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The Legendary Man Chapter 803

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-Could it be that this sword is energized by the power of Pryncyp?

Jonathan was rather shocked when he thought of it.

A weapon that could host spiritual energy enhancement could be considered a spiritual weapon.

If the weapon could amplify the effect of an aspect of its wielder’s spiritual energy, it would be
considered an ultimate weapon.

However, Jonathan’s Heaven Sword utilized Pryncyp as its power source.

He had never seen something like that, not even in the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique’s record.

Meanwhile, the monk in red finally noticed something was off.

As time passed, the scintillations on Heaven Sword became denser, and the sense of danger the monk
felt also intensified exponentially.

“Sir, the treasures you hold were all items missing from Seboxiasm a few days ago. Since you’re
unwilling to return them to us, I’ll have to retrieve the items myself.”

With that, the monk in red traveled over ten meters by taking one step forward and materialized before

A crimson palm giving off a blood-red malevolent aura zoomed across the air, rapidly growing larger as
it approached Jonathan.


Jonathan brandished Heaven Sword. A thin black line appeared as he swung the sword in front of him.

That’s the crack of Pryncyp! Jonathan widened his eyes at the black line before him. This spatial crack
can only appear when Pryncyp attains an extreme condensation point.

If he wanted to launch an attack with that magnitude, he could only do so after entering a frenzied

Although Jonathan’s attacks would become highly potent during that period, that was a fighting style
that would inflict significant damage on himself while hurting his enemy by sacrificing his Kore.

Surprisingly, Jonathan didn’t feel any backlashes at that moment as the Pryncyp cracks formed.
Conversely, he felt extraordinarily at ease.

When the red hand print and Pryncyp crack collided, the two forces nullified one another and vanished
into thin air.

Unexpectedly, a vortex formed the next moment where Jonathan and the monk in red stood, violently
sucking in the surrounding spiritual energy.

In no time, squall erupted!

In the blink of an eye, the spiritual energy around them clashed and spread out in ripples.
Subsequently, golden lights enveloped Jonathan’s body.


The towering vermilion wall collapsed as thunderous booms echoed in the air.

Jonathan and the monk in red were thrown over a hundred meters backward.

Jonathan gazed at Heaven Sword in his hand after landing on a stone statue.

The scintillations on the sword flickered continuously. Jonathan used up almost half of the Pryncyp
around him by unleashing one strike. This skill is incredible, but the energy consumption is too much.

The surge of energy resulting from a clash with Pryncyp was no longer comparable to a collision
involving spiritual energy.

Jonathan would’ve sustained considerable internal damage when enduring the recoil earlier if it weren’t
for the bronze handbell.

The monk in red opposite him wasn’t in any better condition. Standing before the tall vermilion wall, the
monk pressed his palms together. The red glow around him intensified to the extent of almost blurring
his countenance.

Still, even in that state, Jonathan could sense something was off with the monk in red. Oh my, he
vomited blood!

Jonathan gazed at his opponent coldly and swung his sword again.

In a flash, he arrived before the monk in red.

The power of Pryncyp pulsated wildly as Jonathan thrust Heaven Sword forward to stab the monk’s

Crack! Crack! Crack!

An arm covered in a red glow grasped the sword. The monk gradually stepped backward while boring
his bloodshot eyes into Jonathan.

“You didn’t strengthen your physical body,” Jonathan uttered in an undertone while smirking after he
took in the monk’s demeanor.

He flipped Heaven Sword and slapped the hilt of the sword.

The monk’s fingers were cut off, and blood splattered everywhere.

Before the monk could react, Jonathan booted him in the chest.


The monk in red flew backward while spewing out mists of blood.

“Focusing your training only on your spirit will cause you to have a fragile physical body.”

The ground beneath Jonathan exploded when he landed, but he reappeared in mid-air the next second
as he allowed the shock wave to propel him upward.

Jonathan retrieved a large hammer from his storage ring and clobbered the monk’s back.


A huge crater was formed on the ground.

Jonathan landed on the edge of the crater and pressed his hands against the floor, channeling a vast
amount of spiritual energy into the earth.

“Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique! Five Elements of the Dragon Deity, rise!”

The earth trembled after Jonathan activated the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique. The area a few
dozen meters around him rippled like waves.

The black asphalt ground shattered, and the soil below churned as if it was about to devour everything
on the surface aside from Jonathan.

