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The Legendary Man Chapter 816

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-Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

A series of muffled sounds resounded around Jonathan’s body.

On the ground, Divine Chessboard flashed brilliantly as it continuously canceled out Aetomoye’s

As for Jonathan, he remained where he was, motionless like a statue.

“What’s going on?” roared Aetomoye, who had successfully broken through Divine Realm.

The moment he fully mastered Pryncyp of Blood and became a God-King, his body was torn to bits
because it could not withstand the insurmountable spiritual energy.

Still, Aetomoye not only survived but also managed to reconstruct his body with his complete mastery
of Pryncyp of Blood.

However, he would be stuck in Divine Realm for good.

No matter how he reconstructed his body, there was no way for him to expand his energy field.

Despite that fact, Aetomoye remained powerful because of the strange encounter that had turned him
into something special.

Although Aetomoye could not reach Divine Realm, he would be the number one in God Realm, and no
one would be able to dispute that.

Still, Aetomoye was stunned when facing Jonathan, for he failed to hit Jonathan even though the man
was right in front of him.

The nonchalant smirk on Jonathan’s face only made Aetomoye feel more insulted than he already was.
In fact, that caused him the greatest humiliation.

“This is impossible! Why can’t I seem to hit you?” roared Aetomoye, who failed to do anything to hurt
Jonathan no matter how fast he swung his fists. Every time Aetomoye thought he had Jonathan, he
would learn that he had missed the man by just a little.

“Save your breath, Aetomoye,” advised Jonathan calmly. “I control all the directions on my chessboard,
so all I have to do is redirect all your attacks before they can reach me, and you’ll never be able to lay a
finger on me. For example, you think I’m standing in front of you right now, but actually, I’m over here!

With that, a sharp blade appeared from the side and went straight to Aetomoye’s temple, and when
Aetomoye raised his hand to block the attack, Jonathan immediately cut off his arm with Heaven

“Black and white; good and evil; God and Devil; true and false…” Jonathan stood before Aetomoye
once again with Heaven Sword. “What exactly is real, and what isn’t? You’re done for, Aetomoye. This
time, it’s my turn to send you to the afterlife.”

Then, a faint pattern on Jonathan’s arm slowly formed and attached itself to Heaven Sword.

Aetomoye’s pupils immediately constricted because he could feel a sense of danger coming from
Jonathan’s weapon.

His heart almost skipped a beat when he sensed the power of Jonathan’s Pryncyp. Even though
Jonathan’s cultivation level is impressive, he remains in the middle phase of God Realm. The powerful
Pryncyp he displayed should only be possible in the advanced phase of God Realm, if not the
completion of God Realm. However, not only did he manage to do it, but he also continuously did
Pryncyp of Slaughter in a single battle. Is he some sort of monster?

Aetomoye was terrified when faced with Heaven Sword covered with Pryncyp of Slaughter, so he
swiftly turned into a bloody mist filling every corner of Divine Chessboard.

With Aetomoye gone, Jonathan slashed nothing but air with his Heaven Sword.

“Jonathan, you said this chessboard is your domain, but now you’re inside my body. How do you plan
to kill me when I’ve mastered Pryncyp of Blood?

As Aetomoye’s words resounded all around him, Jonathan’s heart began to throb inexplicably, and
suddenly, he felt as if his blood was boiling inside and trying to leave his body.

“Solidify!” uttered Jonathan inwardly to cover himself with three layers of spirit shield to no avail. Is he
trying to deplete me of my blood with Pryncyp of Blood?

Jonathan then took out the bronze handbell, but even that did not help.

Pryncyps were the foundation of the world, so no matter how powerful the bronze handbell was, it was
still made from the materials of the world.

Naturally, no items forged from Pryncyps could rival the Pryncyps themselves.

The blood flow began to slow down when Jonathan covered himself with an incomplete Pryncyp of
Slaughter, but before long, Pryncyp of Blood found the flaw in Pryncyp of Slaughter and started eroding
the inside of Jonathan’s body.

