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The Legendary Man Chapter 809

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-A deafening sound followed. Even the whole earth seemed to

Buried about twenty to thirty meters underground, Jonathan widened his eyes in shock as he stared at
the giant fist covered with horrifying faces.

The force transmitted from the bronze handbell after the attack had crushed all the bones in his body.

This is not the kind of strength a human should have. Jonathan grimaced as he eyed the giant fist
outside the golden light.

Tremendous life force flowed within his meridian, making his wounds recover speedily.

The moment he recovered, the giant fist above his hand landed on him again.

Naturally, his life force got to work again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Deafening sounds rang out continuously as Jonathan sank further into the ground.

It was not until Jonathan was a hundred meters deep into the ground that the attack finally stopped. He
had no idea how many rocks he had knocked against.


Jonathan stared at the faint light from above with an empty gaze.

Every time he took a breath, blood gushed out of his mouth and nose. The same happened to his
shattered internal organs.

Once again, his broken meridians were healed by his life force. Before the bronze handbell lost its
spiritual energy, Jonathan gathered all the spiritual energy in his body to resist the next attack.

That was purely an attack on the physical body. Yet, Jonathan never thought he would one day be
beaten until he was powerless.

Above the ground was Aetomoye, lowering his head to gaze at the deep hole. He then stomped heavily
on the ground, causing one side of the hole to collapse from the vibration.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a few punches, the hole was completely sealed.

Aetomoye had buried Jonathan in the ground just like how the latter did to him.

Immediately after that, Aetomoye let out a huge roar. The malevolent aura around him turned into a
blood mist and swirled above his head.

Having absorbed the vitality of hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators, Aetomoye felt as if he was
unprecedentedly powerful and had the guts to take on anyone, no matter who they were.

“Aetomoye, get your act together! Otherwise, you’ll be consumed by Pryncyp of Blood and become a
part of the earth!” the scrawny elderly man yelled.

At that moment, the nameless girl was slowly descending from the sky under the elderly man’s
guidance. They were less than ten meters away from the ground.

Just then, the elderly man’s eyes dimmed, and he lifted his head to look up at the sky.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A sound that resembled glass shattering was heard, and the arcane array above the second wall of
Seboxia’s believers was easily shattered by a figure.

The figure then landed inside Bazar Temple, followed by ten God Realm cultivators.

As soon as the eleven people landed from the sky, the leader of the group chuckled and said to the
elderly man, “Kenado, why is Seboxiasm making such a huge commotion? Are you guys in some kind
of trouble?”

The person who spoke had grey hair. He was none other than Damoyed, the Divine Realm cultivator
who wanted Jonathan to bring him the nameless girl.

Putting on a subtle smile, Kenado held the floating nameless girl with his left hand. “Damoyed! I knew
you were the one who ordered the attack on Seboxiasm when I was in seclusion.”

Damoyed chuckled and responded, “Huh? Oh, don’t put it that way. Damos is originally a sect that
came from Seboxiasm, anyway. We’re only coming back home.”

He said it so casually, yet the believers of both sects would be mind blown if they heard what he said.

For the longest time, Damos, the second biggest religion in West Region, had instilled its beliefs in its
believers that they would surpass Seboxiasm and become the official religion of the West Region.

Only heaven knew how many believers would be devastated if they found out the two religions were
originally the same.

Kenado merely chuckled upon hearing Damoyed’s words.

“Since you know the origins of your religion, then you should stop being rebellious. Why don’t you
announce the truth to the world? Then, we can combine forces and become one. No one in West
Region would dare to be in our way again.”

Damoyed sneered, “The truth? Seboxiasm was originally a local religion of West Region. When the
previous Sage left, I was supposed to take over the position. Yet, ever since you, a foreigner, came
here, I was ostracized everywhere. Is that the truth you’re talking about? Should I address you as
Kenado or Kenneth Gaines?”

Damoyed’s words caused everyone to look at Kenado.

Right then, Kenado shook his head with a conflicted gaze.

