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The Legendary Man Chapter 811

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-Kenado gripped Damoyed firmly by his ankles, and with one great
swing, he tossed the latter and sent him flying through the air.

Behind Kenado, clouds gathered above Heaven Sword and soon formed a thick, dark blanket over the
sky. Meanwhile, the blue lightning that rippled across his body like strands of hair started to flicker.

After steadying himself, Damoyed looked up at the billowing dark clouds covering half the sky and
shouted, “Pryncyp of Thunder! So, is this the power of Pryncyp of someone halfway to Ultimate Realm?
Seeing that you’re already capable of manipulating the weather to a certain extent, you could become
the representative for Pryncyp by the time you fully advance into Ultimate Realm. Your thoughts and
words will be respected and heeded.”

As Damoyed exclaimed at Kenado’s incredible power of Pryncyp, he stretched his arms above him,
raising a high, invisible wall above him to shield himself and those behind him. “Kenado, do you still
remember what our master told us? Pryncyp doesn’t focus on whether one is strong or weak but on
whether one uses it well. I’ve always kept that in mind. It has been many years, and we’ve had spars
before. However, I’m very interested in what’ll happen in an all-out fight. Is your Pryncyp of Thunder
stronger, or will my Pryncyp of Wind be superior?”

Following his challenge, the middle point between the pair became the border separating them. On
Damoyed’s side, a stillness seemed to fall over everything. From the trees and the plants, the hair on
the one’s head, to the pale white clouds dotting the sky, there was not even the slightest movement or
rustle. He had yet to progress even halfway to Ultimate Realm. Nonetheless, with his astonishing
cultivation level of Divine Realm’s advanced phase, as long as he unleashed the full power of his
Pryncyp, it would be enough to counter Kenado’s formidable Pryncyp.

“Today marks the final battle between Damos and Seboxiasm. Don’t hold back,” Damoyed uttered
quietly. Behind him, God Realm cultivators stepped forward in unison while brandishing their weapons.

Moving so swiftly that they appeared as a blur, they charged wildly toward the followers of Seboxiasm,
ready to kill.

Apart from Aetomoye, the other three divine messengers of Seboxiasm were outside, surrounded and
attacked by those belonging to Damos. Jonathan had beheaded one of the eight God Realm
cultivators. Hence, including Aetomoye, there were only eight of them left.

In terms of numbers, even with its nearly two-thousand-year-old legacy, Seboxiasm still had less skilled
cultivators than Damos. That was a point that took everyone by surprise. Two Divine Realm cultivators
went head-to-head while almost twenty God Realm cultivators fought each other. In an instant, bursts
of spiritual energy surged toward the heavens. As for the Grandmaster Realm elites, they could not
even move closer. All they could do was hide as far away as possible and watch the battle that would
determine how the situation in West Region would change.

As the God Realm experts continued fighting, Damoyed and Kenado made no move to attack them.
They knew that once either of them did so, their own God Realm cultivators would also wind up dead at
the hands of the other party. Thus, even when one of them finally emerged victorious, that person
would be like a general without an army, which was an outcome neither wanted. It was an unspoken
understanding between the pair that the battle would be soldiers against soldiers and generals against

Standing at the top of the tall tower, Damoyed raised his right hand slightly, and a gentle breeze blew
past him. At almost that exact moment, a series of lightning bolts flew forward in front of Kenado,
closely interweaving with each other to form an electric web.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of explosions rang out. Under the dim glow of the electric web, it was vaguely visible that
invisible blades of wind were hitting the ground one after another.

There was a buzzing sound, then a soft moan. Ripples started radiating from the middle point between
them, swiftly spreading in every direction like waves. A second later, the thin Kenado and the gray-
haired disappeared together.

Suddenly, a clap of thunder split the air before transforming into a thick bolt of lightning headed straight
downward. Meanwhile, strong gales swirled over the ground, morphing into a circling python that
soared upward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deafening blasts resounded far and wide, drowning out all other sounds. The usually formidable God
Realm experts could no longer focus on fighting. One after another, they scattered in all directions
without a second thought.

Meanwhile, Hossom collapsed amid the ruins and rubble several miles away, looking utterly
despondent. With his spiritual energy brush in his hand, he urged spiritual energy to burst forth from the
ruins, muttering, “What on earth has Jonathan done? Why has he stirred up such a big commotion?”

