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The Legendary Man Chapter 817

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-As the chessboard began to shrink, the blood mist within the space
also grew denser.

At that moment, Jonathan was like a human vacuum. The blood mist that came in contact with his skin
lost its vitality and shriveled into dried blood scabs that fell onto the ground.

As the chessboard shrank rapidly until it was just about five meters wide, it finally met resistance from
Aetomoye’s Pryncyp of Blood.

Glancing around, Jonathan surveyed his surroundings and saw that the blood mist gave him a wide
berth of roughly two meters. It dared not venture closer.

Aetomoye understood that attacking Jonathan at this moment was tantamount to feeding the other
party his own life force.

The life force that Jonathan had ingested earlier was immense. If Aetomoye had not consumed a few
Grandmasters earlier, he would likely have been turned into a dried corpse.

As such, Aetomoye was greatly shocked.

He could not understand how a person like Jonathan, someone who had not mastered Pryncyp, was
able to force him into a corner.

Wasn’t the power of Pryncyp supposed to reign over spiritual energy? Also, the cursed chessboard
managed to imprison me. Not even Pryncyp of Blood could make a breakthrough. What’s going on?

The blood mist in the surroundings retreated as Jonathan extended his right hand. It was as if they
were afraid that Jonathan would rush into the thick of it and begin consuming it.

“What’s wrong, Aetomoye? Are you afraid?” Jonathan sneered as he continued to scrutinize the blood
mist around him. “Are you still going to accuse me of stealing from the establishment of Seboxia?”

“Jonathan, what the h*ll do you want?” Aetomoye’s voice sounded from all around Jonathan. “Didn’t
you come to Bazar Temple for a treasure? I can tell you where it is if you let me out of here.”


Jonathan’s eyes glittered when he heard the word.

After all, the reason he came all the way to Bazar Temple was to find an antidote for Dorian.

However, he had gotten involved in the situation.

Currently, the mention of the treasure made the cogs in Jonathan’s mind turn.

“All right. Tell me where the treasure is, and I’ll let you go.” Jonathan grinned.

Although Jonathan smiled to express his goodwill, that smile was as terrifying as the evil spirits
mentioned in Seboxia’s scriptures to Aetomoye.

The blood mist in front of Jonathan swirled and coalesced into a vaguely human form. Not long after,
Aetomoye’s form emerged.

“Jonathan, let’s not play tricks on each other. I’m afraid you’ll kill me the moment I reveal the treasure
trove’s location. I have a solution to this; just hear me out. The treasure trove is a thousand meters to
your left. However, an immensely strong kill array lies beyond the trove. I know the way to break the kill
array. Take me with you, and you can watch me break the kill array. If I try to deceive you, you can
capture me with the chessboard. What do you think?”

In order to keep his life, Aetomoye no longer cared about sacrificing the sect. Thus, he immediately
stated the conditions for his cooperation.

“Okay,” Jonathan replied without hesitation. With a light tap of his feet, Divine Chessboard instantly
expanded and grew larger.

Cautiously, Aetomoye stood in the blood mist. It was only when he saw that Jonathan truly would not
trap him did he feel a little relieved.

He lifted his hands and made a respectful gesture toward Jonathan before proceeding to lead the way.

“This way, Mr. Goldstein.”

“After you, great master.” Jonathan chuckled.

Aetomoye hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he turned around and strode forward.

The instant he turned around, Divine Chessboard shrank back rapidly. It compressed itself into a
diameter of fewer than three meters.


Following the muffled sound, Aetomoye once again reverted to his blood mist form.

Suspended in mid-air, Aetomoye cussed at Jonathan from above. “Jonathan, I knew you’d do this!”

“Right back at you!” Jonathan’s Heaven Sword flashed with a cold light as it flew toward Aetomoye’s

The first rule of the cultivator’s world was never to trust the words of one’s enemy, for the thing that
benefited them the most was their opponent’s death.

Jonathan cleaved the head into two. With another swing of his blade, he drew a Pryncyp of Slaughter
and trapped a large portion of the blood mist in his palm.

“Absorb!” Jonathan shouted. The blood mist in his hand instantly turned into dried-up scabs.

Divine Chessboard continued to shrink. Although the speed at which it shrank was extremely slow,
Aetomoye could no longer escape.

