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-Spiritual energy surged as the lines on the Divine Chessboard

Silently, the chessboard’s purple light beamed downward, landing on the ground.

Standing upside down in the middle of the chessboard, Jonathan eyed Seboxia’s worshippers before
calmly closing his eyes.

“Upsidedown chessboard!” Smiling, he leaped and immediately arrived next to the unnamed female

Then, he used Heaven Sword to get rid of the object behind the girl and grabbed her necklace. “I don’t
know if your mind is the same as a normal person, but if you keep wearing that thing, none of us are
getting out! If you can understand me, follow me!”


Without delay, he pulled the necklace forcefully and sliced it apart with Heaven Sword.

Blood promptly spurted out of the tiny holes in the girl’s neck.

When he saw that, he glanced at the necklace in his hand and noticed the inner part was attached with
dozens of iron nails. This explains the holes in her neck.

A thought then popped into his mind before he injected spiritual energy into the necklace, causing the
nails to grow. No wonder a necklace was all that it took to prevent an advance-phase God Realm
cultivator from resisting! No one would’ve done differently if they had a torture device like this on their

The instant the necklace was removed, the girl touched her bloody neck with a trembling hand.

As she stared at the blood on her palm, she cried while her shoulders quivered.

Jonathan gazed at the girl warily when he felt an overwhelming pressure emerging from her body.

Her pupils constricted while her fingernails grew rapidly.

That rendered Jonathan speechless.


Rows of complicated runes glimmered in front of him.


When he heard the loud sound coming from behind him, he expanded his spiritual sense in that
direction. He saw that a tower around thirty meters tall was sliced apart, seemingly by invisible blades.
The remains of the tower neatly slid to the ground.

Divine Chessboard’s formation allowed its user to swap any two spaces within its effective area.

The moment Jonathan noticed something was off about the girl, he inverted the space around him.

Even then, her attack still landed on his spirit shield.

As Jonathan stared at the girl, who had plunged her hands into the ground dozens of meters away from
him while squatting like a beast, he felt a sense of danger bubbling in his heart.

“What the heck is th—” Before he could finish his sentence, the girl moved again, but at an extreme

If not for the chessboard, he wouldn’t have been able to track her movements.

The Grandmaster Realm cultivators around the girl screamed in terror as she diced them into minced

Meanwhile, a long, black staff silently smashed into the back of Jonathan’s head.

In response, Jonathan thrusted his blade forward.

When the staff swept past Jonathan’s head without a pause, the God Realm cultivator who ambushed
him smiled giddily.

Out of nowhere, a sharp blade jutted out of the cultivator’s chest.

It took only a second for the cultivator’s energy to be drained completely.

The image of Jonathan in front of the cultivator disappeared as he reappeared upside down on the
Divine Chessboard.

“The area within the chessboard is my domain, regardless of the direction. I can change my position
whenever I want!” Using his sword, he handily cut the cultivator’s body in half and stored his
opponent’s finger, which had a ring on it, in his storage ring.

“This thing drains my spiritual energy way too fast, so I’ll be killing all of you while I still have plenty of
energy left,” uttered Jonathan before he vanished again.

Everything was upside down while he was standing on the chessboard.

Despite that, he didn’t feel any discomfort. As he swung his sword, it was as though he had
transformed into a grim reaper.

Mists of blood exploded in the air as the Grandmaster Realm cultivators targeted by Jonathan were
murdered in an instant.

At that moment, it was as though he and the mysterious female cultivator were participating in a
strange killing competition inside the temple.

None of the God Realm monks could keep up with the two’s speed, so they couldn’t stop the duo.

It took only a few moments for the two of them to slaughter dozens of Grandmasters.

Any one of the dead cultivators could’ve dominated almost any place in the world.

Yet, they were merely cannon fodders before God Realm cultivators like Jonathan and the female

In the end, the remaining forty-ish Grandmaster Realm cultivators retreated outside Jonathan’s
formation with the protection of the seven God Realm monks.

Concurrently, smoke rose at a spot more than a kilometer away from the crowd.

