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The Legendary Man Chapter 790

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-During the night, the duo stayed in a high-end hotel near Bazar
Temple at Jonathan’s decision.

Initially, Jonathan was still worried about Hossom because they were in West Region’s capital, where
the latter performed a daring heist.

If they were in Chanaea, Hossom would’ve been tracked down the moment he showed his face.

However, Jonathan soon realized he was worrying too much about the situation.

While Hossom did piss off Prima, he wasn’t sentenced to death.

According to Hossom, he simply didn’t want to marry Prima. His ploy from before was still unexposed.

If that was not the case, Prima wouldn’t have stopped the four divine messengers for him in the end.

While Hossom might be quite the troublemaker, he was skilled.

In just a few minutes, he changed his face completely, so much so that Jonathan was impressed.

He didn’t use a mask or any other tools like that. Instead, he employed a special technique that could
alter his facial muscle structure.

That way, even if someone noticed him and used spiritual energy to check him out, they wouldn’t detect
a thing.

In other words, that technique was probably his most effective tool for self-defense.

Because of how special Bazar Temple was, plenty of high-end hotels around the building had an
observation deck on their roofs for their guests to check out the structure, especially during the night.

The room Jonathan and Hossom were staying in was the most expensive one. Thus, when they
opened the window in the living room, they could see the Seboxia statue.

Hossom had been sketching the temple’s layout from memory on a piece of paper that was more than
a meter long.

Once he was done, he used spiritual energy to drag the paper to Jonathan. “Take a look at this. These
are the areas I remember visiting.”

“In the heart of Bazar Temple is the statue of Seboxia dancing on one foot, and below it, the treasure
hall.” He pointed at a rectangular area in the center of the map. “Back then, Prima brought me there to
treat me. According to her, the tributes inside the treasure hall are blessed by Seboxia, which is why
they have healing properties.”

In response, Jonathan turned to Hossom and asked curiously, “Do they really?”

In the past, he would’ve found that hard to believe. However, after the Divine Chessboard incident, his
acceptance of weird things in the world expanded greatly.

Hossom was sitting at a table next to him as he shook his legs. “Of course not! Those fruits only have
some spiritual energy inside at most. What’s left is useless. Although, I only suffered external injuries
back then. My elixir field wasn’t damaged. So, maybe my analysis wasn’t accurate.”

As he continued to recall his time in the temple, he pointed at another spot on the map. “Prima only
stayed in the temple for a short while. I think she brought me to a side room after repenting to Seboxia.
You can see it here, the longer rectangle at the side. It may not seem very big, but at least two hundred
monks stay inside there. It’s not a single room but an isolated courtyard. The area is split into three
layers, and each layer has around forty rooms in it. All the monks inside are Grandmaster Realm

Two hundred Grandmaster realm cultivators… Just hearing that number made Jonathan feel as though
a chill ran down his spine. Technically, a Grandmaster Realm cultivator poses no threat to me now that
I’ve reached God Realm. However, there’s no way it’ll be easy for me to take down more than two
hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators by myself. And if the four divine messengers show up, too, I’ll
be in big trouble.

While he was still deep in thought, Hossom continued to explain the layout to him.

The latter used about half an hour to point out every spot he went to before, ranging from locked,
forbidden areas to toilets.

In spite of that, he only drew less than a fourth of the temple’s entire layout. The other areas were left
blank. “This is all I know. Remember, the positions I labeled for you are marked in relation to the
Seboxia statue in the center. I don’t know how far these places are from the main gate.”

Jonathan stared at the paper in front of him. Aside from the center area marked with various locations
and the three walls, the rest were left blank.

Jonathan stared at the paper in front of him. Aside from the center area marked with various locations
and the three walls, the rest were left blank.

As he pressed the paper on the window, he peered at the bottom of the Seboxia statue.

It was nighttime, so he couldn’t see the structures inside.

“I observed the temple from this spot before. Even in daylight, I couldn’t see the situation within from
any hotels around the temple because the interior remains foggy,” Hossom remarked.

“It’s an isolation formation that uses water vapor to deflect any light sources, so it’s natural to not be
able to see anything. It’s efficient and effective,” uttered Jonathan.

While he couldn’t see what was inside, he could tell there was no way he could barge into the temple
by force. It seems like I’ll have to use my brain for this one.

Upon witnessing Jonathan’s silent look, Hossom advised, “You should give up if you think it’s
impossible. With how advanced modern medicine is, maybe something else can be used as a
substitute for the antidote you need.”

“It’s impossible.” Jonathan recalled Dorian’s wound and explained, “While my medical team may not be
the best in the world, they’re among the best. After my comrade’s wound was infected with that poison,
my medical team tried using technology and martial arts to expel it from his body. However, even now,
they still can’t slow the spread of the poison. If I don’t return with an antidote, only death awaits him.”

Hearing that, Hossom remained quiet for a long while before saying, “I’m grateful that you saved me,
but I don’t have the guts to storm into the temple with you, Boss. I may be a troublemaker, but I never
court death. I’m sorry.”

Jonathan waved his hand gently. “I’m grateful for all the help you’ve provided until now. Leave the rest
to me.”

As he stored the map in his storage ring, he asked, “Oh yeah. Where were you when you were playing
knight to the rescue?”

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