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The Legendary Man Chapter 789

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-Jonathan, in a typical tourist outfit, and Hossom, dressed as a monk,
had just got off the bus at West Region’s capital, Newcove.

As Jonathan stood in the busy street, he stared at the giant Seboxia statue in the distance.

It was located in Bazar Temple, their destination.

“It doesn’t seem all that mysterious, Hossom.” Jonathan spoke as he took a photo of that statue.

Before he arrived in Newcove, he imagined Bazar Temple to be hidden in some obscure corner if it was
that heavily guarded.

He thought there would at least be dozens of guards watching the perimeter if mountains or natural
hazards didn’t surround it.

Instead, the hundred-meter-tall Seboxia statue was the first thing he saw after exiting the bus.

“Why do I feel like the king of West Region isn’t afraid of letting people know where Bazar Temple is
located?” As Jonathan continued to operate the camera, he strode toward Bazar Temple.

At the side, Hossom pressed his hand on his chest vertically.

“You don’t know a thing about West Region’s customs, huh? West Region is a famous theocratic
country, and Bazar Temple is the heart of their religion, the sacred land of the worshippers. While they
don’t want people to approach Bazar Temple, it’s understandable why they built it in the most obvious
spot,” informed Hossom in a whisper after carefully surveying his surrounding. “You may not believe it,
but there’s a street selling everyday items around Bazar Temple that’s no different from a marketplace.”

As they spoke, they left the main road and headed to the side street.

Jonathan looked at the skyscrapers in the modern city and remarked, “I don’t see any location that
resembles a marketplace here.”

“Obviously, you’re not going to spot it from here.” Hossom rolled his eyes. “If we keep going, we’ll reach
Bazar Garden. The temple is located in the center of the garden. No one can enter Bazar Temple, but
because it’s an important tourist site, people started selling souvenirs on the outermost street. After a
while, it became a market.”

As he spoke, he guided Jonathan toward their destination. Less than ten minutes later, they saw some

Before Jonathan could expand his spiritual sense to more than a few meters away, Hossom
interrupted, “You mustn’t use spiritual sense here.”

He grabbed Jonathan’s arm tightly and whispered, “If you want to take a look at the temple, we can go
to the special observation deck in the nearby mall. We can see a part of the temple from there. But if
you use your spiritual sense, Bazar Temple’s formation will lock on to you immediately. When that
happens, there will be no escape for you.”

In response, Jonathan withdrew his spiritual sense. Then, he followed Hossom to the observation deck
on the tenth floor of the mall.

He had been behaving himself in Newcove the whole time instead of causing any trouble.

When viewed from the top, Jonathan realized the layout of Bazar Temple was exactly as Hossom

Right in front of him was a small green garden.

If ignoring Bazar Temple, the surrounding garden was only twenty to thirty meters wide.

It was a bit of a stretch to call it a garden.

Beyond the garden was a red wall a dozen meters tall and hundreds of meters long.

Golden runes on the wall glimmered under the sun. Ordinary people would think they were decorations,
but a high-level cultivator like Jonathan could see each stroke of those special runes strangely

Those runes formed a vast and complicated formation.

Usually, a spirit stone or magical item would be used as the foundation of a formation.

Formations even simpler than that, for example, an energy-gathering formation or a formation that
cleared the air, could form at the place it was drawn on by absorbing the caster’s spiritual energy.

However, it was impossible for anyone to create a gigantic formation covering a wall that stretched for
hundreds of meters using the abovementioned method.

Jonathan gazed at the golden runes on the red wall. Each rune was flowing with a faint amount of
spiritual energy.

Were spirit stones or magical items buried in the wall when it was built? Based on how long the wall is,
it would take more than ten thousand magical items to maintain the formation, even if they were
arranged in a spread-out manner. Jonathan tightened his grip as his train of thought continued. If not
for the divine messengers guarding Bazar Temple, I would’ve cut a part of the wall out and brought it
back home with me.

Naturally, Hossom didn’t know just how dangerous Jonathan’s idea was.

Naturally, Hossom didn’t know just how dangerous Jonathan’s idea was.

“What you see right now is the outermost wall. To enter the inner sanctum, you must pass through
three walls with distinct formations. The first wall has a trap formation installed. If you touch it, you’ll be
trapped and then killed by whichever divine messenger reaches you first. The second formation is an
illusion array. After you enter the formation, you’ll experience extremely realistic illusions. You’ll think
you’ve left the formation when you still haven’t. Several illusions later, the trespasser will lose the ability
to tell what’s real and what’s not. The last formation is a kill array. It kills whoever enters it,” explained

He was essentially trying to get Jonathan to give up by telling the latter it was impossible for him to
enter the temple and ask the High Priestess for an antidote.

However, Hossom’s words only spoke one truth to Jonathan, which was that something valuable was
hidden within.

The place wouldn’t have been heavily guarded otherwise.

Even if there weren’t any treasures inside, Jonathan was sure he could get lots of valuable items by
returning home with those three walls and tearing them apart.

He raised his head and stared at the gigantic Seboxia statue.

It was as though the three-eyed and six-armed statue was gazing back at him viciously.

Moments later, he turned his sight toward Hossom. “I’ll head inside during the night. Draw a detailed
map for me.”

“I just told you how dangerous the place is! Why do you still want to go inside? You’re going to get
yourself killed!” Hossom whispered, “There are at least four advanced-phase God Realm cultivators
inside! Every single person who had the guts to barge into Bazar Temple in the past was at least a

Grandmaster Realm cultivator, and none had returned alive! Even if you’re a god, you still can’t break
into the temple! Do you understand me?”

In response, Jonathan chuckled, amused by Hossom’s teeth-gritting look. “You don’t need to worry
about me that much. After all, we only met by chance, and we’re just using each other. As for god…
There is no god!”

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