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The Legendary Man Chapter 791

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-“What?” Hossom, who was about to leave, froze momentarily when
he heard what Jonathan said.

Hossom glanced at Jonathan warily. “What are you planning to do?”

“Nothing.” Jonathan chuckled while looking at Hossom. “Hossom, don’t you want to know what
mysterious treasures Bazar Temple holds? If I were to distract all the cultivators in Bazar Temple,
wouldn’t you be able to enter Bazar Temple as you please and explore the place? You see yourself as
a great thief, no? In that case, are you sure you don’t want to explore a place no one has been to

Although Jonathan was acting casual when he spoke, he was actually taking advantage of Hossom’s
trouble-seeking nature. Hossom has the same characteristic as all mountaineers. They’re always
thinking about exploring uncharted grounds. That’s just who Hossom is. When I saw him whipping out
the diamond he stole from the Seboxia statue back then, I knew instantly that he wouldn’t give up a
chance to explore Bazar Temple if the chance arose. Money means nothing to Hossom. When he took
that diamond, he was showing the world he had been to Bazar Temple and gotten out safely.
Nevertheless, he merely took a diamond, so most people in the world were unperturbed. Evidently, that
diamond isn’t enough to make Hossom known internationally. This time around, what I’m doing is going
to help him change that.

Jonathan couldn’t help but smile faintly when he saw Hossom stopping in his tracks. “Hossom, you’re
only in the advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm. Although you’re almost as capable as I am, you’re
still not strong enough to break through the defense of Bazar Temple on your own. With that being said,
I believe in your talents, and I know you’re going to achieve God Realm in a few years’ time. But you
need to think it through. When you don’t strive for something you want badly, it’s going to haunt you as
you progress. Besides, trust me when I say that regardless of whether you’re in Grandmaster Realm or
God Realm, I’m the only one who can help you cause a disturbance for the people from Bazar Temple.”

As Jonathan talked, he was leaning into his chair and resting his eyes leisurely.

From the scene alone, someone without prior knowledge of what was going on would think that
Hossom was the one asking Jonathan for help.

Meanwhile, Hossom was clenching his fists with a scowl on his face as he stood back-facing Jonathan.

Indeed, every single one of Jonathan’s words pierced his heart.

Back then, Hossom was merely acting heedlessly and stealing for fun.

At that moment, however, Jonathan’s words had tempted his inner demon.

Hossom wasn’t worried about not finding out what was hidden inside Bazar Temple. Instead, he was
worried about the possibility that he could be haunted by the fact that he had given up on a chance to
find out what was really going on in Bazar Temple.

He knew that Jonathan was tricking him but was also giving him a chance to satisfy his inner demons.
By going into Bazar Temple to check things out, even if it were to merely uncover the truth of the place,
Hossom would be satisfied.

Jonathan is trying to get me involved by saying all that, and he has just made me an offer I can’t refuse!

Hossom slowly turned around and shot Jonathan a cold look. “Jonathan, you’re a b*stard.”

Jonathan responded with a chuckle and asked, “I never said I was a gentleman, though?”

“I admit my method is rather despicable. However, you can’t deny the fact that, apart from me, no one
else would risk their lives by going into Bazar Temple with you,” Jonathan added.

At that point, Hossom was staring at Jonathan with murderous intent.

Needless to say, Hossom was so angry that all he could think about was killing Jonathan.

It took Hossom a minute to calm himself down before saying, “Prima’s grandpa stays in an elderly
home in Crowsaint. He’s her only family. Prima has a unique identity, but her grandpa isn’t a preacher.
Hence, letting him stay in Bazar Temple was not possible. She has no choice but to visit him once
every month. Crowsaint is located in a mountain resort near the border of Newcove. That’s the best
elderly home in Newcove, so everyone there is either rich or influential. I tricked Prima nearby the
elderly home the last time around.”

With that, Hossom casually took out a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet next to him.

He then opened the bottle and downed the wine before saying, “Usually, Prima would visit Crowsaint
on the fifteenth of every month. That’s the day after tomorrow. If you want to make your move, you
ought to set the trap in advance. Also, I have a piece of advice for you. Prior to what I did, the divine
messengers protecting Prima were all in the Grandmaster Realm in terms of cultivation level. Now,
however, I’m not sure. She’ll most probably have divine messengers from the advanced phase God
Realm protecting her now.”

After hearing those words, Jonathan switched on the tablet he had brought along with him.

After hearing those words, Jonathan switched on the tablet he had brought along with him.

That tablet was one of the combat command devices that only the elite personnel of Asura’s Office
would be equipped with. The device had detailed maps of the West Region, Jetroina, Remdik, and
other opposing countries.

Obviously, the maps were merely clearer than most satellite maps on the market.

However, it had one of the most advanced tracking functions available.

Upon zooming in, Jonathan finally found Crowsaint on the map.

“Hossom, you surely know the route Prima takes whenever she goes to Crowsaint, right? Show me.”
Jonathan passed the tablet to Hossom, and Hossom was done with marking very quickly.

After giving the tablet back to Jonathan, Hossom said, “I’ve been tracking their movements for over
eight months, and I’ve seen them taking five different routes. However, there’s one side road they must
take to go up the mountain. That’s your best option.”

Jonathan furrowed his brows when he saw the side road called Longevity Lane. “No. Even if I were to
act here and grab Prima, I can’t lure all the guards out of Bazar Temple from this location.”

Jonathan then looked at the five routes Hossom drew on the map and said, “The shortest route from
Bazar Temple to Crowsaint is over thirty kilometers. There are four God Realm divine messengers in
Bazar Temple, right? At most, only two of them will be escorting Prima. If I kidnap Prima in Crowsaint, it
would be too far for the other divine messengers to leave the temple and come to her rescue. In that
case, you won’t have a chance to enter the temple.”

Jonathan was deep in thought while looking at the tablet.

Seeing how hesitant Jonathan was, Hossom couldn’t help but ask, “Jonathan, there’s something I don’t
quite understand. I know you’re making things easier for me by luring those people out. However, what
good does it do for you? If I had the same objective as you, which is capturing Prima, I’d want her to be
unprotected. So what exactly is your motive here?”

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