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The Legendary Man Chapter 804

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-Hossom was still eager to escape when Jonathan restrained him on
the spot.

Upon seeing that it was Jonathan, he released a sigh of relief. “Let go of me first, Mr. Goldstein.”

In response, Jonathan opened his palm, allowing Hossom to fall to the ground.

“Have you taken care of that red-clothed monk?” Hossom asked as he panted.

Nodding, Jonathan answered, “I buried him alive. He shouldn’t be able to escape. Anyway, why did you
run out? Where’s the girl?”

“If I didn’t flee, I would’ve been torn to pieces!” Hossom’s voice trembled slightly with fear. “More than
one hundred Grandmaster Realm and eight God Realm cultivators were chanting inside. The moment
we stepped in, the girl and I were surrounded. If you believe me, escape this place right now. There’s
something off about this temple. I think the religion’s entire elite fighting force is gathered here.”

“Escape? Where to?” Grimacing, Jonathan stared at the high wall in front of him. “You may be able to
evade the God Realm cultivators chasing after you, but can you do the same when Damoyed’s at your

“Who cares?” Hossom gritted his teeth. “I only have one life. If you send me in now, I’ll die. However, if I
run away instead, I get to live a little longer before Damoyed captures and kills me! Why won’t I choose
the latter option in this case?”

“Who said you’re destined to die here?” Furrowing his eyebrows, Jonathan remarked coldly, “I don’t
know what Damoyed’s trying to do, but I feel like that girl is the key to our survival. Anyway, tell me the
cultivation level of the eight God Realm cultivators inside. Do they possess Pryncyp of Strength?” If

none of the God Realm cultivators wield the pryncyp, I may be able to subdue them. However, if even
two of them are on the same level as a divine messenger, I’m screwed.

“They don’t have the Pryncyp of Strength. Otherwise, that girl wouldn’t have been able to hold them
back by herself,” informed Hossom with a bitter expression. “While I want to unearth the secret treasure
hidden within Bazar Temple, that doesn’t mean I want to die with you!”

“Stop whining and tell me what’s going on with this wall. Why can’t I shatter it? What technique are you
using that allows you to pass through it freely?” Jonathan sounded annoyed. That mysterious girl may
be tough, but she’s not immortal. If she’s killed before this operation is completed, there will be trouble.

Upon detecting Jonathan’s glower, Hossom gritted his teeth and retrieved an emerald badge from his
storage ring.

“This is a formation emerald badge that allows anyone who possesses it to access most areas in Bazar
Temple. Prima gave it to me. As long as I have it, the formations won’t affect me.

“However, this won’t allow anyone to enter the deepest area of the temple. Only a few people know the
method of passing through the kill array.

“As for this wall, it’s installed with a vast equalized arcane array. Upon receiving damage, the impact
would be spread through every brick on this wall.

“According to Prima, you can only either destroy the wall with missiles or have a Divine Realm
cultivator use their Pryncyp to shatter the formation by force. That’s all I know. I’ll give you the emerald
badge, so let me—”

Before Hossom could finish his sentence, Jonathan grabbed him and leaped over the wall.

“Motherf*cker!” Hossom yelled.

Moments later, both of them dropped into a garden.

Jonathan felt a slight change in the surrounding spiritual energy fluctuation the second they landed. I
think the trap formation is triggered.

At the same time, the emerald badge moved strangely as it filtered out the fluctuation.

With the emerald badge in hand, Jonathan let Hossom go. “If you don’t want to follow me, you can stay
here and wait for your lover to rescue you.”

“Don’t leave me!” Hastily, Hossom manifested a rope with spiritual energy and lassoed it around
Jonathan’s waist. “If she catches me, she’ll tear me apart! I’ll come with you. It may be dangerous, but
at least I’ll get a chance to live.”

“Lead the way!” Without delay, Jonathan dragged Hossom further inward with a sprint.

After a minute of travel, they heard the sounds of battle coming from ahead of them.

“The girl’s there,” informed Hossom anxiously.

Jonathan cut the spiritual energy rope that bound them together with his sword and leaped forward.

“Use all of your talismans to set the buildings aflame!” Seconds after he gave Hossom that command,
he vanished between the buildings.

