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-Jonathan felt his head throb after hearing what the elderly man said.

To refuse the request of a God Realm cultivator is no different from signing one’s death warrant. Why
couldn’t he just tell me that it’s non-negotiable? What’s the point of beating around the bush?

Despite how unhappy Jonathan was, he didn’t dare show it on his face.

In actuality, he forgot how he had left Lauryn and Hossom with no choice as well.

That was simply the mindset of formidable individuals.

They would give you the freedom of choice, but there would only be one option to choose from.

The elderly man chuckled when he saw the reluctant expression on Jonathan’s face.

“Don’t fight it. I will tell you where Bazar Temple is located. You can own all of those items as long as
you have what it takes,” he said while gently tapping on Jonathan’s forehead.

The next thing Jonathan knew, a message had appeared inside his head: The direction Seboxia’s
finger is pointing at.

That message was short and simple, and yet, it shocked Jonathan to the core.

What exactly is this elderly man’s Pryncyp? How is he able to enter other people’s minds and leave
messages like that? Wouldn’t that mean he has the ability to go through the memories of others?

As though it was a reflex action, Jonathan activated his incomplete Pryncyp of Slaughter and spread it
out around him.

When he opened his eyes, however, all he saw was a huge fig tree in front of him. The elderly man was
nowhere in sight.

Hossom walked up to him and said with a frown, “Mr. Goldstein, Bazar Temple is clearly a trap. I think
we should just leave.”

Jonathan glared coldly at Hossom as he asked, “Leave? And go where? They knew everything we
were talking about last night. Do you really think we can escape if they wanted us dead?”

Jonathan shifted his gaze toward the girl who was still curled up sleeping in the metal cage’s corner
behind him as he continued, “This elderly man is different from Amiel. He has a complete Pryncyp and
uses attacks that even I can’t understand, let alone defend against. We have no choice but to stick to
the plan while seeking an opportunity to make an escape.”

He then turned to look at Kaga, who was standing next to them.

I’ve been having this strange feeling ever since I found Kaga. She led me straight to that elderly man
after bringing me here. Could she have something to do with all this? Judging by her reaction, however,
she doesn’t look like she knows anything. Besides, we’re up against people who have reached God
Realm. They wouldn’t have to go this far just to find me. They could’ve just threatened me into
submission with the use of force.

Kaga’s expression was solemn as she looked at Jonathan and said, “I’ll investigate that elderly man as
soon as I get back. If he really is a God-King, then there is nothing my organization can do.”

Jonathan simply nodded slightly in acknowledgment without saying a word.

The three of them then left the exchange center using the portal formation, while the girl who wore a
sack followed beside Jonathan.

He couldn’t store living beings in the storage ring, so he had no choice but to let her walk with them.

While he did receive a lot of attention from passers-by as he held the metal chain attached to the girl,
nobody approached them to ask about the girl.

After all, there were lots of different religions in the West Region, each with its own unique practices.

After arriving at the hotel, Hossom booked himself another room and let Jonathan and the girl use the
double room he had previously booked.

Of course, he didn’t do so to let Jonathan take advantage of the girl.

It was simply too dangerous to leave the girl unattended.

Jonathan had tried unlocking the chain to release the girl back at the exchange center. However, the
girl lunged at him and tried to bite his throat when he reached out to touch her.

Her cultivation level was in the advanced phase of God Realm, and she was attacking him with the
ferocity of a rabid beast. Fortunately, Jonathan had a ton of tricks up his sleeves and was able to
survive her attack.

He later realized that a cultivator could control the girl using a small amount of spiritual energy if they
held on to the chain.

Even so, Hossom chose to keep his distance from her as he believed it would grant him peace of mind.

Little did he know, both his and Jonathan’s fate were already bound together the moment the Divine
Realm cultivators showed up.

Inside the hotel room, Jonathan let the girl sleep on the carpet while he held on to the chain with one
hand and scribbled on the talismans with the other.

Jonathan had initially wanted to draw talismans for fireball spells, which were of the lowest level.

After all, such talismans had the highest rate of success, which would greatly increase their usability.

Jonathan had that plan in mind because he didn’t think he would find a lot of talismans, but the elderly
man ended up giving him three thousand talismans, so he could use them however he liked.

Jonathan had that plan in mind because he didn’t think he would find a lot of talismans, but the elderly
man ended up giving him three thousand talismans, so he could use them however he liked.

The talisman on the table began gathering spiritual energy shortly after being activated.

After reaching a certain point, it exploded into a huge ball of fire.


Jonathan slightly clenched his right hand as he chanted, “Soul seal!”

A cluster of pure spiritual energy took form and enveloped the fireball until it was completely

The spiritual energy felt like a warm breeze as it dispersed in the room, leaving no traces whatsoever.

Jonathan had drawn three hundred talismans at that point, but none of them worked successfully.

Initially, he even thought about drawing some high-level explosive talismans but gave up after failing
over a hundred times.

He then tried drawing low-level fireball talismans instead, only to be defeated by the harsh reality yet

According to the records of Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, even an individual with no prior
knowledge of talismans would have a ten percent chance of success in creating fireball talismans of

the lowest level.

Jonathan, however, had yet to succeed in creating a single one even after more than a hundred and
eighty failed attempts.

Despite his usual calm and patient demeanor, he lost his patience and exclaimed in frustration, “F*ck!
Am I really that incapable?”

He then used his spiritual energy to bring a talisman toward him and scribbled the spell for a fireball
talisman on it, only to have it go up in flames again.

He then quickly reached his hand out and clenched his fist to extinguish the flames with spiritual

Following that, he pulled out a new talisman and was about to try drawing another one when something
tugged on the chain in his left hand, pulling him off balance.

“Hey! Where are you going?” he shouted while the girl dragged him toward the window.

The girl simply stood next to the window and fixed her gaze on a window dozens of meters away from

As Jonathan followed her gaze, he saw the lights go off in one of the windows in the distance.

A vicious glint formed in his eyes when he tried to investigate it using spiritual sense.

Huh… I can’t see what’s inside that room because it is protected by an arcane array…

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