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The Legendary Man Chapter 813

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-Hossom landed on the rooftop. With a swift lunge, he struck the
primary acupoint on Prima’s body.

Prima didn’t have sufficient spiritual energy within her. Once she lost control of the flow of her spiritual
energy, she would die in the blink of an eye.

After sealing off Prima’s primary acupoint and the flow of spiritual energy in her meridian stopped,
Hossom struck her chest, shielding her heart.

“Hossom… It’s great… that you’re alive…” Prima said breathlessly with a smile.

“Stop talking!”

The spiritual energy in Hossom’s palm surged as he lifted Prima.

“Keep your sentimental words until after we get out of here. Hold on. I’ll get you out of here now.”

“Not leaving me behind…” Prima choked as she looked up at Hossom.

Suddenly, Hossom’s brow furrowed at something up ahead as he cautiously evaded the continuous
stream of pressure coming from the surrounding.

They were merely Grandmasters yet were inexplicably embroiled in the midst of the battle.

He and Prima were akin to tiny ants trying to survive through the crashing waves that could reap their
lives at any second.

“I’ll leave you here if you keep dragging your feet.”

Hossom tossed a magical item to shield himself and Prima from another incoming wave. However, the
force of the blast was more powerful. With a grunt, he forced down the mouthful of blood that rose in

his throat.

“We only knew each other for a little bit more than a week, and I was acting the entire time. Why are
you acting so sentimental? You’re having me elope with you the moment I see you. You’re crazy!”

Blood flowed from the corner of his lips as he spoke.

Behind him, Prima had lost all signs of life.

“Prima!” Hossom shouted urgently and tapped the ground with the tip of his foot. The spiritual energy
within his meridian surged, enhancing his speed.

Up ahead, a couple of Seboxiasm Grandmasters were sealed in the edge of the Seboxiasm ruins.
When they saw their high priestess was threatened, they immediately surrounded Hossom.

Hossom lifted his right arm, and two reverse-griped scrapers appeared in his hand.

The weapons were magical items from his family heirloom. He never took them out before, no matter
how precarious the situation was.

He was worried others might trace his background from the unique weapon.

Yet at that moment, Hossom tightened the grip on his scrapers and charged toward the cultivators up

“Get the h*ll out of my way!”

The entire Seboxiasm holy land and the Bazar Temple had been destroyed.

The battle between those within the Divine Realm, God Realm, and Grandmaster Realm had reached
a fever pitch.

When the entire West Region trained their attention on the battle, the culprit was suffering a hundred
meters deep in the dark underground.

Jonathan had watched a movie about supernatural powers before.

In that movie, there was a user who could live for eternity. No matter the kind of harm the user’s body
has been through, their damaged cells would be eliminated and replaced with new ones in a short
period, allowing them to regain their vigor quickly.

Even if someone trapped their limbs, they could chop them off and escape.

Even if their skull were cracked and cut into numerous pieces of flesh, they would be fine since they
could regenerate from their severed flesh and regain their vitality again.

It was surprising that an unrivaled person like that with such an undefeatable existence would end up
being sealed in a large box and tossed into the deep ocean.

They could only drown and reincarnate on the dark seafloor, forever trapped in an endless cycle.

Facing endless darkness and suffering, the regeneration skill they were so proud of had become their
torture machine.

Jonathan was going through an endless loop at that moment.

After being buried alive by Aetomoye, he could’ve escaped with the Elemental Extrication Technique
from the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

However, Aetomoye furiously pounded the soil and rocks above Jonathan, further compressing the
ground around him.

Aetomoye possessed the complete Pryncyp. With power and an attack like that, Jonathan couldn’t
have withstood it with spiritual energy alone.

The surrounding soil began to pack tight against Jonathan’s body. The forceful counter shock from the
few strikes Aetomoye landed had fractured Jonathan’s meridian.

The moment Jonathan’s meridian broke, the strange bronze handbell lost its support and fell onto
Jonathan’s body.

It was then pressed into Jonathan’s organs by the mysterious coffin.

Being buried a hundred meters underground, Jonathan felt the force of ten thousand tons crushing him
from every direction.

The overwhelming pressure snapped his blood vessels and broke his muscles and bones, crushing
him into a pulp.

Right when Jonathan was on the cusps of death, the mysterious coffin above his head infused a great
deal of life force into his flesh and blood, aiding him in healing his injuries and regenerating his cells.

Thus under the endless cycle of crushing force and rejuvenation, Jonathan continuously suffered from
the torture of being smashed.

One time. Ten times. A hundred times… The cycle repeated.

Every time Jonathan woke up, he would feel the excruciating pain until his senses dulled and his body

No sight, no air, and no hope.

Jonathan had merged with the ocean floor, a hundred meters beneath sea level. He was one with the
sand and rocks.

