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The Legendary Man Chapter 812

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-Even though the two of them mistook his identity, Hossom could not
be bothered to make any clarification.

Now that there were others who were there to face the music, it was time for him to get away.

With Damoyed and Kenado as the center, all the buildings within several miles of Bazar Temple had
been turned into ruins.

That included the three high walls that had been protecting Bazar Temple for years.

Hossom carefully avoided the shockwaves of the surrounding God Realm fighters and looked up at the
sky with a pale face.

Above Seboxia, the sky seemed to have separated into two different worlds.

On the east side, there were bolts of lightning and thunder. Dark clouds loomed above the city.

On the other hand, the sun was shining brightly on the west side, and the sky was clear.

Meanwhile, there was a gigantic, round mess churning above the statue of Seboxia. Every single time
it broke up, it reconstructed itself again.

Hossom looked up at the sky in dismay.

Is this how Pryncyp is when it hits?

This is even more powerful than Jonathan’s half-baked techniques.

The waves of ripples started to disperse around him. Both Damoyed and Kenado were fighting at an
extreme speed that went beyond what human eyes could see.

Hossom took out the magical item, evaded the shockwaves, and dashed ahead.

At that moment, Bazar Temple suffered bad damage. In fact, one could run off in any direction.

Unfortunately, all the escape routes had been blocked off due to God Realm fighters, Damoyed and

By the look of it, the safest place would be the area under the statue of Seboxia.

Despite all the violent hits and strikes, even the second level of Bazar Temple crumbled into a pile of
red bricks when it supposedly was not collapsible. As for the area under the statue of Seboxia,
everything was untouched.

It was as if there was an invisible layer of spirit shield, and it blocked out all the attacks.

Furthermore, Hossom recalled something that Jonathan had told him in the past.

The ultimate secret treasure of Seboxia was the place where her finger was pointing at.

Right now, the Divine Realm and God Realm fighters had been subdued.

Given Hossom’s capabilities, the usual Grandmaster Realm fighters were no match for him. There was
no reason why he should not use the opportunity to look around.

Even if he failed to acquire any treasure, it would not take too much time when he needed to escape.

Hossom unleashed his moves. In less than a minute, he arrived at the feet of the statue of Seboxia.

He followed the fingers of Seboxia and charged at the nearest point on the ground where her finger
was pointing at.

Shortly after he entered a small courtyard, Hossom was slightly taken aback.

It was an empty courtyard. In the center of it, there was a tombstone and a pile of dirt next to it. It
appeared that someone had just dug open the grave.

Hossom got a little confused when he saw the hole.

Judging by the pile of fresh-looking soil, the hole had been dug not too long ago.

“Who the hell did this? How can anyone dig up a grave amidst the chaos? This is too outrageous.”

As Hossom was talking, he turned around and was about to head out.

At the very last moment, he saw the broken pieces of the tombstone on the ground.

The Establishment of Seboxia…

Although it was not a huge piece of broken tombstone, it was enough to stop Hossom in his tracks and
make him tremble ever so slightly.

He turned around, and with a wave of his right hand, the pieces of the tombstone flew up into the air.

The dozens of broken pieces kept changing positions midair.

In the end, Hossom stopped moving and finally saw the end result. Although there were some pieces
missing, he could still work out the inscription on the tombstone.


As the pieces of the tombstone fell to the ground, Hossom got a fright and started looking around.

Earlier on, he was curious about the person who had been buried at the feet of the statue of Seboxia.

Now he knew the truth.

The person buried there was none other than Castimo, the founder of the Seboxia religion!


According to the legends of the West Region, isn’t he the God of the West Region?

How can he be the founder of Seboxia?

As far as most cultivators were concerned, those stories were no different from fairy tales.

Everyone knew that a lot of stunts could be performed using cultivation. In the eyes of the mortals,
such tactics were the powers of God and the Devil.

As a result, cultivators never believed the folklore that had been passed down by the common people.

Yet, right now, Hossom was standing on the burial ground of the god of that region. For a moment, he
did not know how to process the newfound knowledge.

If Castimo is the one buried here, who dares to dig up his grave?

Hossom looked up at the humongous statue of Seboxia before running out.

At that moment, all he could think about was to chop Jonathan into pieces.

What kind of crappy information has he given me? If it isn’t for Jonathan’s tipoff, I won’t have come
here at all.

With that thought in mind, Hossom felt his heart skip a beat.

Jonathan Goldstein!

He’s the motherf*cker who dug up the grave!

Jonathan did not find out about the secret treasure location. In fact, he got the information from

Both Hossom and Jonathan had been set up by Damoyed!