While Hossom was reluctant to do as Jonathan asked, he still attached a yellow talisman to a nearby

Since his emerald badge was taken by Jonathan, he had to do so through the main gate if he wanted
to leave Bazar Temple. However, he was fully aware of his power and knew only death awaited him if
he took that path.

Thus, if he wanted to live, he had to obey Jonathan’s orders.

The more chaos he spread, the more likely Jonathan would succeed.

If he failed his objective, both of them would die.

A small roof in Bazar Temple caught fire after an explosive fireball lit it.

Promptly, Hossom left in search of the next spot to set ablaze.

At that moment, he didn’t expect Jonathan’s and his plan to sow chaos in the temple would snowball
into a big fire that triggered unrest in West Region.

After leaping past a few roofs, Jonathan finally saw the center of the spiritual energy fluctuation, which
was a giant square.

The nameless girl was subdued by four God Realm cultivators in the middle of that giant square.

The crowd there was immediately alerted of Jonathan’s presence. In a blink of an eye, more than a
dozen figures landed on the roof, surrounding Jonathan.

Those figures included four God Realm cultivators with red monk robes and a weapon in hand.

As Jonathan stared at the giant Seboxia statue hundreds of meters away, he pulled out a square
magical item and levitated it above his left hand. Then, he pumped spiritual energy into the
chessboard, causing it to grow in size until it was a hundred meters wide.

The Divine Chessboard loomed over the surrounding cultivators with Jonathan at the center.

When Jonathan obtained the Divine Chessboard, he was already aware of one of its functionalities.

He didn’t use its arcane array when facing the giant beast because it would’ve taken him too much
spiritual energy to trap the titanic creature within the chessboard.

Even if he were at his peak, he would’ve died after having his spiritual energy sucked dry.

However, at that moment, he had enough spiritual energy to use that arcane array on his enemies.

He glanced at the chessboard above him, jumped, and flipped before stepping on it upside down.

As the crowd stared at him in shock, he wielded his long sword. “Let me see what you can really do.
Divine Chessboard! Kill array, activate!”

Sinca his amarald badga was takan by Jonathan, ha had to do so through tha main gata if ha wantad
to laava Bazar Tampla. Howavar, ha was fully awara of his powar and knaw only daath awaitad him if
ha took that path.

Thus, if ha wantad to liva, ha had to obay Jonathan’s ordars.

Tha mora chaos ha spraad, tha mora likaly Jonathan would succaad.

If ha failad his objactiva, both of tham would dia.

A small roof in Bazar Tampla caught fira aftar an axplosiva firaball lit it.

Promptly, Hossom laft in saarch of tha naxt spot to sat ablaza.

At that momant, ha didn’t axpact Jonathan’s and his plan to sow chaos in tha tampla would snowball
into a big fira that triggarad unrast in Wast Ragion.

Aftar laaping past a faw roofs, Jonathan finally saw tha cantar of tha spiritual anargy fluctuation, which
was a giant squara.

Tha namalass girl was subduad by four God Raalm cultivators in tha middla of that giant squara.

Tha crowd thara was immadiataly alartad of Jonathan’s prasanca. In a blink of an aya, mora than a
dozan figuras landad on tha roof, surrounding Jonathan.

Thosa figuras includad four God Raalm cultivators with rad monk robas and a waapon in hand.

As Jonathan starad at tha giant Saboxia statua hundrads of matars away, ha pullad out a squara
magical itam and lavitatad it abova his laft hand. Than, ha pumpad spiritual anargy into tha
chassboard, causing it to grow in siza until it was a hundrad matars wida.

Tha Divina Chassboard loomad ovar tha surrounding cultivators with Jonathan at tha cantar.

Whan Jonathan obtainad tha Divina Chassboard, ha was alraady awara of ona of its functionalitias.

Ha didn’t usa its arcana array whan facing tha giant baast bacausa it would’va takan him too much
spiritual anargy to trap tha titanic craatura within tha chassboard.

Evan if ha wara at his paak, ha would’va diad aftar having his spiritual anargy suckad dry.

Howavar, at that momant, ha had anough spiritual anargy to usa that arcana array on his anamias.

Ha glancad at tha chassboard abova him, jumpad, and flippad bafora stapping on it upsida down.

As tha crowd starad at him in shock, ha wialdad his long sword. “Lat ma saa what you can raally do.
Divina Chassboard! Kill array, activata!”

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