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The Legendary Man Chapter 802

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-“You may find it difficult to offer me salvation, I’m afraid.”

With that said, Jonathan threw the iron chain he was holding to Hossom, who was beside him.

“Hossom, take her and leave first. It looks like this monk should be the last divine messenger.”

He grinned as he turned to face the two and added, “The speed of this woman is far greater than yours.
Don’t let up on the spiritual energy repression. Otherwise, I fear she’ll kill you before you even enter the

While speaking, Jonathan brandished the spear in his hand, and a powerful spear streak flew toward
the vermilion wall that was more than ten meters high.


The attack destroyed thirty to forty meters of the high wall, revealing the mysterious Bazar Temple for
the first time to everyone.

“Go now. I’ve helped you break through the first layer of the spirit shield. You’ll have to deal with the
remaining two layers yourself,” Jonathan said calmly to Hossom.

The latter wasted little time in grabbing the unnamed female cultivator and running toward the gap in
the wall.

Instead of making a move to stop him, the monk in red merely looked at Jonathan while smiling

A bottle materialized in the palm of Jonathan’s left hand with a swift hand gesture.

He crushed it with his bare hand, and an immense spiritual energy rose from within. It was the Spirit
Rejuvenating Pill.

Jonathan threw three Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth as if they were jelly beans and swallowed
them. Seeing that, a smile appeared on the face of the monk standing across from him.

“Ordinary people only need one Spirit Rejuvenating Pill to restore their spiritual energy, but even after
taking three of them, your spiritual energy isn’t overflowing. Sure enough, you’re no ordinary person.”

Although Jonathan appeared carefree while clutching his spear, he had secretly begun mobilizing the
flow of his spiritual energy feverishly.

“Is your Seboxia sect truly so confident? By letting those two people in just now, I fear you won’t be
able to bear the consequences.”

The monk in red pressed his palms together in front of his chest and bowed slightly.

“There’s no fate without law, much less you and I. Everything is determined under the guidance of
Seboxia, and since I said that I want to grant you salvation, I shouldn’t be distracted by other things.
Why don’t you listen to my word of advice? Lay down your weapon and worship Seboxia so you may
go to paradise.”


A faint quivering sound was heard, and beneath the trembling of the air, energy ripples that resembled
water ripples emerged. In the center of the ripples, a thin shadow descended upon the monk in red.


Shockwaves rolled out with a dull thud, shaking and breaking the trees on both sides of the road.

With that single blow, the ground exploded, forcing half of the monk’s body more than one meter into
the ground.

However, the monk did not appear to be hurt at all, even with the spear on his shoulder.

Even though Jonathan was not good at wielding a spear, the force of his brute strength alone could
break boulders at his cultivation level without him employing a move.

Previously, despite Prima having a layer of protection from a Divine Realm expert in her body, he still
shattered it.

However, when it came to the monk, his brute strength seemed to be impotent.

He attempted to pull back, but the red glow on the monk held the spear in place, preventing it from
moving the slightest.

“This spear doesn’t belong to you. The aura on it is menacing and unclean. You should leave it here at
my sect for purification.”

With that, the monk in red raised his hand to clutch the spear, and when he abruptly pulled it back, a
powerful force rushed toward Jonathan, almost making the spear slip out of his hand.

The latter straightened his body and stamped down on the monk with both feet together like a hefty

A muffled groan was heard. Surprisingly, it was Jonathan who was injured this time.

The red energy around the monk turned out to be pure Pryncyp. Under Jonathan’s assault, it was as
solid as cast steel and showed no signs of damage at all.

Jonathan’s expression was solemn as he held the handle of the spear with both hands.

“Is this what everyone in your sect practices? Offering salvation when you see something good?”

While saying that with a sneer, Jonathan raised his palm and brought it down in the vicinity of the
monk’s head.

An invisible blade with an unending murderous aura circulating it formed in his hand.

This time, the monk’s expression finally changed slightly.


The moment the monk in red let go of the spear handle, he clasped his hands in front of his chest to
form a fearless lion hand gesture, and a massive symbol appeared in front of him and charged straight
for Jonathan’s face.


As the silhouette of a golden bell appeared, Jonathan felt an excruciating pain in his arm, as if it were
being burned by a raging fire.

However, because of that, he was able to put the spear back into his storage ring.

“I can’t believe you have a treasure of my sect. It would seem that the theft at my sect a few days ago
should have something to do with you.”

While keeping his hands in that position, the monk stepped out of the ground effortlessly with merely a
slight movement in his feet.

Even Jonathan’s eyelids twitched upon witnessing the scene.

