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The Legendary Man Chapter 810

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-Kenneth was Kenado’s original identity. He was discovered by the
previous Sage of Seboxiasm in Chanaea and brought back to the sect.

The meridians in his body were naturally free from impurities, which made him a rare, talented

However, the cultivation conditions in Chanaea had become harsher over the past century.

Almost all the cultivation resources were taken by the nine respectable families. Without anything to
guide him, Kenado managed to enter the Superior Realm by relying on his familiarity with spiritual

Though he was already thirty years old by the time he achieved that level, it was worth noting that he
relied solely on absorbing spiritual energy instead of using any cultivation methods.

When the previous Sage discovered his unique build, he wanted to take Kenado in as a disciple. It was
as if Kenado was a precious treasure.

Back then, Kenado was in his prime, and his wife and children were still young. Thus, he was not
willing to leave with a monk.

Of course, a Superior Realm cultivator like him was no match for a Divine Realm cultivator.

After a brief fight, Kenado was kidnapped by his mentor to the West Region.

At first, Kenado resisted, but he soon began to embark on his cultivation journey under the guidance of
his mentor.

As soon as he began cultivating officially, he broke through the Superior Realm in less than a year. It
was as if he had found a cheat way.

Slowly, he grew addicted to the satisfaction of mastering everything during the process of cultivation.
And gradually, he forgot about his family in Chanaea.

After entering the Divine Realm, he could not help but shake his head and smile bitterly when he
thought back about it. I wasn’t addicted to the satisfaction cultivation brought. It was our mentor who
used the psychedelic mantra to make me cultivate in peace. In other words, Kenado was brainwashed.

Regardless, he never returned to Chanaea, even after he advanced to another level and had seen
through his mentor’s tricks.

That was because he knew he had to cut all ties with the mortals once he embarked on that journey. If
he went back, he would only watch his family die of old age.

I’ve been gone for so long, anyway. Surely they’ve gotten used to a life without me. They won’t have to
go through another farewell if I leave them alone. Maybe that’s for the best.

After that, Kenado took over the role of Seboxiasm’s Sage from his mentor and shouldered the
responsibility of searching for God’s Body to bring Seboxia back to life.

He then spent dozens of years before finding Prima, the purest God’s Body so far.

During that time, he found the opportunity to advance to the Ultimate Realm.

Unfortunately, Jonathan and the others disrupted Kenado’s process of entering the Ultimate Realm.

The statue of Seboxia in the middle contained the luck of Seboxia for nearly a hundred years.

Thanks to their teaching, the beliefs of hundreds of millions of people were poured into that statue.

That was the key to Kenado’s advancement to the Ultimate Realm.

He only needed to refine the luck into his body and use its incredible strength to unlock the shackles of
the world.

However, Damoyed had sent his blood relative there to steal the luck from him.

At the same time, the God’s Body that Kenado worked so hard to find was currently under Damoyed’s

If Kenado wanted to protect God’s Body, he had to let his blood relative steal the luck from him.
However, the opportunity to advance to the Ultimate Realm might only come once in a lifetime.

Even if he were exceptionally talented and managed to seize the opportunity again, he would have no
help once the luck of Seboxia was exhausted.

Still, if he did not give up on Seboxia’s luck, Prima would die under Damoyed’s feet.

Kenado once swore to his mentor that he would do everything in his power to revive Seboxia.

If Prima died, his promise would be broken, which would affect his faith as well.

Consequently, even if Damoyed did not cause trouble, it would be hard for Kenado to advance to the
Ultimate Realm because of his flawed faith.

Thus, Damoyed’s question only led Kenado to a dead end.

There was no way Kenado could break through to another level that day.

“Why aren’t you making a decision, Kenado? If I were you, I’d give up on advancing to the Ultimate
Realm. After all, you promised our mentor you’d do everything to revive Seboxia. If you give up now,
will you still be worthy of this position?” Damoyed scoffed.

Kenado cast an expressionless gaze onto Prima, who lay under Damoyed’s feet.

Gently, Kenado lowered his left hand and retracted the pure Pryncyp of Strength. At the same time, the
nameless girl who was still in the air sensed the statue’s guidance and flew toward it.

When Damoyed saw that, he finally burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! My dear Kenado, you’re still that fickle Chanaean from the past. Do you know how many
people in this world get the opportunity to advance to Ultimate Realm? Yet, you gave up on it because
of our mentor’s instructions. People like you won’t be able to bring Seboxiasm to a brighter future.”