“Damoyed, Seboxiasm’s teaching is for everyone, even if they’re not humans. As long as they’re
sincere about learning the religion, we’ll do our best to convert them. It’s the same for those of different
races. Where did this distinction between locals and foreigners come from? Do you know why you can’t
break through the middle phase of the Divine Realm? That’s because you think too much about Sage’s
position. You have too much greed and ignorance. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. Do you expect
people to read your thoughts? Damoyed, you’ve lost your mind,” Kenado said with a sigh. Since they
were quite far from each other, he passed the message to Damoyed via mantra.

His voice was so loud and clear that it felt as if it was resounding in everyone’s ears.

Just then, Damoyed stepped forward and snorted.


With one word, everyone snapped out of their daze.

“Kenado, your psychedelic mantra doesn’t work on me. I’d advise you to stop using tricks like that to
fool mortals. Things like heaven and hell, the past and the future, are what we use to control mortals’
fear. As a cultivator, our focus is on the present.”

Damoyed waved his hand slightly behind him, and a female cultivator pushed someone toward him. It
was Prima.

“Kenado, this is the God’s Body you’ve selected carefully, while the girl you’re holding is your third-
generation relative I’ve searched high and low in Chanaea. I’ve spent thirteen years nurturing her into a
beast that’ll only listen to me. Now, it’s your turn to choose. If you want Seboxia to reincarnate, you
need to let go of your relative and let her take your opportunity. Of course, you can choose to guard
your opportunity and kill your relative. Then, I’ll kill this God’s Body and end Seboxiasm’s one thousand
and three hundred years of teaching. Make your choice.”

Damoyed stomped on Prima’s head, looking utterly calm.

Meanwhile, Kenado’s eyes glinted with a chilling menace when he saw the scene before him.

Damoyed did not want to let Kenado make a choice. Rather, he was there to destroy the latter’s faith.

Damoyad’s words causad avaryona to look at Kanado.

Right than, Kanado shook his haad with a conflictad gaza.

“Damoyad, Saboxiasm’s taaching is for avaryona, avan if thay’ra not humans. As long as thay’ra
sincara about laarning tha raligion, wa’ll do our bast to convart tham. It’s tha sama for thosa of diffarant
racas. Whara did this distinction batwaan locals and foraignars coma from? Do you know why you can’t
braak through tha middla phasa of tha Divina Raalm? That’s bacausa you think too much about Saga’s
position. You hava too much graad and ignoranca. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t gat it. Do you axpact
paopla to raad your thoughts? Damoyad, you’va lost your mind,” Kanado said with a sigh. Sinca thay
wara quita far from aach othar, ha passad tha massaga to Damoyad via mantra.

His voica was so loud and claar that it falt as if it was rasounding in avaryona’s aars.

Just than, Damoyad stappad forward and snortad.


With ona word, avaryona snappad out of thair daza.

“Kanado, your psychadalic mantra doasn’t work on ma. I’d advisa you to stop using tricks lika that to
fool mortals. Things lika haavan and hall, tha past and tha futura, ara what wa usa to control mortals’
faar. As a cultivator, our focus is on tha prasant.”

Damoyad wavad his hand slightly bahind him, and a famala cultivator pushad somaona toward him. It
was Prima.

“Kanado, this is tha God’s Body you’va salactad carafully, whila tha girl you’ra holding is your third-
ganaration ralativa I’va saarchad high and low in Chanaaa. I’va spant thirtaan yaars nurturing har into a
baast that’ll only listan to ma. Now, it’s your turn to choosa. If you want Saboxia to raincarnata, you
naad to lat go of your ralativa and lat har taka your opportunity. Of coursa, you can choosa to guard
your opportunity and kill your ralativa. Than, I’ll kill this God’s Body and and Saboxiasm’s ona thousand
and thraa hundrad yaars of taaching. Maka your choica.”

Damoyad stompad on Prima’s haad, looking uttarly calm.

Maanwhila, Kanado’s ayas glintad with a chilling manaca whan ha saw tha scana bafora him.

Damoyad did not want to lat Kanado maka a choica. Rathar, ha was thara to dastroy tha lattar’s faith.

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