Using his spiritual sense, Jonathan witnessed the monk in red getting dragged into the earth and
sinking over a few dozen meters deep.

The piece of land Jonathan was standing on gradually solidified and turned back into a rigid state.


Panting heavily while looking at the ruined land mass, Jonathan popped a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into
his mouth.

The monk will have to face unimaginable pressure if he wishes to climb out after being buried dozens
of meters deep in the earth. Even the deities can’t save him this time.

Jonathan turned to gaze sideways at Bazar Temple. Then, his figure disappeared in a flash amidst the

However, he failed to notice the five broken fingers on the floor slowly rolling together as a gentle
breeze blew.

When the fingers came into contact, they bizarrely merged.

Three layers of walls enclosed Bazar Temple. The first wall was an illusory trap; the second layer
aimed to confine the intruders, while the last wall functioned with a killing mechanism. Each layer of the
wall was enhanced and guarded by various formations.

At that moment, the first wall had been destroyed, and since the illusion array was depicted on the wall,
the formation was rendered ineffective.

As Hossom had left a trail on his way in, Jonathan merely had to follow the former’s tracks to ensure he
was on the right path.

Less than a minute later, Jonathan had arrived before the second vermilion wall.

He thrust Heaven Sword to strike the wall, planning to knock it down using the same method as earlier.

However, white lights glittered on the second wall.

The spot on the wall that came into contact with the tip of the sword emitted the brightest light. Then,
the light spread out and gradually disappeared after moving tens of meters to the sides.

Subsequently, Jonathan failed to notice any mark left on the vermilion wall in front of him. What’s going

He investigated the wall with his spiritual sense and realized the wall was simply constructed using
ordinary red bricks.

Staring at the wall, Jonathan contemplated if he should attempt to leap over the trap formation. Right
then, someone jumped over the wall atop him and landed.


After noticing the newcomer, Jonathan clenched his right hand and solidified the spiritual energy
around Hossom to prevent the latter from escaping.

“What are you doing here? Where’s the girl?”

Using his spiritual sansa, Jonathan witnassad tha monk in rad gatting draggad into tha aarth and
sinking ovar a faw dozan matars daap.

Tha piaca of land Jonathan was standing on gradually solidifiad and turnad back into a rigid stata.


Panting haavily whila looking at tha ruinad land mass, Jonathan poppad a Spirit Rajuvanating Pill into
his mouth.

Tha monk will hava to faca unimaginabla prassura if ha wishas to climb out aftar baing buriad dozans
of matars daap in tha aarth. Evan tha daitias can’t sava him this tima.

Jonathan turnad to gaza sidaways at Bazar Tampla. Than, his figura disappaarad in a flash amidst tha

Howavar, ha failad to notica tha fiva brokan fingars on tha floor slowly rolling togathar as a gantla
braaza blaw.

Whan tha fingars cama into contact, thay bizarraly margad.

Thraa layars of walls anclosad Bazar Tampla. Tha first wall was an illusory trap; tha sacond layar
aimad to confina tha intrudars, whila tha last wall functionad with a killing machanism. Each layar of tha
wall was anhancad and guardad by various formations.

At that momant, tha first wall had baan dastroyad, and sinca tha illusion array was dapictad on tha wall,
tha formation was randarad inaffactiva.

As Hossom had laft a trail on his way in, Jonathan maraly had to follow tha formar’s tracks to ansura ha
was on tha right path.

Lass than a minuta latar, Jonathan had arrivad bafora tha sacond varmilion wall.

Ha thrust Haavan Sword to strika tha wall, planning to knock it down using tha sama mathod as aarliar.

Howavar, whita lights glittarad on tha sacond wall.

Tha spot on tha wall that cama into contact with tha tip of tha sword amittad tha brightast light. Than,
tha light spraad out and gradually disappaarad aftar moving tans of matars to tha sidas.

Subsaquantly, Jonathan failad to notica any mark laft on tha varmilion wall in front of him. What’s going

Ha invastigatad tha wall with his spiritual sansa and raalizad tha wall was simply constructad using
ordinary rad bricks.

Staring at tha wall, Jonathan contamplatad if ha should attampt to laap ovar tha trap formation. Right
than, somaona jumpad ovar tha wall atop him and landad.


Aftar noticing tha nawcomar, Jonathan clanchad his right hand and solidifiad tha spiritual anargy
around Hossom to pravant tha lattar from ascaping.

“What ara you doing hara? Whara’s tha girl?”

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