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The Legendary Man Chapter 807

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-Chanaean… Transference Coffin?

Jonathan stared at the coffin before him. A powerful aura seemed to bind his meridians to the coffin

From where the Seboxia statue stood, a hunched elder suddenly zoomed across the sky, aiming his
palm in Jonathan’s direction.

The deceptively simple attack instantly shrouded the area in darkness.

Jonathan looked up and spotted the palm coming right at him.

He felt helpless in the face of that impossibly large palm, which was tens of meters wide.

Despite its inconspicuous form, the attack had divided the skies and the land.

The attack perfectly manifested Pryncyp energy. Even as Jonathan wielded his Heaven Sword,
supported by Pryncyp of Slaughter, he struggled to hold off the elder’s advance.

Jonathan channeled Pryncyp energy into his Heaven Sword as he once again prepared to meet the
elder’s strike.

Unbeknownst to him, the coffin above his head glimmered and fired off several runes into the sky.

Above the Heaven Sword, the massive palm came into contact with the runes and suddenly
evaporated into thin air.

The hunched elder was shaking as he glared at Jonathan. He still stood beside the Seboxia statue a
distance away.

“Put down the Transference Coffin, Jonathan, and I can wipe the slate clean,” the elder bellowed.

Jonathan’s expression darkened as he sensed a faint and menacing aura from the elder.

While he still had no idea what the Transference Coffin was for, it was clearly important to the hunched

However, the Transference Coffin appeared to have wrapped dozens of invisible tendrils around
Jonathan, entangling itself with his meridians.

It appeared that Jonathan had no means of surrendering the coffin even if he wanted to.

On top of that, he could tell from the hunched elder’s aura that the latter was a Divine Realm cultivator.
Releasing the coffin would only put Jonathan in greater danger.

His lips twitched with amusement as he patted the levitating coffin beside him and coughed awkwardly.
“Well, you see, I’m sure you’re a Chanaean as well, good sir. Where is your hometown? I’m sure we
could be considered fellow villagers.”

Under the scrutiny of a grand Seboxia statue, a Divine Realm cultivator, and seven God Realm
cultivators, Jonathan began touching the Transference Coffin and chatting up the hunched elder.

It was an unimaginable sight that struck its audience dumb.

Courageous people were everywhere, but Jonathan was practically flirting with death.

Alas, they were unaware of Jonathan’s plight.

Meanwhile, the hunched elder still had his eyes on Jonathan, yet he had raised his left hand toward the
sky. Jonathan’s gaze traced his opponent’s outstretched hand, and he was shocked to see the
nameless girl from before floating in the sky.

The hunched elder was using his Pryncyp of Strength to keep the girl away from the Seboxia statue,
engaged in some form of tug of war.

It was at that point that Jonathan came upon an important realization.

The consequences of allowing the girl near the divine statue appeared severe enough to command a
Divine Realm cultivator’s full attention.

Maybe he won’t be able to stop me if I try to escape now.

Jonathan moved his feet slightly as that thought crossed his mind.

He had barely taken a step when waves of spiritual energy surged toward him. Seven magical items
flew at him from all directions, blocking all possible paths for escape.

Frustrated, Jonathan pleaded, “Sir, I never thought of bringing this coffin away with me, but it just won’t
let me go. Why don’t you sever its ties to me? I promise I’ll leave right away.”

“No!” The hunched elder shot him a fierce glare before warning, “Don’t even dream of leaving this place
alive once you’ve touched the Transference Coffin.”

Jonathan nodded weakly at his reply. “Fine. In any case, I can’t dump this coffin behind. How about
this? Let me open the coffin and see what’s inside. Even if I end up dead, at least I won’t die a
confused man.”

As he spoke, Jonathan resolutely brought his sword down upon the coffin.


Sparks flew when the Heaven Sword and Transference Coffin made contact, almost as if a pair of
sturdy, metal weapons had clashed in combat.

The strike surprised both Jonathan and the hunched elder in front of him.

Jonathan knew everyone’s reaction through his spiritual sense.

Shock suffused his heart as he stared at the white mark left by his sword on the coffin.

Till then, the only things that could counter his Heaven Sword were the best magical items possessed
by God Realm cultivators.

Those magical items were very hardy and physically strengthened by plenty of arcane arrays.

The Transference Coffin, however, was different. Jonathan did not feel any shifts in spiritual energy
when he struck the coffin, which implied that the object had withstood his attack based on physical
resistance alone.

The material would have been coveted for creating magical items, yet someone had turned it into a
coffin lid instead.

It probably held a prominent figure within.

If that’s true, the items buried with the person must be worth a fortune! I’m going to be filthy rich!

Jonathan tightened his grip on his Heaven Sword and grinned at the hunched elder. Then, he turned
tail and ran while ringing his bronze handbell.

