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The Legendary Man Chapter 787

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-Hearing her greeting, Broderick halted in his tracks momentarily
before raising his hand to wave at her.

In a cheerful voice, he responded, “I got bored in my room, so I came out for a walk.”

Alicia tilted her head. “You’re acting strangely today, Broderick. Something seems up with you.”

“Me?” Broderick raised his hand and glanced downward at it.

His right arm was still in a cast. At the mountain resort in Lumonburg’s Grand Forest Mountain,
Broderick attempted to harm Jonathan and Hayes, but Jonathan thwarted his efforts and broke
Broderick’s arm in the process.

It was a serious injury that had yet to heal, so he still had to keep the cast on.

Alicia walked around Broderick to observe him carefully.

“You look the same, but something feels off,” she commented in confusion.

Comprehension dawned, and she blurted out, “Oh, I know. You don’t look feminine anymore!”

Broderick rolled his eyes and stretched his left arm out to smack Alicia’s head lightly.

“What are you talking about? My looks are androgynous. You know nothing.”

Alicia giggled and replied, “Fine, then. Broderick, you traveled a long way from the east side of the
village to the west, didn’t you? That’s quite a distance.”

“I’m a Superior Realm cultivator. That distance isn’t tiring at all,” Broderick explained as his gaze landed
on Josephine, who was standing behind Alicia.

“Oh? Isn’t this Asura’s wife, Mrs. Goldstein?”

A flash of disgust appeared in Josephine’s eyes when she spotted the androgynous Broderick. She
didn’t bother hiding her dislike of him.

“Have you still not recovered from your injury, Mr. Osborne?”

Jonathan was the one who injured Broderick. Thus, Broderick’s cheeks flushed in anger after he heard
her question.

He scoffed and then proceeded to approach Josephine but otherwise didn’t take any action.

“You’re quite sharp-tongued, huh? If you weren’t a person of importance, I might have taken you as my
own to teach you a lesson in bed.”

As Broderick spoke, he raised his left arm slowly.

“Broderick, Josephine is under my protection today. Stay away from her,” Alicia told him playfully from
her position between them.

She didn’t forget to hand the wildflowers she plucked a while ago to Broderick.

“Here, take this as a little something from me.”

Broderick’s hand froze mid-air as his gaze landed on Alicia for a long while.

“How childish. You can keep them for yourself,” he mocked.

He shoved the wildflowers away and walked away from Alicia.


A sharp sound resonated in the air.

The wildflowers scattered to the ground as Alicia yanked Josephine’s collar, pulling the latter backward.


Something white glinted across Josephine’s forehead, and a transparent object, similar to a fish scale,
fell to the floor.

“I knew something was off with you!” Alicia exclaimed as she stood before Josephine in a defensive

She moved her dagger toward Broderick’s neck, cutting off a few stray wildflowers in her path.

“You little b*tch! How dare you do this to me?” Broderick hollered.

A flash emerged from his right arm, heading straight for Alicia.

Sparks flew as Alicia’s dagger came into contact with the object.

She finally saw what the hidden weapon was. Broderick was using his fake nails to attack them.

“Broderick, I can’t believe you hid the weapons on your nails. Are you a woman?” she joked.

Despite her teasing tone, Alicia didn’t slow down. Her dagger shot out, aiming for Broderick’s chest.

At the same time, she flung a large net forward with her left hand.

Cultivators in the Superior Realm who possessed magical items to store items only existed in the eight
respectable families and hidden sects in Chanaea.

A terrifying current of electricity surged through the vast net that had been cast far and wide.

Before the net could land on the target, a whistling arrow appeared in Alicia’s right hand.

A loud explosion then reverberated in the air across the mountains.

Following that, a few powerful waves of spiritual energy emanated from the village and soared into the

Broderick used his sword to cut the net in half and lunged it toward Alicia.

However, by then, Alicia had already straightened her back and dispersed her spiritual energy.

“You’re doomed, Broderick.”


The long sword just barely missed Alicia’s nose as it stabbed into the ground.

The force of Broderick’s sword was so powerful that it caused a crack to form in the ground, resulting in
his sword breaking in two. It was obvious that he had intended to slice Alicia in half.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to kill his target any longer following his failure.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to kill his target any longer following his failure.

At the moment, Broderick was suspended upside down in the air.

One end of a rope was tied around his ankle, with the other end in Everett’s hands.

That wasn’t only it, for Mason was standing beside Everett. Not far away, dozens of spiritual energy
waves belonging to Grandmaster Realm cultivators and above were making their way here.

Soon, many figures landed, holding magical items and appearing apprehensive.

It had been centuries since a whistling arrow was heard in the ancestral land.

Mason shot an icy look at Broderick, who was struggling to free himself.

“What is going on? We’re all from the same family. Why did you resort to weapons without warning?”

“Let me go! I must kill that b*tch!” Broderick shouted in a frenzied state as he fought to free himself.

On the contrary, Alicia seemed unfazed.

“Grandpa, Broderick made an attempt to kill Josephine, and I had to stop him. I was the one who
discharged the whistling arrow. I couldn’t subdue him by myself and had to seek assistance.”

He tried to kill Josephine?

Hearing that, everyone present glanced at Broderick in shock.

Broderick wasn’t a direct descendant of the Osborne family, but his competence was evident. If not, the
Osborne family wouldn’t have assigned him to manage Lumonburg.

Even though Jonathan had destroyed their base in Lumonburg, Broderick was not held accountable
when he came back to his ancestral homeland.

Everyone knew that Broderick was dependable despite his androgynous looks. No matter who ended
up as the head of the family, it was expected that he would have a major role to play in the
management level of the family.

They didn’t understand why he would want to kill Josephine all of a sudden since he had a bright future
ahead of him.

Does he not know how important Josephine is to the Osborne family?

“Broderick, you’d better provide a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, you’ll meet your doom today,”
Mason said coldly, clutching his magical item.

With just one move, he immobilized Broderick by holding the latter captive with his spiritual energy.

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