction where Jonathan was. He narrowed his eyes and saw a clear view of
Jonathan’s face.

“Interesting,” he commented before taking a step that brought him over fifty meters away from his initial

To others, Louis seemed to be moving slowly, but every step he took could let him cross dozens of

In three breaths’ time, Louis had arrived by Jonathan’s side.

“His physical energy is in a mess, and his spiritual energy is channeling in reverse. Is he trying to self-

Louis snapped his brows together as he let his spiritual sense search the area for Aetomoye.

What he did not know was that Aetomoye was currently screaming in agony inside Jonathan’s body.

By then, Jonathan’s meridian and energy field was already ruined. His spiritual energy had sunken his
blood into his energy field.

At that moment, Jonathan’s energy field was like a miniature universe.

The only difference was that the usually smooth edges of the energy field were now cracking.

Blood was rapidly swirling into the whirlpool in the middle of the energy field.

Jonathan had materialized within his energy field. It felt as if he was large enough to see the entirety of
the energy field, but at the same time, he felt as if he was small enough to stand on the mysterious

He was making a bet.

The coffin clearly craved life force—the one Aetomoye was going on about—so Jonathan was

Why did it enter my body? Why would it waste its life force to help me repair my body? If it needed life
force, why didn’t it absorb me the second I dug the grave?

Those questions plagued Jonathan’s mind.

However, right as he went up against Aetomoye, he found the answers to his questions.

It’s because it wants to use me. By saving me, it can use me to devour more life force. Saving me is
akin to an investment for the coffin.

Jonathan guessed there was only one reason for the coffin to pick him out of everyone.

The reason was Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter.

What was needed to grasp the Pryncyp of Slaughter?

It was slaughter. Endless slaughter.

Jonathan, who could grasp the Pryncyp of Slaughter, was the puppet the coffin needed.

As long as Jonathan killed a person, it could then take that person’s life force the second the person

Hence, Jonathan was using his life to affirm his speculations.

His figure was starting to fade, and Jonathan knew that his body had already been ruined.

In a few seconds more, his figure would completely disappear due to his ruined meridian.

If his speculation were wrong, he would disappear in the blink of an eye. Nothing of him would be left in
this world other than a pool of blood.

Jonathan had lost track of time as he looked into himself.

Standing in the middle of the elixir field, he could sense the chaotic churning of the spiritual energy.

He was already turning transparent.


The earth-shattering sound of an explosion made Jonathan open his eyes wide.


He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and in the next second, he found himself feeling revitalized. His
vitality and spiritual energy were replenished.

Everything he had witnessed when he was looking into himself earlier felt like a dream. If not for the
blood stains on the screen before him, as well as the white-robed bald monk outside, Jonathan would
have genuinely thought that he had been dreaming.

The coffin intervened?

Jonathan did not have time to bother himself with the bald man outside as he quickly checked his
energy field.

Remanifesting into his energy field, Jonathan then noticed the swirling in his smooth energy field a little
faster than before.

“I knew you didn’t have the heart to let me die!” Jonathan cried out to the coffin as he laughed

“Where is Aetomoye? Did you devour him? That’s the life force of a cultivator who has succeeded in
attaining Divine Realm! I refuse to believe that you won’t take such a wonderful life force!”

Jonathan had nearly ended his own life testing out his theory.

Nevertheless, his survival had rejuvenated him, and he felt the urge to cheer loudly.

Right as he was receding from his energy field, a wave of power trapped him in his spot. It was only for
a brief second, but it felt as if it had been years for Jonathan.

The floating coffin was getting larger and larger in Jonathan’s energy field until it was almost the size of
a hill.

“I’ll kill you if you do this again,” came its voice that Jonathan could not describe with words.

It was as if its voice was seared into Jonathan’s mind.

There was no gender nor age to its voice, but at the same time, it felt like it was the voice of the world.

That was all the voice said before the pressure on Jonathan dissipated and the size of the coffin
returned to normal.

It’s alive!

As Jonathan stared at the coffin in his energy field, he found his heart lurching as he snapped back to

This thing can devour life forces, and it’s alive! Perhaps it’s better to say that the person sealed within
this coffin is still alive.

Jonathan mulled over the numbers he had seen on the coffin. Even though he could not understand
the language of West Region, he could read numbers.

He guessed that the person in the coffin was buried about a thousand and six hundred years ago.

How can they still be alive? The Coffin of Immortality! God’s Body!

Jonathan found chills running down his spine as he thought about the conversation he overheard
between Damoyed and Kenado.

F*ck, they’re not prepping Prima for the person in the coffin’s reincarnation, right? What in the world are
the members of Seboxiasm trying to do? I have to find a way to get this coffin out of here. Things would
be easier if this thing was an inanimate object, but it’s not! Doesn’t that mean I have no secrets
whatsoever? I have someone living in my stomach, and that person is a long-living being with horrifying
powers! How am I going to pretend as if everything’s fine?

Those were the thoughts that crossed Jonathan’s mind as he furrowed his brows. After a beat, he
stood up and scratched his bum.

Looking at the white-robed bald man before him, Jonathan kept Divine Chessboard and icily snapped,
“What are you looking at?”

Right then, dozens of monks escorted Hossom and Prima to Jonathan.

Prima let out a shriek and quickly turned her head to avert her gaze.

At that, Jonathan shook his head in resignation. “Are you two dumb? How did you not manage to
escape? I was already doing my best to open up a path for you.”

Hossom had blood pooling in his mouth at that moment. Although he was alive, he was grievously

Some of the blood spilled out of Hossom’s mouth when Hossom heard Jonathan’s words.

“Mr. Goldstein, please wear something before you try to act cool. Even underwear would do…”

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