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The Legendary Man Chapter 799

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Jonathan’s expression changed drastically when he felt the tremendous strength coming from his hand.

That b*stard, Hossom, has set me up.

As he somersaulted in retreat, Jonathan’s first thought was that Hossom had tricked him.

When he previously asked Hossom about Prima’s strength, Hossom told him that Prima was merely in
the advanced phase of the Grandmaster Realm.

The explanation made sense. Otherwise, Hossom—given his cultivation level—wouldn’t have been
able to play the role of the knight in shining armor back then.

But now, Prima was able to intercept Jonathan’s spear with only one hand.

Even though Jonathan didn’t strike with full strength, the way she easily handled his attack came as a
rude awakening.

Moreover, he didn’t detect any signs of spiritual energy movement after scanning her with his spiritual

Is she a f*cking ancient beast?

A grim look surfaced in Jonathan’s eyes as he landed on a bus nearby.

Suddenly, a series of loud noises rang out as Laqar clumsily charged out of the ruins.

“A sneak attack? Chanaeans are truly devious.”

Laqar scowled at Jonathan.

The sudden spiritual sense attack earlier had wreaked havoc upon his mind. If Jonathan had followed
up with another attack, Laqar would have been eliminated.

Although Laqar had desperately tried to calm his spiritual sense, he still suffered a terrible internal
injury from the impact earlier.

Meanwhile, the female cultivator who was bound by metal chains had bitten off the arteries of the last
Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

Hence, the only ones left on the battlefield were those of God Realm and above.

At that moment, a pungent stench of blood filled the air.

“Kaga, what’s with Prima?” Jonathan barked into his earpiece.

He had based his plans on the intelligence he received earlier.

According to the information, he planned to lure the four divine messengers out of Bazar Temple by
threatening them with Prima’s life.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Prima’s cultivation level was extremely high. Even if Jonathan went all
out, he would still not be a threat to her.

As a result, his plan to lure the remaining three divine messengers out had been foiled.

With them inside, Hossom would not have the opportunity to infiltrate the temple to carry out his

Jonathan would consequently have no way of controlling Prima if he couldn’t start a fire at the back of
the temple.

That would prevent him from obtaining the antidote, causing the entire plan to fail.

“Die, Jonathan!” Laqar roared as he bore down on Jonathan in a flash.

As soon as his afterimage streaked by, Laqar was knocked out of the way by a different afterimage.

Amidst the clanging of chains, Jonathan was shocked to see that it was the nameless girl.

She had sent Laqar flying back into the ruins with a single punch.

However, the punch did no damage to Laqar, who was close to achieving Divine Realm.

Hence, he instantly sprang back out of the ruins and charged at the girl.


As the thundering rumble shattered the building windows on both sides of the street, Jonathan evaded
the shockwave by leaping into the air.

Upon landing on the ground, his body was already fully clad with scales.

Underneath his armor, Jonathan’s reddened face continuously emitted a bloody mist, while his body
exuded a murderous aura.

He had no choice but to burn his vitality to ensure the success of his plan.

Prior to that, Jonathan had assumed he could subdue Prima easily. Now that his assumptions had
been proven wrong, he knew the antidote would be out of reach if he didn’t unleash his trump card.

“Prima, I presume?”

Jonathan grinned at her, his eyes brimming with murderous intent.

From the moment he tried to strike Prima, he could sense someone nearby locking onto his physical

He felt as if he was standing at the edge of a precipice, in danger of falling into a bottomless abyss at
any time.

The only person who was capable of giving him that feeling was the old man from the day before.

Is he watching the battle?

Although Jonathan had his spear pointed at Prima’s forehead, he was distracted by the turbulent
thoughts in his mind.

Yesterday, the old man had declared that he would help subdue the four divine messengers of
Seboxiasm but was currently nowhere to be seen.

Is he not satisfied with what I’m doing now?

With that thought in mind, Jonathan cast away his hesitation and swung the spear in his hand, aiming it
right at Prima’s face.

“Insolence,” she snapped. Her hands began to glow with a gentle white light as she attempted to
intercept his spear.


With a twist of his wrist, Jonathan’s black spear spun and changed its direction toward Prima’s chest


An explosive screech rang out as Prima used her bare hands to slap the spear aside.


An explosive screech rang out as Prima used her bare hands to slap the spear aside.

When the spear brushed past Prima’s fringes, Jonathan crashed into her due to his momentum.

Elbows tightened!

Extending his right leg, Jonathan landed on the ground.

Channel my energy and stabilize my legs.

Upon concentrating all his power into the tip of his elbow, Jonathan unleashed a devastating elbow


With a murderous look in his obsidian eyes, he shouted out a mantra to distort Prima’s spiritual sense.
At the same time, the energy he was gathering had reached its climax.


His explosive aura caused the ground beneath his feet to crack, while the resulting shockwave flipped
the surrounding cars over, sending them flying.

Up in the sky, Prima spewed a mouthful of blood as she, too, was sent flying by the impact.

Even though she had blocked Jonathan’s attack by crossing her arms in front of her chest, the massive
force he unleashed simply overwhelmed her.

As the scales covering him began to fade, Jonathan’s flaming red body underneath was revealed.

Although burning his vitality to form the scales unique to the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique allowed
Jonathan to significantly increase his attack and defense, using them for an extended period of time
would exhaust his Kore.

Jonathan dared not maintain such a condition for a long time.

Despite exhibiting a cultivation level that was significantly higher than that of God Realm, Prima was
still ultimately defeated by Jonathan’s savage technique.

Strangely, after Jonathan managed to strike back, Prima’s spiritual energy waves rapidly declined.
Within the duration of seconds, she was reduced to the cultivation level of a beginner phase

It seems that some sort of restriction must have been placed on Prima by a Divine Realm cultivator,
just like how it was when I wanted to kill Antoine at River Onxy.

Back then, Ivanov had projected a clone of himself into Antoine’s body to stop Jonathan.

Different from the situation back then, someone merely transferred a part of their power into Prima’s

It’s just as I expected. I have walked into a showdown between two Divine Realm cultivators. Dorian,
oh Dorian, I might lose my life here because of you.

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