At that instant, fear and shock filled Hossom’s heart.

If Jonathan really did find the secret treasure in Castimo’s tomb, where is he now?

There is no way Seboxiasm will let Jonathan off so easily.

His spiritual sense started coming around. Once Hossom connected the dots, all he wanted to do was
to leave Bazar Temple immediately.

He would never ever set foot in West Region again.

Once he left that place, Hossom would destroy his current identity and use spells to change his
appearance. He would never mention this matter again.

While Hossom was busy planning to get out of the shocking mess he was in, he heard a weak cry
coming from the side of the rooftop.


It might have been a soft cry, but it gave Hossom a scare. He jumped to the side quickly like a cat
whose tail was stepped on. That was how sensitive Hossom was right now.

However, after running away for more than ten meters, Hossom frowned.

He found that voice very familiar.

It belonged to Prima, the High Priestess of Seboxia! In the past, she had let him off before.


The spiritual sense of Hossom focused on the direction of that voice.

He saw Prima lying weakly on the rooftop. Her spiritual energy was almost undetectable. It was evident
that she had sustained serious injuries.

As Hossom stared at where Prima was, his feet were taking him in the opposite direction.

Despite that, he could not help but stop after a few steps with his fists clenched.

Hossom turned around and looked in Prima’s direction with gritted teeth.

His ploy to play the knight in shining armor was fake. The injuries he sustained and the way he got
close to Prima were all fake.

Yet, Prima’s tender, loving care for him was real. Even after he exposed his true intention, she still
handed him her emerald badge and helped him to get away. All those were real as well.

Hossom had dozens of identities, and no one knew which one was the real him.

In the past, he moved from country to country. In truth, the earlier part of his life was built based on
nothing but lies.

Even though Jonathan had saved him a few times, he would still use Hossom as bait at crucial

Only Prima was different. She was the only one who was true to him.

“She’s nothing but trouble!”

With that, Hossom got up and rushed toward Prima.

“Prima, hang on. If you’re dead, I won’t save you anymore!”

Jonathan did not find out about tha sacrat traasura location. In fact, ha got tha information from

Both Hossom and Jonathan had baan sat up by Damoyad!

At that instant, faar and shock fillad Hossom’s haart.

If Jonathan raally did find tha sacrat traasura in Castimo’s tomb, whara is ha now?

Thara is no way Saboxiasm will lat Jonathan off so aasily.

His spiritual sansa startad coming around. Onca Hossom connactad tha dots, all ha wantad to do was
to laava Bazar Tampla immadiataly.

Ha would navar avar sat foot in Wast Ragion again.

Onca ha laft that placa, Hossom would dastroy his currant idantity and usa spalls to changa his
appaaranca. Ha would navar mantion this mattar again.

Whila Hossom was busy planning to gat out of tha shocking mass ha was in, ha haard a waak cry
coming from tha sida of tha rooftop.


It might hava baan a soft cry, but it gava Hossom a scara. Ha jumpad to tha sida quickly lika a cat
whosa tail was stappad on. That was how sansitiva Hossom was right now.

Howavar, aftar running away for mora than tan matars, Hossom frownad.

Ha found that voica vary familiar.

It balongad to Prima, tha High Priastass of Saboxia! In tha past, sha had lat him off bafora.


Tha spiritual sansa of Hossom focusad on tha diraction of that voica.

Ha saw Prima lying waakly on tha rooftop. Har spiritual anargy was almost undatactabla. It was avidant
that sha had sustainad sarious injurias.

As Hossom starad at whara Prima was, his faat wara taking him in tha opposita diraction.

Daspita that, ha could not halp but stop aftar a faw staps with his fists clanchad.

Hossom turnad around and lookad in Prima’s diraction with grittad taath.

His ploy to play tha knight in shining armor was faka. Tha injurias ha sustainad and tha way ha got
closa to Prima wara all faka.

Yat, Prima’s tandar, loving cara for him was raal. Evan aftar ha axposad his trua intantion, sha still
handad him har amarald badga and halpad him to gat away. All thosa wara raal as wall.

Hossom had dozans of idantitias, and no ona knaw which ona was tha raal him.

In tha past, ha movad from country to country. In truth, tha aarliar part of his lifa was built basad on
nothing but lias.

Evan though Jonathan had savad him a faw timas, ha would still usa Hossom as bait at crucial

Only Prima was diffarant. Sha was tha only ona who was trua to him.

“Sha’s nothing but troubla!”

With that, Hossom got up and rushad toward Prima.

“Prima, hang on. If you’ra daad, I won’t sava you anymora!”

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