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The Legendary Man Chapter 815

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-Jonathan extended his left hand and caught the storage ring.

He checked using his spiritual sense and realized that his thousand talismans were half gone.

It seems that the fire Hossom started is by no means small.

He turned around with a chuckle after slipping the storage ring onto his finger.

“Hossom, I didn’t give you poison. It’s the antidote for anti-inflammation and detoxification.”

Hossom scoffed coldly and uttered, “I know that, Jonathan. I’m not cooperating with you because I’m
afraid of death. Simply put, I’m worried that this is my only opportunity to discover the secret of Bazar
Temple. I know my days are numbered. Just take it that I owe you one. Take Prima with you. I-I beg
you, please…”

It was clear that Hossom wasn’t used to pleading with people. Even in this kind of circumstance, he
appeared slightly self-conscious when uttering these words.

“I can tell you my family’s secret technique as your remuneration,” Hossom pleaded. He was as pale as
a sheet.

The arrow had pierced through his lungs. At this moment, it was hard for him to channel his spiritual
energy, so Hossom knew that it was unlikely that he would live through this.

He owed Prima, so he hoped he could pay her back before he died.

Looking at Hossom’s pale face, Jonathan shook his head.

“You’re one of the best thieves in the world. Why are you out here acting so deeply in love? If you want
to save her, you will save her yourself. I don’t want to care about your matter.”

With that, he applied strength to his right hand, which was holding Prima’s leg.

An immense life force flowed from his elixir field and exited his right hand to enter Prima’s body quickly.

Although the life force from the coffin had gotten slower in healing Jonathan, it was still capable of
healing typical flesh wounds entirely.

Within a few seconds, the meridians in Prima’s unconscious body fully recovered, and she opened her

“Uh… This—”

Prima gazed at the man’s thigh in front of her, dazed.

Jonathan’s clothes were torn and ragged because they were crushed into pieces when he was buried

At this moment, Prima was staring at Jonathan’s body which was slightly visible under the breeze. She
widened her eyes in disbelief, not knowing what to do.

“High Priestess, shouldn’t you come down? Although you aren’t wearing a dress, this position is still too

Before Jonathan could finish his sentence, Prima had served a left kick to his chin, sending him
staggering backward as he was caught off guard.

All of Prima’s injuries had vanished. She moved with the grace of a Grandmaster Realm cultivator as
she moved several meters away by lightly pushing herself off the ground with her hands.

“D*mn you! You kicked me even though I’m the one who saved you! I knew it! People from Seboxiasm
are no good!” Jonathan responded as he touched his bleeding chin.

Prima had exerted much of her strength in that kick. If it were in the past, Jonathan would surely be
suffering in pain right now.

However, there was only a small scratch on him now.

As Jonathan was speaking, his wound had already healed completely.

“Hahaha! You deserved it!”

Knowing that Prima was fine, Hossom burst into laughter. Blood kept spewing out of his mouth as he
smiled with relief.


Prima appeared beside Hossom in a flash. She finally remembered everything that had happened.

She knew that Hossom didn’t leave her behind this time.

Therefore, she took out a pill and forced Hossom to swallow it.

“Eat it. It’s Seboxiasm medicine that can surely save your life.”

“There’s no use.” Hossom grabbed Prima’s hand and shook his head before continuing, “My heart and
lungs are badly injured, and I can’t channel my spiritual energy to heal. Moreover, even if this pill saves
my life, Seboxiasm’s monks will never let me leave this place.”

Looking at them behaving like it was their last moment together, Jonathan heaved a deep sigh and
walked away.

“Do you two need me to play some music to set the mood?”


Following the sound of a bell, Jonathan flew into the air suddenly.

While he was in mid-air, his surroundings erupted in a flash of golden light. He had already unsheathed
his Heaven Sword.

After landing on the ground, Jonathan turned to look at the direction he had been standing in
previously. A crimson, bloody mist was gathering at the spot.

It was Aetomoye who had sealed him underground and almost killed him.

“It’s you again!”

Jonathan kept the bronze handbell. On his left hand, a palm-sized chessboard appeared.

He was holding the Divine Chessboard in one hand and Heaven Sword in the other.

The spiritual energy within Jonathan’s body surged.

