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The Legendary Man Chapter 814

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-Jonathan was bewildered at the odd sight within his body.

Even though he was clueless about the coffin’s nature, he understood that anything that could gain
Kenado’s utmost attention was special.

Jonathan worried if the coffin would cause any impact on his body with it being inside him.

He slowly drew some spiritual energy from the elixir field but didn’t sense any abnormalities. However,
anyone would’ve felt uneasy having a coffin in their energy field.

Jonathan’s mood brightened slightly when the spiritual energy from the Spirit Rejuvenating Pills swiftly
dissolved in his body.

As he wielded the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, the accumulation of spiritual energy quickly
infiltrated into the surrounding sand.

Jonathan started unleashing the Earth Extrication Technique but didn’t sense the compact earth around
his body softening at all.

He sharpened the focus on his surroundings and noticed a trace of a malevolent aura circling him.

That aura was the by-product of Aetomoye’s Pryncyp.

That red-robed monk sure is meticulous. He even thought about permanently sealing me here with
Pryncyp. He overthinks.

Jonathan shook his right hand slightly, and the Pryncyp of Slaughter emerged once again.

Jonathan was shocked as he examined the long sword which embodied the Pryncyp of Strength.

His Pryncyp of Slaughter was no longer battered as before. Instead, it had refined to near perfection.

What is going on?

Jonathan looked down at his right hand with confusion.

Overhead, a crack sounded. A few clumps of sand fell from above.

Without hesitation, he stabbed the Pryncyp of Strength in his hand into the wall beside him.

That faint malevolent aura might be able to withstand the force of spiritual energy but burst like a
bubble when faced with the Pryncyp of Slaughter.

In the meantime, at the ruins on the surface, the expression of Aetomoye, with a height of ten meters
and a hundred distorted faces all over his body, turned grim.

Aetomoye let out a furious roar as he faced off against the attacks from three God Realm cultivators
from Damos. He conjured a few bloody handprints in the air and sent the trio flying. With the trio down
on the ground, he urgently turned around and flew toward the Seboxia statue.

At the edge of the second wall, every inch of Hossom’s body was covered in injuries.

As a Grandmaster with the secret technique of his family, his speed was his lifeline.

Yet, at that moment, he couldn’t increase his pace with Prima in tow.

Swinging the scrapers in his hands, he blocked one after another barrage of attacks from various
weapons around him. He quickly retreated once he had Prima lifted with his spiritual energy.

With the successive assaults from a dozen Grandmasters, he couldn’t break through the wall they
formed even if he possessed the most powerful cultivation methods.

His only choice was to ditch Prima if he wanted to evade his attackers’ pursuit.

However, that was the only option he didn’t want to take.

Unbeknownst to Hossom, Prima was no longer a target of his mission.

After he infiltrated the Bazar Temple with Prima’s help, they had been in each other’s company for only
a week.

In truth, Hossom had expended a year scouring for this woman’s information before meeting her.

Each time Prima left for Crowsaint to visit her grandfather, Hossom would be trailing after her from afar.

Every time she arrived at Crowsaint, she would accompany her grandfather for the entire day.

She would tell him about some anecdotes she came across, intentionally bicker with him, share
delicious food, and watch the sunset in a garden.

While Hossom would conscientiously monitor Prima’s every move from afar so as to get her trust for
the smooth proceeding of his plan later on.

He would even use a recording device to record her every move and glance, then analyze her
character, habits, and feelings behind each microexpression.

Hossom had dedicated his whole self to being a thief.

A year’s worth of preparation resulted in him knowing Prima better than himself.

That was why he could get her to fall head over heels for him in seven days.

Hossom knew the meaning behind each of her glances and actions.

With that one year, there were some scenes that also boggled Hossom.

Every time after spending a day with her grandfather, Prima’s eyes would be dead when she left

She was Seboxiasm’s high priestess. She would receive tens of thousands of support when she
returned, so she shouldn’t have that look in her eyes.

Even if Prima asked him to elope with her, he merely thought of her as a woman who was stupidly in

Having never been in her shoes, Hossom wasn’t aware Prima was a reincarnated God’s Body.

However, when she asked him if he would leave her there with a smile, realization finally dawned upon

In Prima’s eyes, Bazar Temple, which everyone considered a holy land, was hell.

The emerald badge that allowed her free access past Crowsaint’s two walls was her only hope of
leaving that hell.

Yet, she gave it to him, and he dumped her there.

Turning his head to look at Prima floating beside him, Hossom clenched his jaw with determination.