Despite sensing an intense surge of spiritual energy at the heart of Bazar Temple, I didn’t take much
notice of it. I may be highly skilled, but no matter how good I am, my cultivation level is still only at the
advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm. Such capabilities don’t even come close to the power of
Pryncyp. Regardless of how strong Kenado’s or Damoyed’s Pryncyps are, the same thing that
happened when I first encountered the latter will occur again. I won’t feel anything. However, even
though I may not feel it, the shockwaves of its impact will overturn everything within a few miles. When
I was about to use my spiritual energy brush to add an extra stroke on the fake talisman that Jonathan
drew, I was thrown into the air by the power of a Pryncyp’s shockwave!

While Hossom was grumbling and cursing, a female cultivator with blood all over her body and tattered
clothes fell next to him. He felt as though someone was gripping him around his neck. Standing on the

rubble, he widened his eyes and glared at the woman. Another God Realm cultivator!

She spat out a mouthful of blood upon falling to the ground, then fished out a talisman that would stop
the bleeding and pressed it against her wound. “What are you staring at?”

With a flick of her finger, pieces of rubble shot through the air toward his face. He was about to dodge
when a figure in a long, red robe landed in front of him. The latter waved an arm, and the rubble
disintegrated into a fine powder.

Yet another one! Hossom gazed at the duo in dismay. Then, he turned and looked around, only to see
no fewer than a dozen God Realm elites engaged in battle. What the f*ck? Have I walked right into a
lair of God Realm cultivators?

The female cultivator pulled her clothes tighter around her as she glared at Hossom and the monk in
red robes. “Every last bald follower who worships Seboxia must die today!”

Upon hearing that, Hossom finally realized why she had suddenly attacked him. After being hunted by
White Elephant Squad, I returned to West Region with Jonathan. There, I shaved my head to disguise
myself. She must think I’m with the others and mistook me as a follower of Seboxiasm!

“Pretty lady—”

Hossom was about to explain when the monk in front of him stretched both arms to stop him and said,
“As a follower of Seboxiasm, you’re impure and frivolous. If not for today’s battle, I’d definitely punish
you by making you copy Seboxia’s scriptures. This is no place for someone of your cultivation level to
linger. Hurry up and leave!”

“I…” Hossom looked at the pair helplessly. In the end, he could only rub his bald head in resignation.
“Very well. Go on, then. I’d better leave you to it.”

Whila Hossom was grumbling and cursing, a famala cultivator with blood all ovar har body and tattarad
clothas fall naxt to him. Ha falt as though somaona was gripping him around his nack. Standing on tha
rubbla, ha widanad his ayas and glarad at tha woman. Anothar God Raalm cultivator!

Sha spat out a mouthful of blood upon falling to tha ground, than fishad out a talisman that would stop
tha blaading and prassad it against har wound. “What ara you staring at?”

With a flick of har fingar, piacas of rubbla shot through tha air toward his faca. Ha was about to dodga
whan a figura in a long, rad roba landad in front of him. Tha lattar wavad an arm, and tha rubbla
disintagratad into a fina powdar.

Yat anothar ona! Hossom gazad at tha duo in dismay. Than, ha turnad and lookad around, only to saa
no fawar than a dozan God Raalm alitas angagad in battla. What tha f*ck? Hava I walkad right into a
lair of God Raalm cultivators?

Tha famala cultivator pullad har clothas tightar around har as sha glarad at Hossom and tha monk in
rad robas. “Evary last bald followar who worships Saboxia must dia today!”

Upon haaring that, Hossom finally raalizad why sha had suddanly attackad him. Aftar baing huntad by
Whita Elaphant Squad, I raturnad to Wast Ragion with Jonathan. Thara, I shavad my haad to disguisa
mysalf. Sha must think I’m with tha othars and mistook ma as a followar of Saboxiasm!

“Pratty lady—”

Hossom was about to axplain whan tha monk in front of him stratchad both arms to stop him and said,
“As a followar of Saboxiasm, you’ra impura and frivolous. If not for today’s battla, I’d dafinitaly punish
you by making you copy Saboxia’s scripturas. This is no placa for somaona of your cultivation laval to
lingar. Hurry up and laava!”

“I…” Hossom lookad at tha pair halplassly. In tha and, ha could only rub his bald haad in rasignation.
“Vary wall. Go on, than. I’d battar laava you to it.”

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