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The Legendary Man Chapter 786

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-Jonathan finally realized why Kaga was laughing when he noticed
Hossom’s stumped expression.

Hossom devised a plan to enter Bazar Temple. If Prima allowed him entry as a gesture of gratitude, he
would have the opportunity to expand his map and uncover the hidden secrets within the temple.
However, he went overboard with his actions. Before he realized it, Prima wanted to marry him. He’s
now at a dead end.

Hossom’s cheeks turned crimson red as they laughed at him.

“You guys decide. Tell me whether Prima is actually nuts. We’ve barely known each other for a week,
but she’s already asking me to elope with her by bringing her away from the West Region. She said we
could go anywhere as long as we could be together and even offered to bear me a child!”

Kaga laughed so hard that she clutched her stomach and waved her hands, indicating her stomach
was aching from all the laughter.

“You’re a fool, Hossom. Despite crafting such an elaborate plan, you still ended up getting caught by
the divine messenger and suffering a serious injury. It’s almost comical how you overestimated your
own capabilities! Oh, this is funny…”

Kaga clutched her stomach and roared in laughter. Beside her, Jonathan took a deep breath to tamp
down his laughter.

“Hossom, mistakes are a natural part of life. It’s important to handle both success and failure with the
same level of equanimity. Don’t be disheartened just because you experienced a setback. Can you
describe the defenses of Bazar Temple and Prima’s capabilities?”

“Her capabilities?” Hossom scratched his head as a confused look crossed his face.

“The High Priestess is only in the beginner phase of the Grandmaster Realm. Otherwise, I wouldn’t
have been able to save the damsel in distress. Bazar Temple, on the other hand, is heavily guarded by
at least four God Realm cultivators.”

He trembled in fear as he recalled, “When I realized something was wrong and tried to make a break
for it, I could’ve failed if it weren’t for Prima blocking the divine messengers.”

After hearing Hossom’s answer, Jonathan fell into deep thought. A solemn look appeared on his face.

Jonathan had already witnessed Hossom’s impressive capabilities—the latter’s cultivation was strange,
enabling him to move swiftly. He was sure that Hossom was just as fast as he was, which meant that
his speed was truly terrifying.

To top it off, Jonathan was viewed as the most skilled of all the cultivators in the God Realm, and
Hossom was still in the Grandmaster Realm.

If Hossom were to use his skills after reaching the God Realm, Jonathan might not be able to catch up
to him.

The divine messengers feared by Hossom should be as quick as me.

Jonathan made this trip to get medicine for Dorian. Even though the currently dead Caspian had
claimed the High Priestess had no healing medicine to offer, Jonathan was unwilling to return empty-
handed after all he had endured on the trip.

Besides, Dorian’s injuries could no longer be put off.

“Kaga, I need all the information regarding Bazar Temple,” Jonathan announced as he tossed out six
gold bars, which crushed the glass coffee table in front of them with their weight.

Kaga gradually stopped laughing as she stared at the gold bars. A long while later, she shook her

“We love gold, but not just any gold,” she announced.

Standing up to tidy her clothes, she added, “A year ago, Hossom purchased the High Priestess’
information from us. Since then, the consequences have been disastrous. Seboxiasm has been
investigating the matter for days now, and our business has become a target of suspicion. We may be
relatively influential within the West Region, but that doesn’t mean we can challenge the power of the
national religion. It’s clear that Hossom is much more knowledgeable about the Bazar Temple than we
are. Mr. Jonathan Goldstein, here is my business card. If you need my help regarding something else,
please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

With that, she turned to leave without hesitation.

Jonathan glanced at the words that were gradually fading away on the card as his lips curled into a

So this is a single-use card made of special material. It looks like the organization behind Kaga is
extremely careful.

He memorized the contact details silently before gently rubbing the card between his palms. The blank
card disintegrated into ash instantly.

After Kaga’s departure, Jonathan noticed that Hossom was beaming.

“Hey, don’t look at me that way. I won’t return to Newcove with you! Those from Seboxiasm will
definitely take my life!”

“You are good at disguising yourself with makeup. I’ll be with you, so there’s no need to be afraid,”
Jonathan reassured him with a chuckle.

“You’re the reason that I’m afraid! What are you doing? Let me go! I’m a picky guy!”

Back on a mountain in Chanaea’s Harfush, Hades was reading an encrypted document on his
computer with his brows furrowed.

A few minutes after the special missile deployed by the West Region detonated, news of the event
spread across the globe. Major nations’ detectors also picked up the seismic shockwaves emanating
from the missile.

Countries around the globe immediately declared a state of emergency as they wondered what
happened in the West Region.

Hades was reading a report that had been prepared by Jonathan, who had witnessed the bombing

Hades was reading a report that had been prepared by Jonathan, who had witnessed the bombing

He couldn’t help but gasp in disbelief when he read about the appearance of hundreds of God Realm

“No wonder the West Region had to deploy the special missile. If the demon beasts managed to
escape, they could destroy the world,” he muttered.

He then continued reading Jonathan’s detailed report.

Reading about the Divine Chessboard, God Realm beasts, Apocalypse, and God-Kings of the West
Region made his heart sink in worry.

Is the world going to achieve universal harmony just like the Blackwood family from Apocalypse

“Arrange for a video conference with the seven King of Wars now. It’s urgent.”

“Yes!” a figure in the corner responded quickly before disappearing in a flash.

Hades lit a cigarette before heading outside.

If I’m right, Asura’s Office needs to come up with a plan in advance.

Back in the Osborne family’s ancestral land on Wasahurst Mountains in Quadfield, Drieso, Josephine
was strolling on the winding path in the village, paying extra attention to her baby bump.

She was accompanied by a young girl around fifteen years old with her hair tied into a bun.

The young girl hopped along the path, gathering some wildflowers in her hands.

A while later, she told Josephine, “Josephine, look how pretty they are. If I put them in your room, your
mood will definitely improve.”

Josephine glanced at her and sighed.

“Alicia, stop wasting time. How could I possibly be in a good mood when the Osborne family is holding
me against my will?”

“That won’t do!”

Alicia Osborne giggled and ran back to Josephine.

“Josephine, my grandpa told me to ensure that you’re happy here so you can have a healthy
pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. That way, we can brainwash him and make him part of the
Osborne family as a way to manipulate Jonathan. Your happiness is crucial to our plans,” she added

While her voice had an angelic quality, the words that were spoken sent shivers down Josephine’s
spine. Knowing the consequences of disobedience, Josephine dared not disregard the directive.

Alicia held the flowers and lowered her head, pressing her cheek to Josephine’s belly. Right then, a
man who looked feminine made his way over to them.

Seeing him, Alicia quickly waved at him. “Broderick, fancy seeing you here! Are you free today?”

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