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The Legendary Man Chapter 806

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-Upon hearing that voice, Jonathan turned back and saw the red-
clothed monk he had buried alive earlier had reemerged.

However, at that moment, the monk was stark naked, and he was clasping his hands together while
standing on a rooftop.

“Heh, what an elegant sight. Your religion sure is quite open if you can display yourself in that manner,”
Jonathan mocked.

“Surely, you jest.” The monk stepped toward him on golden tiles. “The body is but a vessel. Through
cultivation, one can learn to ascend beyond earthly concerns and desires. If one doesn’t possess an
ego, one won’t mind how others look at them.”

The other God Realm monks slowly backed away with their hands clasped.

Then, a red malevolent aura began rising from the naked monk. In a blink of an eye, that aura
enveloped his entire body.


The instant Jonathan turned in the direction of the cracked roof tile, he saw a palm flying straight
toward his throat.

“Scram!” Without delay, he swung Heaven Sword at the monk’s arm.

Since the Pryncyp of Slaughter was active, the malevolent aura could only block Heaven Sword for a
moment before the blade sliced the monk’s arm off.

Then Jonathan slashed the monk’s neck with his blade.

In a snap, the monk’s head was severed. A tall fountain of blood gushed into the sky from his neck.

Concurrently, a handprint appeared on Jonathan’s chest.


Jonathan’s vitality was dispersed by that assault. As he flew backward, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

When his spiritual sense swept past the monk, he was stunned. The palm strike was powerful, but it
wasn’t deadly. He knows how sharp my Heaven Sword is, yet he still sacrificed his life to land a blow
on me. Did he have a death wish?

Then he noticed something odd. Wait a minute. I remember cutting off five of his fingers earlier, yet his
hand seems undamaged. Does he have a secret regeneration technique?

Upon crashing into a building and landing on the ground, Jonathan activated the bronze handbell and
charged forward again.

He narrowed his eyes when he witnessed the monk’s severed head and fingers reattaching themselves
to the corpse by the power of a Pryncyp.

While the wounds were still bleeding, Jonathan could tell the monk’s life force was soaring.

Moments later, the malevolent aura returned to the monk’s body, and he stood before Jonathan again,
seemingly unharmed.

When the nearby God Realm monks saw that, they clasped their hands and began chanting loudly.

The naked monk’s regenerative ability exceeded Jonathan’s expectations. Even a Divine Realm
cultivator wouldn’t have been able to pull that off, much less a God Realm cultivator! How did he do it?

For the first time, he considered retreating because the monk was basically immortal. I don’t know what
price he’s paying to use that ability, but I’m not going to stick around and find out! There’s no way I can
defeat him!

When his train of thought ended there, he immediately dashed away.

The female cultivator also sprinted in the same direction as him while appearing as though she was
summoned by something.

The seven God Realm cultivators pulled out their weapons and chased after the duo.

If they could hinder the duo’s escape, they would be able to slay the two with the help of the naked

However, a thundering chime was heard just as the combatant’s weapons clashed against each other.

In that split second, Jonathan felt as if his spiritual sense was blasted apart, and he fell.

Upon crashing on the ground, he turned toward the chime and saw that the sound was generated by
the bell in the Seboxia statue’s hand.

“Seboxia.” The naked monk behind Jonathan was turned into a pile of meat paste by the chime. If not
for his bones keeping him upright, he would’ve collapsed on the ground.

Despite bits of flesh continuing to drop from his body, he still clasped his hands together.

That was the side effect of his ability. His body couldn’t handle even the slightest vibration.

As time passed, the red malevolent aura rushed toward the chunks of flesh, turned them into bloody
mists, and pulled them back into the monk’s body.

While Jonathan kept his guard up against the monk, his spiritual sense landed on the nameless girl.

At that moment, she had lost the ability to move. However, she was flying toward the Seboxia statue as
though something was pulling her in, like a piece of metal to a giant magnet.

Also, it was as if the gigantic Seboxia statue had come to life because there was an odd rhythm of
energy pulsating out of it.

Is that why Damoyed asked me to bring the girl to the statue? Jonathan thought as he leaped away.

Meanwhile, the monk was still regenerating. Hence, Jonathan used that window of opportunity to locate
the secret treasure hiding in the temple.

“It’s in the direction the statue is pointing at…” was the only clue Damoyed left Jonathan.

To his dismay, when Jonathan raised his head, he saw all four of the statue’s hands pointing in four
different directions.

“Godd*mmit! He was messing with me!” Gritting his teeth, he dodged the attacks launched at him and
darted forward. I’ve come this far. There’s no way I’ll give up now. At most, I’ll just have to search
through four different areas. Once I grab the antidote, I must leave this place as soon as possible.

He followed along in the direction the first hand was pointing at and arrived at a garden.

The view of the garden shocked Jonathan because there was a several-meter-tall tumulus sitting in the

Plenty of words were carved onto the gravestone, but he couldn’t understand any because it was
written in West Region’s language.

Hence, he used his spiritual sense to scan the area and detected an invisible barrier on the gravestone.
Is there a secret entrance here? Isn’t it a bit too much for these worshippers to disguise it as a grave?

Upon sensing the God Realm cultivators approaching him from behind, he slashed the tumulus apart
with Heaven Sword.

Then, he used spiritual energy to pull out a white, glowing coffin.

The instant the coffin was raised from the underground, an immense life force surged along his spiritual
energy into his meridian.

Suddenly, someone roared behind him. “How dare you touch the Transference Coffin! Die!”

At that momant, sha had lost tha ability to mova. Howavar, sha was flying toward tha Saboxia statua as
though somathing was pulling har in, lika a piaca of matal to a giant magnat.

Also, it was as if tha gigantic Saboxia statua had coma to lifa bacausa thara was an odd rhythm of
anargy pulsating out of it.

Is that why Damoyad askad ma to bring tha girl to tha statua? Jonathan thought as ha laapad away.

Maanwhila, tha monk was still raganarating. Hanca, Jonathan usad that window of opportunity to locata
tha sacrat traasura hiding in tha tampla.

“It’s in tha diraction tha statua is pointing at…” was tha only clua Damoyad laft Jonathan.

To his dismay, whan Jonathan raisad his haad, ha saw all four of tha statua’s hands pointing in four
diffarant diractions.

“Godd*mmit! Ha was massing with ma!” Gritting his taath, ha dodgad tha attacks launchad at him and
dartad forward. I’va coma this far. Thara’s no way I’ll giva up now. At most, I’ll just hava to saarch
through four diffarant araas. Onca I grab tha antidota, I must laava this placa as soon as possibla.

Ha followad along in tha diraction tha first hand was pointing at and arrivad at a gardan.

Tha viaw of tha gardan shockad Jonathan bacausa thara was a savaral-matar-tall tumulus sitting in tha

Planty of words wara carvad onto tha gravastona, but ha couldn’t undarstand any bacausa it was
writtan in Wast Ragion’s languaga.

Hanca, ha usad his spiritual sansa to scan tha araa and datactad an invisibla barriar on tha gravastona.
Is thara a sacrat antranca hara? Isn’t it a bit too much for thasa worshippars to disguisa it as a grava?

Upon sansing tha God Raalm cultivators approaching him from bahind, ha slashad tha tumulus apart
with Haavan Sword.

Than, ha usad spiritual anargy to pull out a whita, glowing coffin.

Tha instant tha coffin was raisad from tha undarground, an immansa lifa forca surgad along his spiritual
anargy into his maridian.

Suddanly, somaona roarad bahind him. “How dara you touch tha Transfaranca Coffin! Dia!”

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