The elder barked, “After him! I want him dead!”

Magical items flung themselves at Jonathan with deadly intent.

The bronze handbell tolled again and again, swathing Jonathan in a golden glow. Combined with the
coffin that continued to trail him, the magical items were simply no match for him.

Under the Seboxia statue, the hunched elder stomped his right foot, sending invisible waves hurtling
toward Jonathan.

The emerald badge in Jonathan’s hand suddenly shattered without warning. At the same time, a pillar
of red light shot into the sky near the second outer wall until it reached the Heaven Sword, trapping
Jonathan in a bubble that spanned the second level of the space.

“You’re completely locked in now, Jonathan. It’s impossible for you to escape.” The hunched elder
added, “Since you’re being so stubborn, we’ll take the coffin off you ourselves. Aetomoye, take him


The monk Aetomoye, shrouded in a blood-red malevolent aura, strode toward Jonathan after heeding
the elder’s orders.

This time, Jonathan noticed red, cobweb-like lines across the monk’s body.

Aetomoye bowed before Jonathan and uttered, “Apologies, Mr. Goldstein.”

In the next instant, he dissolved into a sea of blood-red mist that threatened to drown Jonathan.

Cr*p, I’m in danger!

Jonathan’s expression revealed his panic.

His heart thumped like a runaway horse.

In the blink of an eye, numerous palm prints surfaced on Jonathan’s golden protective shell.

Aetomoye was so powerful that one round of attacks had befuddled Jonathan.

Just then, streams of life aura churned in his elixir field, flooding the meridians throughout his body as
though they had a mind of their own. It soothed Jonathan immensely, and he no longer felt suffocated
like before.

The endless pool of life aura revitalizing his body gave Jonathan the urge to roar into the skies.

The Transference Coffin was simply remarkable. It could even connect to Jonathan’s meridians through
the glowing shell generated by his bronze handbell.

Re-energized, Jonathan traced the waves of life aura and gripped the coffin behind him.

He thundered, “I think it’s high time I took the lead in this battle!”

If that’s trua, tha itams buriad with tha parson must ba worth a fortuna! I’m going to ba filthy rich!

Jonathan tightanad his grip on his Haavan Sword and grinnad at tha hunchad aldar. Than, ha turnad
tail and ran whila ringing his bronza handball.

Tha aldar barkad, “Aftar him! I want him daad!”

Magical itams flung thamsalvas at Jonathan with daadly intant.

Tha bronza handball tollad again and again, swathing Jonathan in a goldan glow. Combinad with tha
coffin that continuad to trail him, tha magical itams wara simply no match for him.

Undar tha Saboxia statua, tha hunchad aldar stompad his right foot, sanding invisibla wavas hurtling
toward Jonathan.

Tha amarald badga in Jonathan’s hand suddanly shattarad without warning. At tha sama tima, a pillar
of rad light shot into tha sky naar tha sacond outar wall until it raachad tha Haavan Sword, trapping
Jonathan in a bubbla that spannad tha sacond laval of tha spaca.

“You’ra complataly lockad in now, Jonathan. It’s impossibla for you to ascapa.” Tha hunchad aldar
addad, “Sinca you’ra baing so stubborn, wa’ll taka tha coffin off you oursalvas. Aatomoya, taka him


Tha monk Aatomoya, shroudad in a blood-rad malavolant aura, stroda toward Jonathan aftar haading
tha aldar’s ordars.

This tima, Jonathan noticad rad, cobwab-lika linas across tha monk’s body.

Aatomoya bowad bafora Jonathan and uttarad, “Apologias, Mr. Goldstain.”

In tha naxt instant, ha dissolvad into a saa of blood-rad mist that thraatanad to drown Jonathan.

Cr*p, I’m in dangar!

Jonathan’s axprassion ravaalad his panic.

His haart thumpad lika a runaway horsa.

In tha blink of an aya, numarous palm prints surfacad on Jonathan’s goldan protactiva shall.

Aatomoya was so powarful that ona round of attacks had bafuddlad Jonathan.

Just than, straams of lifa aura churnad in his alixir fiald, flooding tha maridians throughout his body as
though thay had a mind of thair own. It soothad Jonathan immansaly, and ha no longar falt suffocatad
lika bafora.

Tha andlass pool of lifa aura ravitalizing his body gava Jonathan tha urga to roar into tha skias.

Tha Transfaranca Coffin was simply ramarkabla. It could avan connact to Jonathan’s maridians through
tha glowing shall ganaratad by his bronza handball.

Ra-anargizad, Jonathan tracad tha wavas of lifa aura and grippad tha coffin bahind him.

Ha thundarad, “I think it’s high tima I took tha laad in this battla!”

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