Jonathan stood in the center of it all, and his hands splayed open to absorb the life force from the blood

The narrower the Divine Chessboard became, the more futile the surrounding blood mist’s struggles

It was just as Aetomoye had said.

The blood mist was the embodiment of Aetomoye, and at that moment, Jonathan stood in the blood

Since Jonathan was already standing within Aetomoye’s body, how could the latter possibly escape?

“Jonathan, I have a complete Pryncyp. As long as you’re willing to let me go, I will make a cultivator’s
oath and swear to do all your bidding.”

“A cultivator’s oath?” Jonathan sneered. “You can no longer raise your cultivation level in this lifetime.
The terrifying thing about an oath is the Heart Tribulation that follows when one makes a breakthrough
in their cultivation level. Since you can no longer raise your cultivation level, what use is your
cultivator’s experience?”

“Y-You…” Aetomoye was rendered speechless by Jonathan’s retort. “Fine. Since you refuse to let me
live, then we will die together!”

Following Aetomoye’s words, Jonathan felt an icy sensation. He looked down and felt an invincible
blade piercing his chest.

“You’re not the only one who’s adept at transforming your Pryncyp. Very well, since you refuse to let me
go, then we shall become one. I’d like to see how you can survive without harming yourself.”

Thanks to the mysterious coffin’s life force, the wound on Jonathan’s chest was healing rapidly.

Jonathan felt his scalp tingle when he heard Aetomoye’s words.

What did he mean by becoming one?

With Heaven Sword in his hands, he cleaved toward the blade formed by Pryncyp of Blood.

At the same time, Jonathan felt the Pryncyp forged blade open a channel of sorts, and it was sending
something into his body.

Everything happened in an instant. Jonathan swept Heaven Sword against the air in front of his chest.
However, it met no resistance.

He could not detect a single trace of life force in the blood mist surrounding him.

It was as if Aetomoye had disappeared into thin air.

Flexing his right hand, all the blood mist that had collected on Divine Chessboard gathered on the palm
of his hand without resistance.

With that, Aetomoye vanished…

Jonathan stood in tha cantar of it all, and his hands splayad opan to absorb tha lifa forca from tha blood

Tha narrowar tha Divina Chassboard bacama, tha mora futila tha surrounding blood mist’s strugglas

It was just as Aatomoya had said.

Tha blood mist was tha ambodimant of Aatomoya, and at that momant, Jonathan stood in tha blood

Sinca Jonathan was alraady standing within Aatomoya’s body, how could tha lattar possibly ascapa?

“Jonathan, I hava a complata Pryncyp. As long as you’ra willing to lat ma go, I will maka a cultivator’s
oath and swaar to do all your bidding.”

“A cultivator’s oath?” Jonathan snaarad. “You can no longar raisa your cultivation laval in this lifatima.
Tha tarrifying thing about an oath is tha Haart Tribulation that follows whan ona makas a braakthrough
in thair cultivation laval. Sinca you can no longar raisa your cultivation laval, what usa is your
cultivator’s axparianca?”

“Y-You…” Aatomoya was randarad spaachlass by Jonathan’s ratort. “Fina. Sinca you rafusa to lat ma
liva, than wa will dia togathar!”

Following Aatomoya’s words, Jonathan falt an icy sansation. Ha lookad down and falt an invincibla
blada piarcing his chast.

“You’ra not tha only ona who’s adapt at transforming your Pryncyp. Vary wall, sinca you rafusa to lat ma
go, than wa shall bacoma ona. I’d lika to saa how you can surviva without harming yoursalf.”

Thanks to tha mystarious coffin’s lifa forca, tha wound on Jonathan’s chast was haaling rapidly.

Jonathan falt his scalp tingla whan ha haard Aatomoya’s words.

What did ha maan by bacoming ona?

With Haavan Sword in his hands, ha claavad toward tha blada formad by Pryncyp of Blood.

At tha sama tima, Jonathan falt tha Pryncyp forgad blada opan a channal of sorts, and it was sanding
somathing into his body.

Evarything happanad in an instant. Jonathan swapt Haavan Sword against tha air in front of his chast.
Howavar, it mat no rasistanca.

Ha could not datact a singla traca of lifa forca in tha blood mist surrounding him.

It was as if Aatomoya had disappaarad into thin air.

Flaxing his right hand, all tha blood mist that had collactad on Divina Chassboard gatharad on tha palm
of his hand without rasistanca.

With that, Aatomoya vanishad…

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