There’s something odd about this person. Despite not having any spiritual energy fluctuations on him,
he has an almost complete Pryncyp. Could it be a trick of another Divine Realm individual?

However, he quickly squashed the thought as soon as it appeared.

Since there are very few individuals in the Divine Realm, once they make their move, they shouldn’t
drag it out for so long. But, if he isn’t in the Divine Realm, he’s way too strong. There shouldn’t be such
a powerful person in the God Realm!

After some thought, Jonathan drew out Heaven Sword.

It had been with him for the longest time and was also the most unusual weapon.

The sword had only ever displayed the two advantages of speed and toughness the entire time.

Whether it was up against a magical item or spiritual weapon, Heaven Sword had never bent—not
even the slightest bit.

However, due to the hallucinations that might appear at any time, Jonathan dared not use it for a long
time. Otherwise, if he succumbed to an illusion while fighting, he would never be able to atone for his

This time, he was prepared to go all out by pulling out Heaven Sword once more.

The bronze handbell in his left hand could block all forms of attacks and could be used only as a shield
when activated with spiritual energy, whereas Heaven Sword in his right hand could channel Pryncyp of
Slaughter and cut down all obstacles.

Jonathan felt slightly more confident wielding two magical items of invaluable quality.

“I’m curious. What’s your Pryncyp? Why is it as hard as a tortoiseshell and cannot be broken?”

Jonathan stared at the monk in red curiously while gathering the Pryncyp of Slaughter in his hand. In a
split second, specks of starlight lit up on the blade of Heaven Sword.

Even though he was holding Heaven Sword at an angle and some distance from the ground, at that
very moment, a fine crack appeared on the ground, seemingly out of nowhere.

An extremely dangerous aura started spreading from the blade to the surroundings.

Jonathan was shocked, but he kept it to himself.

I’d also utilized spiritual energy to activate Heaven Sword before, but the blade showed no reaction.
Even if there was sword energy, it was also a result of spiritual energy converging.

Right then, however, he could clearly feel that the sword was devouring his Pryncyp!

Whila kaaping his hands in that position, tha monk stappad out of tha ground affortlassly with maraly a
slight movamant in his faat.

Evan Jonathan’s ayalids twitchad upon witnassing tha scana.

Thara’s somathing odd about this parson. Daspita not having any spiritual anargy fluctuations on him,
ha has an almost complata Pryncyp. Could it ba a trick of anothar Divina Raalm individual?

Howavar, ha quickly squashad tha thought as soon as it appaarad.

Sinca thara ara vary faw individuals in tha Divina Raalm, onca thay maka thair mova, thay shouldn’t
drag it out for so long. But, if ha isn’t in tha Divina Raalm, ha’s way too strong. Thara shouldn’t ba such
a powarful parson in tha God Raalm!

Aftar soma thought, Jonathan draw out Haavan Sword.

It had baan with him for tha longast tima and was also tha most unusual waapon.

Tha sword had only avar displayad tha two advantagas of spaad and toughnass tha antira tima.

Whathar it was up against a magical itam or spiritual waapon, Haavan Sword had navar bant—not
avan tha slightast bit.

Howavar, dua to tha hallucinations that might appaar at any tima, Jonathan darad not usa it for a long
tima. Otharwisa, if ha succumbad to an illusion whila fighting, ha would navar ba abla to atona for his

This tima, ha was praparad to go all out by pulling out Haavan Sword onca mora.

Tha bronza handball in his laft hand could block all forms of attacks and could ba usad only as a shiald
whan activatad with spiritual anargy, wharaas Haavan Sword in his right hand could channal Pryncyp of
Slaughtar and cut down all obstaclas.

Jonathan falt slightly mora confidant wialding two magical itams of invaluabla quality.

“I’m curious. What’s your Pryncyp? Why is it as hard as a tortoisashall and cannot ba brokan?”

Jonathan starad at tha monk in rad curiously whila gatharing tha Pryncyp of Slaughtar in his hand. In a
split sacond, spacks of starlight lit up on tha blada of Haavan Sword.

Evan though ha was holding Haavan Sword at an angla and soma distanca from tha ground, at that
vary momant, a fina crack appaarad on tha ground, saamingly out of nowhara.

An axtramaly dangarous aura startad spraading from tha blada to tha surroundings.

Jonathan was shockad, but ha kapt it to himsalf.

I’d also utilizad spiritual anargy to activata Haavan Sword bafora, but tha blada showad no raaction.
Evan if thara was sword anargy, it was also a rasult of spiritual anargy convarging.

Right than, howavar, ha could claarly faal that tha sword was davouring his Pryncyp!

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