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The Legendary Man Chapter 797

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-The look on Jonathan’s face turned gloomy when he realized
someone was spying on him.

While it was possible for him to cover a radius of up to a few hundred meters with his spiritual sense, to
do so would require a huge amount of energy.

As powerful as Jonathan may be, it simply wasn’t possible for him to scan his surroundings all the time.

Anyone who had set up an arcane array in advance to conceal their aura would be able to avoid
detection as long as there weren’t any spiritual energy fluctuations.

So, this is how they managed to listen in on my conversation with Hossom yesterday… I may not be a
professional espionage agent, but I do know a thing or two about the tactics they use to gather
information. That room is only dozens of meters away, so they could easily eavesdrop on us with the
use of some high-tech equipment. I wonder if the people in that room are on that elderly man’s side or
Kaga’s… Kaga may have claimed to be on my side, but we’re in the West Region right now. If she can
sell me information on other people, she could easily sell my information to others as well. That’s why I
can’t trust Hossom fully either.

With that in mind, Jonathan turned to look at the girl standing next to him.

She had both her hands on the windowsill and her mouth open slightly, baring her canines as she
growled at the window in the distance.

Had Jonathan not kept her suppressed by holding on to the chain, she probably would’ve jumped out
the window and attacked those people spying on them.

I thought I was careful, but this girl is a lot more alert and aware than I am. Is she even human? A
Divine Realm cultivator, who has kept a girl as wild as a beast, wants me to bring her into Bazar

Temple. Is there some kind of secret that I’m unaware of here?

As he increased the amount of spiritual energy in his hand, an electrical wave formed on the chain and
caused the hostility in the girl’s eyes to disappear.

In just a matter of seconds, the girl had gone back to her zombie-like state with a blank look on her

Jonathan brought the girl back to the table and rang the bronze handbell above her head, causing a
golden light to envelop the two of them completely.

That bronze handbell could block out mental energy, so he figured it would have no issue blocking out
surveillance equipment as well.

The moment Jonathan activated the bronze handbell, the red silhouettes of himself and the girl
disappeared on Kaga’s screen in a hotel room dozens of meters away.

“We’re unable to detect them via thermal imaging, and we can’t hear them either. This guy sure has
some fancy tricks up his sleeve.”

There were two Grandmaster Realm cultivators standing next to Kaga with their arms behind their

“Should we continue spying on him, Ms. Kaga?” one of them asked.

Kaga waved at him with a smile. “No. Jonathan must know what needs to be done if he hasn’t taken
any action after discovering us. God-King won’t blame us if we leave now.”

“Understood,” said the two Grandmaster Realm cultivators with a respectful bow.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was staring blankly at the talisman on his desk.

He was halfway done with it when the girl dragged him to the window earlier.

That was the only talisman that he hadn’t ruined after trying for five hours.

Jonathan was surprised to find that the spiritual energy lines on the talisman were not transparent.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that the talisman did not explode because he didn’t complete the
symbol earlier.

Jonathan then picked up his spiritual energy brush and slowly continued drawing on the talisman.


The talisman erupted in flames the moment he finished drawing on it, forcing him to destroy it like the

Exasperated, he tossed the spiritual energy brush aside and slumped weakly against his chair.

At this rate, I’ll end up using all three thousand talismans without producing even a single fireball
talisman! I won’t be able to execute my plan unless I set Bazar Temple on fire. Is this really the end for

Jonathan was staring blankly at the spiritual brush in his hand when he thought of something.

Those talismans all exploded because they were defective… Wait a minute… I know! I can make
defective talismans! Defective talismans will explode due to the unstable spiritual energy flowing
through them! Since I only need a talisman that will burn, these defective talismans will serve that
purpose by erupting in flames! There’s no need for a proper talisman if these defective ones will get the
job done!

The exasperation and frustration that plagued him disappeared at the thought of that.

Jonathan then pulled out another talisman and drew the exact same symbol as he did earlier.

This time, however, he left it incomplete with about half a centimeter of it missing.

This time, however, he left it incomplete with about half a centimeter of it missing.

In doing so, he had turned the talisman into a mini arcane array.

The arcane array would not be activated unless he completed the symbol on the talisman.

Jonathan kept his eyes focused on the talisman that had no spiritual energy whatsoever as he picked
up his spiritual energy brush.

The moment he completed the symbol, spiritual energy surged through the talisman and caused it to
go up in flames.

Instead of trying to put out the flames, Jonathan simply let it burn inside the bronze handbell’s
protective shield so he could feel the heat.

While it wasn’t as hot as a normal fireball would’ve been, it was hot enough due to the high spiritual
energy content and the decent quality of the talisman.

After waiting for the fire to extinguish on its own, Jonathan whipped out dozens of spiritual energy
brushes and laid the talismans out in front of him.

Like a student who was forced to write lines as a punishment, he then began scribbling the same
pattern on the talismans to create as many as possible.

About an hour later, Jonathan had used up a huge portion of his spiritual energy to create over a
thousand talismans.

He then put the remaining talismans into storage and sat cross-legged in the living room to replenish
his spiritual energy.

All I have to do is hand these talismans over to Hossom tomorrow and wait for him to cause a scene
with them. It won’t be easy to break a spell created by a Divine Realm cultivator.

Fortunately, that night went by peacefully. Jonathan and Hossom headed over to Utros together the
next morning.

According to Hossom, there were two intersection points on the five paths that Prima took to get to

One of them was at the bottom of a mountain near Crowsaint, and the other was Utros near Bazar

Hossom had a conflicted frown on his face as he stared at the black pills in Jonathan’s hand. “Mr.
Goldstein, I don’t think is really necessary.”

“Oh, it is very much necessary. How else would I catch you if you decide to run off halfway through?”
Jonathan tossed the pill into Hossom’s mouth as he continued, “These talismans will turn into fireballs
once you infuse spiritual energy into them. Remember, our safety depends on how big of a scene you
can cause at Bazar Temple.”

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