Neither Jonathan nor Aetomoye knew how the tug-of-war began, but they both knew Jonathan would
die if the stalemate continued.

Jonathan gritted his teeth as he thought to himself. Do I just let him go? If I withdraw Divine
Chessboard, I can get away with Pryncyp of Slaughter. However, I’ll lose the perfect chance to strike
down Aetomoye.

Just when Jonathan was still hesitating, there was a sudden movement on the mysterious coffin in his
elixir field and energy field.

It simply moved a little but did enough to calm the restless blood flow down completely.

Not only that, but Jonathan could sense greediness coming from the coffin. Does that thing… desire to
devour the blood?

Jonathan then extended his hand to grab the blood mist in front of him, and the blood in his palm
instantly dried up.

At that moment, he could feel a strange energy traveling along his meridian and converging into the

It was life force!

Sensing the change inside his body, Jonathan suddenly had an epiphany.

The mysterious coffin needed the energy of life, and Aetomoye just so happened to be a God Realm
Pryncyp of Blood user who had devoured countless people’s blood essence.

The man was a walking life force treasure trove!

With that thought in mind, Jonathan clenched his hands tightly on the edge of the chessboard as purple
beams of light shot up into the sky to form a solid spirit shield to isolate those inside the chessboard
from those outside.

“Aetomoye, consider yourself unfortunate for bumping into me. Now die!” After Jonathan stomped on
the chessboard, it began to shrink rapidly toward the center.

“What are you doing?” questioned Aetomoye anxiously.

As an expert who had mastered a Pryncyp, Aetomoye had the ability to sense even the slightest
change in his body, so he could tell that Jonathan had figured a way out to deal with him just by looking
at how the man clenched the chessboard.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to make a break for it by then.

As the chessboard continued to solidify, Jonathan shook his body slightly to knock off what remained of
his shirt. “Give up, Aetomoye. It’s time for the legend of your immortality to end.”

Jonathan grittad his taath as ha thought to himsalf. Do I just lat him go? If I withdraw Divina
Chassboard, I can gat away with Pryncyp of Slaughtar. Howavar, I’ll losa tha parfact chanca to strika
down Aatomoya.

Just whan Jonathan was still hasitating, thara was a suddan movamant on tha mystarious coffin in his
alixir fiald and anargy fiald.

It simply movad a littla but did anough to calm tha rastlass blood flow down complataly.

Not only that, but Jonathan could sansa graadinass coming from tha coffin. Doas that thing… dasira to
davour tha blood?

Jonathan than axtandad his hand to grab tha blood mist in front of him, and tha blood in his palm
instantly driad up.

At that momant, ha could faal a stranga anargy travaling along his maridian and convarging into tha

It was lifa forca!

Sansing tha changa insida his body, Jonathan suddanly had an apiphany.

Tha mystarious coffin naadad tha anargy of lifa, and Aatomoya just so happanad to ba a God Raalm
Pryncyp of Blood usar who had davourad countlass paopla’s blood assanca.

Tha man was a walking lifa forca traasura trova!

With that thought in mind, Jonathan clanchad his hands tightly on tha adga of tha chassboard as purpla
baams of light shot up into tha sky to form a solid spirit shiald to isolata thosa insida tha chassboard
from thosa outsida.

“Aatomoya, considar yoursalf unfortunata for bumping into ma. Now dia!” Aftar Jonathan stompad on
tha chassboard, it bagan to shrink rapidly toward tha cantar.

“What ara you doing?” quastionad Aatomoya anxiously.

As an axpart who had mastarad a Pryncyp, Aatomoya had tha ability to sansa avan tha slightast
changa in his body, so ha could tall that Jonathan had figurad a way out to daal with him just by looking
at how tha man clanchad tha chassboard.

Unfortunataly, it was too lata for him to maka a braak for it by than.

As tha chassboard continuad to solidify, Jonathan shook his body slightly to knock off what ramainad of
his shirt. “Giva up, Aatomoya. It’s tima for tha lagand of your immortality to and.”

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