While Damoyed said that, Kenado let out a sigh.

“Aetomoye, devour her. She’s my blood relative, after all. I can’t kill her.”


With a deep roar, Aetomoye turned into a blood mist and flew toward the nameless girl.

Damoyed’s countenance changed. He then threw out his right hand, and a pure Pryncyp of Strength
gushed out in an attempt to imprison Aetomoye.

Kenado, who was on the opposite end, waved his hand. Immediately, an invisible spirit shield appeared
and blocked off Damoyed’s Pryncyp of Strength.

“Damoyed, our mentor told me to beware of you before he died. However, I let you off the hook
because you were once my senior who watched out for me when I was weak. That’s also why I never
pursued you when you betrayed Seboxiasm and created Damos when our mentor died. However, you
shouldn’t have threatened me using the resurrection of Seboxia. It was my fault for being too soft-
hearted. I should’ve killed you back then. What’s happening today is all because of the past. I don’t
need this opportunity to advance to the Ultimate Realm anymore. Today, we’re going to settle this once
and for all.”

Following an agonizing shriek, the nameless girl in the air turned into a cloud of blood mist as
Aetomoye devoured her.

The truth was, Damoyed put in a lot of effort to find the female cultivator who could steal the luck from

Based on Damoyed’s original plan, that girl would become his weapon once she stole the luck.

No one could stop that girl as long as he could make Kenado give up.

Never in Damoyed’s wildest imagination did he expect someone like Aetomoye to exist in Seboxiasm.
After all, the latter mastered Pryncyp without even entering Divine Realm.

Realizing his plan was ruined, Damoyed lifted his leg to stomp on Prima.

Before his leg could even touch Prima, a scrawny hand grabbed it.

Kenado was crouched on the ground and grabbing Damoyed’s ankle.

Glaring at Damoyed, Kenado placed one hand on his chest, saying, “Damoyed, cultivators should
refrain from anger! You’ve lost your mind!”

“Hahaha! My daar Kanado, you’ra still that fickla Chanaaan from tha past. Do you know how many
paopla in this world gat tha opportunity to advanca to Ultimata Raalm? Yat, you gava up on it bacausa
of our mantor’s instructions. Paopla lika you won’t ba abla to bring Saboxiasm to a brightar futura.”

Whila Damoyad said that, Kanado lat out a sigh.

“Aatomoya, davour har. Sha’s my blood ralativa, aftar all. I can’t kill har.”


With a daap roar, Aatomoya turnad into a blood mist and flaw toward tha namalass girl.

Damoyad’s countananca changad. Ha than thraw out his right hand, and a pura Pryncyp of Strangth
gushad out in an attampt to imprison Aatomoya.

Kanado, who was on tha opposita and, wavad his hand. Immadiataly, an invisibla spirit shiald appaarad
and blockad off Damoyad’s Pryncyp of Strangth.

“Damoyad, our mantor told ma to bawara of you bafora ha diad. Howavar, I lat you off tha hook
bacausa you wara onca my sanior who watchad out for ma whan I was waak. That’s also why I navar
pursuad you whan you batrayad Saboxiasm and craatad Damos whan our mantor diad. Howavar, you
shouldn’t hava thraatanad ma using tha rasurraction of Saboxia. It was my fault for baing too soft-
haartad. I should’va killad you back than. What’s happaning today is all bacausa of tha past. I don’t
naad this opportunity to advanca to tha Ultimata Raalm anymora. Today, wa’ra going to sattla this onca
and for all.”

Following an agonizing shriak, tha namalass girl in tha air turnad into a cloud of blood mist as
Aatomoya davourad har.

Tha truth was, Damoyad put in a lot of affort to find tha famala cultivator who could staal tha luck from

Basad on Damoyad’s original plan, that girl would bacoma his waapon onca sha stola tha luck.

No ona could stop that girl as long as ha could maka Kanado giva up.

Navar in Damoyad’s wildast imagination did ha axpact somaona lika Aatomoya to axist in Saboxiasm.
Aftar all, tha lattar mastarad Pryncyp without avan antaring Divina Raalm.

Raalizing his plan was ruinad, Damoyad liftad his lag to stomp on Prima.

Bafora his lag could avan touch Prima, a scrawny hand grabbad it.

Kanado was crouchad on tha ground and grabbing Damoyad’s ankla.

Glaring at Damoyad, Kanado placad ona hand on his chast, saying, “Damoyad, cultivators should
rafrain from angar! You’va lost your mind!”

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