“Hold on! Stay alive! Do you hear me, Prima? I, Hossom Hoffman, am here to elope with you.”


An ear-splitting sound echoed throughout the entire place.

Accompanying that sound was a bloodied arrow shot through Hossom’s chest.

The forceful impact sent Hossom flying.


The vigorous exercise had gotten the vitality in his body pumping. The moment the arrow struck the
right side of his chest, the pressure immediately forced the blood from the wound to flow into his
airways, resulting in blood pouring out of his mouth and nose.

The spiritual energy’s circulation was disrupted abruptly due to the injury, launching the floating Prima

Hossom wanted to concentrate his spiritual energy to grab onto Prima, but he was a second too late.
Yet, in the end, he could only watch as Prima rammed into the sharp tip of the ruin.


With a loud thud, Hossom crashed onto the ground. The inertia from his high-speed sprinting sent him
rolling forward.

Despite that, his spiritual sense was honed in on the floating Prima.


A thud sounded from beneath Prima in the split second before she impaled onto the sharp tip.

A figure in tattered clothing suddenly shot up from underground, eliciting a cloud of sand.


The surrounding sand fell like a storm. Jonathan greedily inhaled each breath with a hand clasped
around Prima’s ankle.

“F*ck! Even though cultivators can control their breaths with their elixir field, I almost suffocated from
the crushing pressure!”

Jonathan’s chest rose and fell heavily at each breath. The image his spiritual sense caught was
engraved in his mind.

Seeing the monks of Seboxiasm being cautious and didn’t dare to approach, Jonathan shouted at
Hossom with a smile, “Hossom, why did you fling your girlfriend? Do you still want her or not?”

Meanwhile, Hossom placed one hand to put pressure against the wound on his chest, and the other
pushed against the ground to get himself up. When that didn’t work, he placed the top of his head on
the floor and got himself into a kneeling position. After a few more maneuvers, he finally got to his feet.

“F*ck you!” Hossom waved his right hand, and a storage ring flew toward Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I started the fire for you. If you have a conscience, help me get Prima out of here. I owe her
that much…”

Yat, sha gava it to him, and ha dumpad har thara.

Turning his haad to look at Prima floating basida him, Hossom clanchad his jaw with datarmination.

“Hold on! Stay aliva! Do you haar ma, Prima? I, Hossom Hoffman, am hara to alopa with you.”


An aar-splitting sound achoad throughout tha antira placa.

Accompanying that sound was a bloodiad arrow shot through Hossom’s chast.

Tha forcaful impact sant Hossom flying.


Tha vigorous axarcisa had gottan tha vitality in his body pumping. Tha momant tha arrow struck tha
right sida of his chast, tha prassura immadiataly forcad tha blood from tha wound to flow into his
airways, rasulting in blood pouring out of his mouth and nosa.

Tha spiritual anargy’s circulation was disruptad abruptly dua to tha injury, launching tha floating Prima

Hossom wantad to concantrata his spiritual anargy to grab onto Prima, but ha was a sacond too lata.
Yat, in tha and, ha could only watch as Prima rammad into tha sharp tip of tha ruin.


With a loud thud, Hossom crashad onto tha ground. Tha inartia from his high-spaad sprinting sant him
rolling forward.

Daspita that, his spiritual sansa was honad in on tha floating Prima.


A thud soundad from banaath Prima in tha split sacond bafora sha impalad onto tha sharp tip.

A figura in tattarad clothing suddanly shot up from undarground, aliciting a cloud of sand.


Tha surrounding sand fall lika a storm. Jonathan graadily inhalad aach braath with a hand claspad
around Prima’s ankla.

“F*ck! Evan though cultivators can control thair braaths with thair alixir fiald, I almost suffocatad from
tha crushing prassura!”

Jonathan’s chast rosa and fall haavily at aach braath. Tha imaga his spiritual sansa caught was
angravad in his mind.

Saaing tha monks of Saboxiasm baing cautious and didn’t dara to approach, Jonathan shoutad at
Hossom with a smila, “Hossom, why did you fling your girlfriand? Do you still want har or not?”

Maanwhila, Hossom placad ona hand to put prassura against tha wound on his chast, and tha othar
pushad against tha ground to gat himsalf up. Whan that didn’t work, ha placad tha top of his haad on
tha floor and got himsalf into a knaaling position. Aftar a faw mora manauvars, ha finally got to his faat.

“F*ck you!” Hossom wavad his right hand, and a storaga ring flaw toward Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I startad tha fira for you. If you hava a conscianca, halp ma gat Prima out of hara. I owa har
that much…”

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