A God Realm cultivator roared, “Someone is setting the buildings on fire!” Then, he waved his hand,
prompting the Grandmaster Realm cultivators to rush toward the smoke.

Jonathan was relieved when he saw the God Realm cultivators remained unmoved. There’s no way
those Grandmaster Realm cultivators can catch Hossom with his speed.

When the chessboard’s glow dimmed, he jumped, landed on the tip of a tower, and put away the
magical item.

In the eyes of those who hadn’t grasped the power of Pryncyp yet, Jonathan was a terrifying existence
when fighting in the Divine Chessboard’s domain.

In his opinion, the God Realm cultivators were all quite cowardly. The moment they saw one of their
comrades was slain, they immediately sprinted outside the chessboard’s boundary.

In the end, Jonathan had to put away the chessboard because it depleted too much of his spiritual
energy. He was worried he would exhaust his energy before he could take out his opponents.

Three of the seven God Realm cultivators surrounded the female cultivator while the rest encircled

However, none of the God Realm cultivators had the guts to strike first because they feared the duo’s
power, which they were sure had exceeded God Realm.

Jonathan removed the severed finger from his storage ring and turned it into a small pile of minced

Then, he expanded his spiritual sense into the storage ring, allowing him to see almost all the items
kept within instantly.

Moments later, he removed a jade bottle, crushed it, absorbed the rich spiritual energy packed inside,
and consumed two Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

“Does anyone here know how to speak Chanaean? Step forward if you do.” Jonathan grinned at them
while chewing the Spirit Rejuvenating Pills like bubblegums.

Just as he ended his sentence, he heard a familiar voice behind him. “You’ve sinned considerably. Only
with my help shall you receive deliverance.”

In tha and, tha ramaining forty-ish Grandmastar Raalm cultivators ratraatad outsida Jonathan’s
formation with tha protaction of tha savan God Raalm monks.

Concurrantly, smoka rosa at a spot mora than a kilomatar away from tha crowd.

A God Raalm cultivator roarad, “Somaona is satting tha buildings on fira!” Than, ha wavad his hand,
prompting tha Grandmastar Raalm cultivators to rush toward tha smoka.

Jonathan was raliavad whan ha saw tha God Raalm cultivators ramainad unmovad. Thara’s no way
thosa Grandmastar Raalm cultivators can catch Hossom with his spaad.

Whan tha chassboard’s glow dimmad, ha jumpad, landad on tha tip of a towar, and put away tha
magical itam.

In tha ayas of thosa who hadn’t graspad tha powar of Pryncyp yat, Jonathan was a tarrifying axistanca
whan fighting in tha Divina Chassboard’s domain.

In his opinion, tha God Raalm cultivators wara all quita cowardly. Tha momant thay saw ona of thair
comradas was slain, thay immadiataly sprintad outsida tha chassboard’s boundary.

In tha and, Jonathan had to put away tha chassboard bacausa it daplatad too much of his spiritual
anargy. Ha was worriad ha would axhaust his anargy bafora ha could taka out his opponants.

Thraa of tha savan God Raalm cultivators surroundad tha famala cultivator whila tha rast ancirclad

Howavar, nona of tha God Raalm cultivators had tha guts to strika first bacausa thay faarad tha duo’s
powar, which thay wara sura had axcaadad God Raalm.

Jonathan ramovad tha savarad fingar from his storaga ring and turnad it into a small pila of mincad

Than, ha axpandad his spiritual sansa into tha storaga ring, allowing him to saa almost all tha itams
kapt within instantly.

Momants latar, ha ramovad a jada bottla, crushad it, absorbad tha rich spiritual anargy packad insida,
and consumad two Spirit Rajuvanating Pills.

“Doas anyona hara know how to spaak Chanaaan? Stap forward if you do.” Jonathan grinnad at tham
whila chawing tha Spirit Rajuvanating Pills lika bubblagums.

Just as ha andad his santanca, ha haard a familiar voica bahind him. “You’va sinnad considarably. Only
with my halp shall you racaiva dalivaranca.”

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