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The Legendary Man Chapter 792

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-Hossom’s question was exceedingly blunt, yet that was also the crux
of the matter.

Why is Jonathan doing this? If we go with the plan he proposed earlier, he would need to lure all four
divine messengers of the Bazar Temple away during the entire kidnapping process for the sole purpose
of helping me gain entry into the temple. That’s wholly a sacrifice on his part. But considering our
relationship, in which he even sets me up during conversations, that clearly doesn’t make sense.
Therefore, he must have some other objective for doing so.

With his brows knitted together deeply, he scrutinized Jonathan, attempting to glean something from
the latter’s eyes.

Alas, his efforts proved futile at the end of the day.

Perhaps there wasn’t much of an age difference between Jonathan and Hossom, but the former was
far too adept at keeping his emotions under wraps.

It wasn’t that he was devious, but he had truly experienced too much throughout the past few years he
held authority over Asura’s Office.

As a matter of fact, a person’s status and environment could shape his temperament. Jonathan had
always been in the eye of the storm, so he had long since cultivated the habit of remaining impassive.

Staring at Hossom across from him, Jonathan hesitated for a while before admitting, “Needless to say, I
won’t be paving the way for you for nothing, Hossom. Seeing that I’m going to lure most of the forces of
Bazar Temple away, I’ve got a favor to ask of you.”

When Hossom heard that the man wanted to use him, he let out a sigh of relief.

After interacting with Jonathan for a long time, he was already familiar with the latter’s character. If the
man wanted to use him, it would definitely be beneficial to them both.

It might be accompanied by danger, but Jonathan would undoubtedly shield him if anything happened.

That was already proven when Vikas located Jonathan in Springwyn back then.

At that time, if Hossom were in his shoes, it would be an unquestionable choice for him to sacrifice
others to save himself.

Yet, Jonathan merely stepped forward without mentioning a single word about Hossom in the car.

From that alone, one could tell that the man could be trusted as a collaboration partner in spite of his

When one teamed up with him, all the terms would be laid out clearly on the table.

If one were to end up on the losing end or tricked, he would have no one to blame save himself. In
other words, even if it meant his death, it would be a risk he knowingly took.

On the contrary, if Jonathan had smilingly told Hossom that he was helping him unconditionally, that
would have been utterly suspicious.

Jonathan studied Hossom in front of him. Subsequently, he cast his gaze out the window at the statue
of Seboxia standing tall in the night sky, falling into silent contemplation.

“According to your information, there would undoubtedly be a divine messenger by Prima’s side.
Although I’ve never had any contact with divine messengers in West Region, those who can attain
such positions would definitely be superior to ordinary cultivators of the God Realm in one way or
another. Thus, I reckon that I might not necessarily be able to eliminate even one or two of them if I
were to face off against them or kidnap Prima.”

“In that case, why did you suggest such a plan? How will you defeat all four of them when even one or
two is a problem to you?”

Hossom eyed Jonathan with a frown, his gaze brimming with puzzlement.

In his opinion, the man’s plan was tantamount to courting death.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan flashed him a wide grin.

“That’s why I need your cooperation.”

As soon as those words rang out, Hossom was entirely stunned.

Pointing at himself, Hossom questioned, “Me? Stop joking with me. I’m just a cultivator of the
Grandmaster Realm. What can I do to help you?”

“As long as I lure everyone away and you enter Bazar Temple, you’ll be able to help me,” Jonathan
revealed with a smile.

Thereafter, he added, “Don’t forget this, Hossom—I might not be able to kill them anytime soon, but the
same goes for them. As long as I can delay them, you can then sneak into the temple. All that’s needed
is a fire.”

While saying that, he took out the magical item that was the flaming stick and flicked it lightly. In a flash,
a fist-sized flame appeared in the air.

Through the leaping flames, the gigantic statue of Seboxia outside the glass window appeared to be on
fire to Hossom.

“You want to… set fire to Bazar Temple?” he asked in a trembling voice.

The mere thought of that had him break out in a cold sweat.

After all, Bazar Temple was the central temple of all Seboxia believers in the whole of West Region. In
fact, it could be considered a sacred place to the population of one point three billion people of the
West Region to a certain extent.

No matter how unruly Hossom was, he merely wanted to steal something at most for the thrill of it.

Setting fire to West Region’s sacred place of worship was something he had never dared to imagine.

“Jonathan, if you really dare set fire…”

At that point, Hossom still lowered his voice despite knowing no one was around them as he continued,
“You’re really playing with fire here. If you dare ruin Bazar Temple, the whole population of the entire
West Region that goes up to over a billion will call for your death.”

At that point, Hossom still lowered his voice despite knowing no one was around them as he continued,
“You’re really playing with fire here. If you dare ruin Bazar Temple, the whole population of the entire
West Region that goes up to over a billion will call for your death.”

“Do you think they won’t target me if I don’t do that? Ultimately, West Region will go to battle with
Chanaea. We’re already on opposing sides, so why worry so much?” Jonathan drawled.

Noticing that Hossom was still wavering, Jonathan reached out and draped his arm across the man’s

“Actually, Buddy, this matter is very simple. I’ll lure them out. Then, you can slip in and set fire by using
a talisman. When the fire spreads, you would’ve long since fled. Besides, the fire will also distract the
divine messengers. At that time, I can capture Prima directly and get my hands on the antidote. You’ll
leave a legacy in the international thief circles, whereas I’ll obtain the antidote to save my friend. Isn’t
that the best of both worlds? So? Do we have a deal?” he asked, enticing Hossom endlessly.

Hossom scowled at Jonathan, who was all smiles, his expression as dark as thunder.

“Do I have the right to decline?”

“Of course. I’m an exceedingly understanding person. If you say no, we’ll forget about it,” Jonathan
replied smilingly.

“And what will the consequence be?” Hossom questioned through gritted teeth.

“I’ll kill you.”

“We have a deal.”

In the end, Jonathan and Hossom reached a consensus in a pleasant atmosphere.

The next step was to fabricate the talisman that would be used in the plan.

But then, the materials needed weren’t all that easy to procure.

Left with no other recourse, Jonathan could only contact Kaga.

This time, Kaga took the two men to the slums in the east of Newcove.

“What exactly is the situation in West Region? Why are there slums in every city?”

At the awful stench all around him, Hossom pinched his nose as he gave voice to that question.

With a lollipop in her mouth, Kaga rolled her eyes at him.

“West Region practices a caste system. Each class performs a different duty. When someone is in
authority, others have to labor. As such, these slums are generally prepared for those of the low
classes. I’m bringing you to Newcove’s biggest underground exchange center today. After going in

later, just tell me whatever you want to buy. Don’t make random conversations. It’s awfully troublesome
if you break the rules here.”

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