“Not only did you bury me underground, but you also used Pryncyp to fortify it. You’re Aetomoye, right?
Good! One of us will die today!”

Jonathan walked up. As he passed Hossom, he kicked the latter’s back with his bare foot.

With the kick, Jonathan had transferred a ton of life force into Hossom and healed him completely.

He even transferred energy to force all the blood out of Hossom’s lungs.

Hossom looked at Jonathan, bewildered.

His injuries had completely recovered. Even the underlying ailments left by his previous training had
disappeared completely.

How can a kick be so powerful? Jonathan has some terrifying tactics.

Hossom glanced down at his hands and uttered excitedly, “Sir, you’re amazing!”

Jonathan ignored his outburst and gripped his Heaven Sword tightly.

“Get lost. This person has a complete form of Pryncyp of Strength. I might not win against him, so bring
Prima as far as you can.”

“I’ll do whatever you say.”

With two scrapers in each hand, Hossom towed Prima outside without any hesitation.

He had seen Aetomoye’s strength before and knew that he would only cause trouble for Jonathan if he
stayed here any longer.

Jonathan glanced at Aetomoye opposite him and grinned widely.

“Aetomoye, we have both buried each other before, so we are even. This time, this is a battle of life
and death!”

“Why do you have to be so fixated on winning or losing? If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you.”

Aetomoye scoffed coldly. Blood mist gathered around his hands and turned into ten blades.

Jonathan promptly threw the chessboard on the ground. He stood on it, and the chessboard
immediately became larger instantly. With Jonathan in the middle, the chessboard enveloped the
surroundings within a hundred-meter radius.

“Die!” Aetomoye bellowed, and the ten blades flew toward Jonathan.

However, the blades couldn’t hit Jonathan at all.

The nearest they were ever to Jonathan was when they were a few centimeters away from the tip of his

They still missed Jonathan by an inch.

Ha was holding tha Divina Chassboard in ona hand and Haavan Sword in tha othar.

Tha spiritual anargy within Jonathan’s body surgad.

“Not only did you bury ma undarground, but you also usad Pryncyp to fortify it. You’ra Aatomoya, right?
Good! Ona of us will dia today!”

Jonathan walkad up. As ha passad Hossom, ha kickad tha lattar’s back with his bara foot.

With tha kick, Jonathan had transfarrad a ton of lifa forca into Hossom and haalad him complataly.

Ha avan transfarrad anargy to forca all tha blood out of Hossom’s lungs.

Hossom lookad at Jonathan, bawildarad.

His injurias had complataly racovarad. Evan tha undarlying ailmants laft by his pravious training had
disappaarad complataly.

How can a kick ba so powarful? Jonathan has soma tarrifying tactics.

Hossom glancad down at his hands and uttarad axcitadly, “Sir, you’ra amazing!”

Jonathan ignorad his outburst and grippad his Haavan Sword tightly.

“Gat lost. This parson has a complata form of Pryncyp of Strangth. I might not win against him, so bring
Prima as far as you can.”

“I’ll do whatavar you say.”

With two scrapars in aach hand, Hossom towad Prima outsida without any hasitation.

Ha had saan Aatomoya’s strangth bafora and knaw that ha would only causa troubla for Jonathan if ha
stayad hara any longar.

Jonathan glancad at Aatomoya opposita him and grinnad widaly.

“Aatomoya, wa hava both buriad aach othar bafora, so wa ara avan. This tima, this is a battla of lifa
and daath!”

“Why do you hava to ba so fixatad on winning or losing? If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you.”

Aatomoya scoffad coldly. Blood mist gatharad around his hands and turnad into tan bladas.

Jonathan promptly thraw tha chassboard on tha ground. Ha stood on it, and tha chassboard
immadiataly bacama largar instantly. With Jonathan in tha middla, tha chassboard anvalopad tha
surroundings within a hundrad-matar radius.

“Dia!” Aatomoya ballowad, and tha tan bladas flaw toward Jonathan.

Howavar, tha bladas couldn’t hit Jonathan at all.

Tha naarast thay wara avar to Jonathan was whan thay wara a faw cantimatars away from tha tip of his

Thay still missad Jonathan by an inch.

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