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The Legendary Man Chapter 794

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-When Jonathan lowered his head, he could see a short person that
was only about one hundred and fifty meters tall hunched over beside the three people.

He also noticed several black robes draped on that person’s arm.

“Is there something special about these robes?” Hossom asked, stepping forward with a smile.

The person quickly shook his head.

“Nothing special. The masks you have can block spiritual sense, but the clothes I sell can only block
one’s vision.”

Hossom then studied the hunched-over merchant, noticing that he was getting on in years judging from
how slow he was moving.

“You’re quite an honest old man. In that case, I’d like to have three of those.”

As Hossom spoke, he reached out to take the robes.

Kaga instantly fished out a dagger and tossed it into the air.

“I’ll grant your death wish right now.”

Although her eyes were the only part visible about her, Kaga’s murderous intent was palpable.

The moment the masked hunched man noticed Kaga’s behavior, he froze and quickly kept away the
robes on his arm.

After a slight bow at Kaga, the hunched figure slowly straightened up, stretching his legs hidden within
his loose trousers.

It was then they realized that the person was actually over a hundred and ninety centimeters tall, which
was surprising.

“Regular patrons, I see. Pardon me for the intrusion.”

With that said, the person turned and disappeared into the crowd in a flash.

Hossom’s eyes were wide as he stared at the spot before him in shock.

“I… What… Boss?” He didn’t even know how to describe his feelings.

Upon turning to Kaga, Jonathan noticed that the former was all smiles as she regarded them.

“They’re part of an organization here, selling black robes through exploiting the newbies’ desire to keep
their identities hidden. That’s nothing bad, honestly, but the black robe is like a beacon of light. Anyone
who sees it will try to scam you until you have nothing left. Moreover, if they realize that your cultivation
level is low, they’ll tail you and set you up. That’s why I told you guys not to say anything here without
thinking it through,” Kaga explained before leading the two inside. “Listen up, both of you. This is a
lawless land. Everyone here is a hunter, as well as a ferocious beast. If you don’t want anyone looking
for trouble with you, bare your fangs and make them fear you.”

Jonathan and Hossom followed Kaga and walked for dozens of minutes before they came to a park.

Kaga then told them the park was the center of the secret area in the region.

All cultivators who wanted to sell their things could claim a spot of their own there to sell their products.

No one would ask where the products came from or who they belonged to; they would only ask for the

In other words, this was the perfect place for cultivators to sell the products they had illegally gotten
their hands on.

“There is a myriad of things here. I’m afraid this is the only place in the West Region you can find the
materials you need for your talismans,” Kaga told Jonathan, who was looking at the two endless paths
that flanked the park which were littered with booths.

Some were displaying their items on white cloths, and some had set up tables. Some had banners, and
some were even making their magical items float in midair for others to view.

Surprisingly, there was a huge variety of magical items and materials on display, making the park
appear like an ordinary marketplace.

“These things… are magical items, right? Some are even spiritual weapons… Why are there so many
of them?”

Hossom looked at his surroundings in shock.

As a master thief, Hossom had been searching high and low for precious treasures all over the world.

He always thought that those treasures and valuable materials were incredibly rare.

Yet, he was now treated to the sight where said treasures and items were a dime a dozen.

Any one of the items there were treasures he had to wrack his brains to get his hands on in the past.

But now, they were all displayed on the street as if they were as worthy as a slice of tomato. It was a
moment of shock that Hossom had a hard time digesting.

Jonathan gave Hossom’s shoulder a light pat.

“Forget about it. These are just material possessions. Once our plan succeeds, these things will mean
nothing to you.”

Hossom did not speak, but disappointment filled his eyes beneath the mask he was wearing.

He had always been overjoyed whenever he stole something good.

Now, he knew that the things he saw as treasures could have just been another man’s trash.

“Maybe it’s because I’m not rich,” Hossom said with a self-deprecating laugh.

By then, Kaga was already talking to the person at the side.

By then, Kaga was already talking to the person at the side.

“Hey, you can find the things you want inside.”

Jonathan and the others then walked further in until they came to a stop before a huge banyan tree.

In front of Jonathan was a gigantic cage, and in a corner of the cage was a curled-up girl, who was
wearing a sack as clothes.

Jonathan’s gaze was on her neck, for there was a shiny metal chain around it.

Beside the girl was the rotting corpse of a goat, and the teeth marks on the goat were clearly the teeth
marks of a human.

Without a doubt, the girl was getting treated like an animal.

Unlike Jonathan, Kaga was unbothered. She did not even spare the cage another glance as she
walked around it.

“Mister, I want to buy talisman papers,” Kaga said to the sleeping elderly man.

The elderly man was different from the others. He did not wear a mask, and he had a wine bottle in his
hand. It would not be challenging to assume that he was in his drunken slumber from the unnatural
blush on his face.

Kaga then called out to the elderly man a few more times, but the elderly man remained unconscious.

It seemed like he was dead asleep and would not be waking any time soon.

“Kaga, let me,” Jonathan said as he patted Kaga’s shoulder.

Kaga turned to Jonathan, only to see that there was a dagger in Jonathan’s hand.

“What are you trying to do?” Kaga icily questioned.

“Nothing. I’m just trying to wake him,” Jonathan replied with a sneer. With a twist of his wrist, the
dagger in his hand turned into a streak of black light that stabbed the elderly man’s face.

Clink! came the soft sound.

Kaga yelled, but the dagger was caught between the elderly man’s fingers.

“A nice dagger,” the elderly man said, a slurring quality to his voice as if he was sleep-talking. “But I
don’t need it, so you can have it back.”

Right as the elderly man uttered that, the dagger disappeared.

Kaga spun around to look at Jonathan and saw that Jonathan was already grabbing the dagger.

Even though the dagger had been stopped, the energy from the dagger still rushed toward Jonathan’s

The mask shattered into pieces and fell, revealing Jonathan’s face.

The elderly man widened his eyes a little upon seeing Jonathan.

“A Chanaean? Impressive!”

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