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The Legendary Man Chapter 801

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-“That’s impossible!” Before Jonathan could finish, Hossom leaped to
his feet and protested loudly, “Prima is only in the Grandmaster Realm. If she’s that capable, why did
she fall for my trick? That doesn’t make sense at all!”

Deep down, Hossom might scoff at Prima’s idea of eloping with him, but he had different feelings for
the very woman who “saved” him.

He refused to accept that she was capable of setting him up, given her professed adoration for him.

Anyone would react the same if they were in his shoes.

Jonathan kept his composure as he watched Hossom getting all emotional.

Regardless of what Hossom said, his faith in Prima had been irrevocably shattered, and he could not
bring himself to put his trust in her a second time.

“Prima isn’t the only one. The four divine messengers aren’t in the advanced phase of the God Realm.
In fact, they are halfway to Divine Realm and had mastered a part of the incomplete Pryncyp,”
Jonathan revealed calmly. “I only managed to escape as the old man, Damoyed is currently stalling the
three divine messengers.”

“Damoyed?” Hossom gazed at Jonathan in shock.

Unbeknownst to Jonathan, Damoyed was well-known in West Region as the founder of Damos. Damos
had millions of followers, and it was the second-largest religion in West Region.

“I’m surprised Damoyed is still alive.”

After learning Damoyed’s true identity from Hossom, Jonathan immediately grasped the significance of
the information.

“You’re saying that Damoyed is the founder of the second-largest religion?”

“Yes.” Hossom bobbed his head. “You can ask anyone from the West Region. Damos was founded
over one hundred years ago, so I assumed its founder had passed away.”

“Cultivators don’t die easily. There are plenty of old monsters alive in Chanaea’s eight prominent
families,” Jonathan revealed nonchalantly. “But if he’s the founder of a religion, then everything makes
sense. I believe they are both taking advantage of us, and the young lady is the reason why both
religions are at odds.”

A conflict between two religions or sects, especially in religions with a large number of believers like
Seboxiasm and Damos, could result in extremely serious consequences if not handled properly.

One most classic examples in Chanaea was Legend of the Gods, which was widely circulated among
ordinary folks.

It was known as the Great Tribulation in the cultivation world.

The conflict between the two religions, Interceptious and Elucidious, resulted in a large number of

Some even speculated that the battle had a lasting impact on the Earth and Heaven’s Kore that can
still be felt today.

Now, it was obvious that Damoyed wanted to take action on Seboxiasm’s higher-ups.

However, Jonathan had yet to figure out one thing.

Damoyed has already reached the pinnacle of the Divine Realm, so why did he not go to the Bazar
Temple himself? Why did he ask me to bring the young girl into the temple instead? What could be the

thing that could be dangerous to him, a cultivator in the Divine Realm, yet be defeated by a cultivator in
the middle phase of the God Realm like me?

Beside Jonathan, Hossom gave him a hesitant look.

Hossom may have been eager, but he lacked the experience and vision of Jonathan, who had been in
authority for a lengthy period.

Thus, he didn’t think much about the matter, unlike Jonathan.

All he knew was that Jonathan controlled his fate, and beyond the crimson walls was Bazar Temple, a
place he had longed to explore.

“Jonathan, there is still one divine messenger inside. Judging from the previous spiritual energy wave, I
believe this one is the most powerful of them all. What should we do?”

“We’ll barge in by force,” Jonathan answered calmly as he glanced at the expressionless young lady
beside him.

“I’ll handle the last divine messenger. Once we get engaged in a fight, you’ll head in to set fire to the
place to keep us both safe. Do you understand?” Jonathan looked straight into Hossom’s eyes.

Hossom said nothing, but a vicious look flashed across his eyes.

Entering Bazar Temple had always been his goal, but Jonathan used his name to threaten him,
prohibiting him to enter the temple. That was pretty annoying.

Jonathan retrieved his spear, ready to enter Bazar Temple.

His plan was simple—to bulldoze his way in.

The only way to attract the final divine messenger’s attention was to cause a huge commotion.

Just as Jonathan arrived at the bottom of the red walls, a monk wearing a crimson robe and bearing a
red mark on his forehead ambled towards him.

“Sir, this is Seboxia’s scared grounds. Your aura is too hostile, so please keep your spear.”

Jonathan craned his neck to take a look at the monk, who had a benevolent expression on his face.

Jonathan craned his neck to take a look at the monk, who had a benevolent expression on his face.

After covering the monk with his spiritual sense, he didn’t detect any spiritual energy within the monk.

“You can speak Chanaean?” he asked curiously.

Hossom, Amiel, and Vikas could all converse in the Chanaean language, though their pronunciations
were somewhat peculiar. Nevertheless, this monk was able to fluently express himself in Chanaean
without any odd accent.

The monk gave Jonathan a polite bow.

“Sir, I came from Chanaea but ended up here due to an unexpected incident. I was saved by Seboxia
who had taken pity on me. In order to repay the kindness, I decided to take up the life of a monk,
dedicating myself to spreading the doctrine of Seboxiasm to others.”

As he spoke, he extended his hand to clasp the chain which connected Jonathan and the young girl.


At the same time, Jonathan reached out to grasp the monk’s wrist.

“Sir, you can talk, but it isn’t right to take something that belongs to others,” he warned.

Jonathan’s grip on the monk’s wrist grew tighter, but to his surprise, the monk’s wrist remained
unmoved, as if it was made of steel. Not even a change in skin color was visible.

Jonathan was powerful enough to twist an iron rod, let alone a human’s hand.

Something’s wrong with this monk!

Without delay, Jonathan raised his right leg to kick the monk’s groin.


A muted thud reverberated through the air and the monk’s red robe glimmered, thwarting Jonathan’s
attempted attack.

The monk staggered backward for at least ten meters, leaving two deep grooves in the ground in his

“Sir, we are all equal. You shouldn’t keep this young lady in chains.”

Jonathan narrowed his eyes at the monk.

“If we’re all equals, why does Seboxia require its believers to kneel down before it? Does it looks down
on them?” he demanded.

“The believers have been blessed by Seboxia, and they willingly bow to it. Seboxia didn’t ask us to bow
to it.”

A red mist surrounded the monk as he strode over to Jonathan.

“Sir, you have sinned deeply. Let me grant you salvation so you can get rid of your sins…”

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