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-“Cover your face!”

Kaga threw a magical handkerchief at Jonathan’s face.

Jonathan’s identity was too special. He had caused such a huge incident back at Springwyn. The
detonation of the special missile alone had caused hundreds of thousands of people to lose their lives
and affected over a million people.

After such a catastrophic event, the three other God-Kings in the West Region, except for Amiel whose
whereabouts were unknown, had all made their moves.

Jonathan had become everyone’s enemy.

If he was recognized by someone right then, their lives might be in jeopardy.

However, Jonathan was unfazed.

As the spiritual energy in his hand flowed, Jonathan reached out to remove the handkerchief and
handed it back to Kaga.

Jonathan looked at the elderly man and turned his hand to keep the dagger.

“Sir, your physical energy has targeted me the moment I showed up here. Why? Do you know me?”

“You’re the famous Asura. How could I not know you?”

The old man sat up, and his loose, flabby body gave the impression that he had no spiritual energy at

However, Jonathan had not been fooled by what met his eyes. He could sense a perilous aura coming
off of the man.

This elderly man’s cultivation level is higher than mine.

In just a moment, Jonathan withdrew his spiritual sense and summoned the strange bronze handbell
with a flick of his hand. He was ready to shield the two individuals beside him at the slightest hint of

As Jonathan’s mask had shattered, he could directly sense the elderly man’s dangerous aura.

However, Hossom’s spiritual sense was blocked by the black mask he wore, and he could not perceive
any danger.

“Old man, how dare you—”

Hossom needed to vent, as he was devastated by the sight of the sprawling magical items from before.

However, before he could finish his sentence, his body was immobilized by a formidable spiritual

It was a spiritual energy force field.

Jonathan completely sealed Hossom’s body and forcefully dragged and shielded the latter behind

In just a fraction of a second, Jonathan had already sensed that the elderly man’s physical energy was
targeting Hossom.

Hossom was surely no match for a cultivator whose cultivation level was above Jonathan. Moreover,
since the elderly man managed to recognize him, Jonathan reckoned that he was no ordinary cultivator

After a moment of hesitation, Jonathan put his hands before his chest and greeted the elderly man

“Sir, since you have recognized me, then I no longer have anything to hide. I wonder what makes you
bring me here?”

Kaga’s brows snapped together when she heard what Jonathan said.

This location was disclosed to her by her own informant. How was it possible that the elderly man had
led Jonathan here? Kaga couldn’t help but doubt her informant.

Right then, Jonathan was already chatting with the elderly man, and Kaga didn’t think it was right to
intervene. Hence, she could only dismiss her doubts.

Underneath the banyan tree, the elderly man slowly rose to his feet.

“Jonathan, I’ve waited for you for almost a day. If you hadn’t shown up, I would’ve had to go and find
you myself,” the elderly man uttered with a yawn. “Didn’t you want to burn down Bazar Temple? Well,
whether you’ll succeed or not depends on your performance today.”

The expressions of Jonathan and the other two changed drastically as soon as they heard him.

Jonathan and Hossom were afraid that others might find out about their plan.

As for Kaga, she didn’t expect that Jonathan would even consider doing something that crazy.

“You’ve gone crazy, Jonathan!”

At that point, Kaga couldn’t care less about anything else and shouted at him, “Did you want to buy the
talismans today because of that? You’re pushing us into a death trap.”

“Keep your voice down!” Hossom said as he tugged at Kaga.

If their plan was revealed, the people nearby alone could have ripped them to shreds.

Jonathan glanced at the two anxious individuals and reassured them, “Don’t worry. If I’m not mistaken,
we’re currently within the elderly man’s force field, and those outside of it shouldn’t be able to hear us.”

Both Hossom and Kaga cast incredulous looks at the elderly man right then.

Jonathan was not talking about the spiritual energy force field.

At most, a spiritual energy force field could only trap the nearby spiritual energy, forming a relatively
enclosed environment. However, it would not be able to stop the transmission of sound.

Only a Pryncyp force field was able to do so.

That could only mean that the elderly man had attained Divine Realm!

He was one of the God-Kings.

Hossom and Kaga subconsciously got into a defensive stance right when they realized who the elderly
man might be.

However, they soon relaxed and let down their guard.

After all, in the face of a God-King, their defense would be absolutely meaningless.

Jonathan’s eyes were filled with tension as he gave the elderly man before him a once-over.

“Sir, how do you know about my plan?”

“You don’t need to doubt the two individuals standing beside you,” the elderly man replied as he looked
at Hossom and Kaga.

“After coming out of Springwyn, I’ve been watching your every move. Even though I am neither
omnipotent nor omniscient, I do have the means to find out about these things,” the elderly man said
with a chuckle.

“After coming out of Springwyn, I’ve been watching your every move. Even though I am neither
omnipotent nor omniscient, I do have the means to find out about these things,” the elderly man said
with a chuckle.

“I know you need talismans. Here, take these. You can torch the whole Bazar Temple with these.”

The elderly man threw out a bundle of talismans.

Jonathan scanned the bundle with his spiritual sense and realized there were at least three thousand

If he were able to craft all the talismans, he would be able to draw at least a few hundred of them.

Those were talismans created using spiritual energy. Even God Realm cultivators would not be able to
put out the fire if he were to detonate hundreds of them simultaneously.

Jonathan’s lips twitched as he watched the talismans scattered across the floor before turning to look
at the elderly man.

Is he really the God-King of the West Region? Why does it seem like he is eager for me to burn Bazar
Temple to the ground?

According to Jonathan’s previous estimation, a hundred talismans would have sufficed.

As long as he could draw at least twenty or thirty out of the hundred, he could disrupt the defense of
Bazar Temple and create a window of opportunity for himself.

However, the elderly man had given him over three thousand talismans instead.

Hence, Jonathan cast a befuddled look at the elderly man.

“Sir, I am truly grateful for your assistance. If there is anything I can do to repay your kindness, please
don’t hesitate to let me know. I am willing to go to great lengths to fulfill any request you may have,”
Jonathan said.

The elderly man burst out laughing at his words.

“Ha! You’re quite interesting, brat. You’re not afraid at all even after finding out I’ve been keeping an
eye on you. And now you’re even sweet-talking in front of me,” the elderly man said.

As he talked, he pointed at the steel cage before him.

“What I want you to do is really simple. Take this girl to the statue of Seboxia at Bazar Temple.”

Jonathan turned to look at the little girl who was in deep slumber.

“Is that all?”

“Yes,” said the elderly man cheerfully.

“Tomorrow, when you guys make a move, I will help you out by restraining the divine messengers. All
you need to do is bring the girl to the Seboxia statue. Of course, you may choose to decline this
request,” the elderly man uttered. “Well, as long as you are able to withstand the consequences of
rejecting me.”

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