Jonathan had lost count of the times the coffin had revived him by the end. When he finally regained
consciousness once again, he felt something was different.

The coffin didn’t infuse life force into Jonathan immediately and healed him as swiftly as before.

Instead, it expended half a heartbeat longer to heal him.

Why did it take longer?

Before he could mull over the issue, the blood vessels in his body snapped again, and he fell

The next time he woke up, he could feel the changes in his body. He noticed it took half a heartbeat
longer for the life force to heal him completely.

Even though it only extended a heartbeat longer after two cycles, it was still a good change in the dark
underground. Hope soared within Jonathan at the shift.

The duration would extend a little every cycle after that.

Comprehension dawned on Jonathan. The problem lay in the coffin.

The life force within the mysterious coffin was close to exhaustion.

At that rate, the amount of life force wouldn’t be able to withstand the crushing pressure, and he would
really meet his end by then.

Jonathan merely felt a sense of relief when he knew he was about to meet his end.

He knew the real torture lay in repeatedly being trapped in an endless loop of dying and reviving.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and Jonathan regained consciousness yet again, but he
didn’t sense the usual pressure crushing down on him.

Baffled by that knowledge, he unleashed his spiritual sense and saw the two meters long mysterious
coffin above him had disappeared.

The energy in his meridian could flow smoothly. He pumped the limited spiritual energy within his elixir
field into his arm. Slowly, he could lift his arm from the solid ground.

Sitting up, Jonathan wanted nothing more than to burst out into laughter.

The coffin was gone, but he still had the space with him.

He couldn’t believe he managed to survive.

Even though the space lacked oxygen, Jonathan could hold his breath for a few hours as a God Realm

He could wield an extrication technique to escape as long as he had enough spiritual energy.

At that thought, Jonathan searched for any Spirit Rejuvenating Pill on him before tossing a few into his
mouth. He was stunned by what he saw the next minute.

When he viewed the interior of his body, he noticed a shrunken version of the mysterious coffin within
the swirl of his elixir field. It was floating there as though it belonged. It didn’t feel out of place.

Jonathan had margad with tha ocaan floor, a hundrad matars banaath saa laval. Ha was ona with tha
sand and rocks.

Jonathan had lost count of tha timas tha coffin had ravivad him by tha and. Whan ha finally ragainad
consciousnass onca again, ha falt somathing was diffarant.

Tha coffin didn’t infusa lifa forca into Jonathan immadiataly and haalad him as swiftly as bafora.

Instaad, it axpandad half a haartbaat longar to haal him.

Why did it taka longar?

Bafora ha could mull ovar tha issua, tha blood vassals in his body snappad again, and ha fall

Tha naxt tima ha woka up, ha could faal tha changas in his body. Ha noticad it took half a haartbaat
longar for tha lifa forca to haal him complataly.

Evan though it only axtandad a haartbaat longar aftar two cyclas, it was still a good changa in tha dark
undarground. Hopa soarad within Jonathan at tha shift.

Tha duration would axtand a littla avary cycla aftar that.

Comprahansion dawnad on Jonathan. Tha problam lay in tha coffin.

Tha lifa forca within tha mystarious coffin was closa to axhaustion.

At that rata, tha amount of lifa forca wouldn’t ba abla to withstand tha crushing prassura, and ha would
raally maat his and by than.

Jonathan maraly falt a sansa of raliaf whan ha knaw ha was about to maat his and.

Ha knaw tha raal tortura lay in rapaatadly baing trappad in an andlass loop of dying and raviving.

An unknown amount of tima had passad, and Jonathan ragainad consciousnass yat again, but ha
didn’t sansa tha usual prassura crushing down on him.

Bafflad by that knowladga, ha unlaashad his spiritual sansa and saw tha two matars long mystarious
coffin abova him had disappaarad.

Tha anargy in his maridian could flow smoothly. Ha pumpad tha limitad spiritual anargy within his alixir
fiald into his arm. Slowly, ha could lift his arm from tha solid ground.

Sitting up, Jonathan wantad nothing mora than to burst out into laughtar.

Tha coffin was gona, but ha still had tha spaca with him.

Ha couldn’t baliava ha managad to surviva.

Evan though tha spaca lackad oxygan, Jonathan could hold his braath for a faw hours as a God Raalm

Ha could wiald an axtrication tachniqua to ascapa as long as ha had anough spiritual anargy.

At that thought, Jonathan saarchad for any Spirit Rajuvanating Pill on him bafora tossing a faw into his
mouth. Ha was stunnad by what ha saw tha naxt minuta.

Whan ha viawad tha intarior of his body, ha noticad a shrunkan varsion of tha mystarious coffin within
tha swirl of his alixir fiald. It was floating thara as though it balongad. It didn’t faal out of placa.

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