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-After Hossom’s explanation, Jonathan and Kaga finally understood
why Hossom was being hunted.

Hossom inherited extraordinary speed from the cultivation method in his family. Instead of remaining in
his hometown and being a local ruler, he chose to roam around the world and steal all the highly-
guarded treasures with the help of his special talent.

According to Hossom, he was not in need of money. What he was yearning for was the thrill and
excitement that a risky adventure could provide.

He had committed several offenses and was wanted in several countries. However, he had different
identities and even excelled in disguising himself. As such, the countries did not connect all those
different cases of theft together, never once suspecting that the same person had committed them.

This time around, Hossom had his eyes on the Bazar Temple in the West Region.

The West Region was a very unique place with a complex religious background.

Despite the many religions in that area, there was one deity that the entire West Region believed in.

It was Seboxia.

According to the legend of the West Region, Seboxia was an omnipotent presence and reigned over all
the other gods.

All the other deities were under Seboxia’s command.

Among all the temples in the West Region, Bazar Temple of Newcove was considered to be the most

Other than Bazar Temple, the rest of the temples would do anything to accept offerings from their

Only Bazar Temple did not allow any believers to enter its premise to give any offering since the day its
construction was completed.

As time went by, the legends revolving Bazar Temple increased and spread like wildfire in the West

Some people believed that Bazar Temple was a place that was connected to the deities. Therefore,
only the kings of the West Region and messengers of certain deities could enter the temple on special
occasions to worship the gods.

Others mentioned that Bazar Temple was there to suppress the evil spirits of hell. That was why it had
to be protected from any damage.

There was also a legend about the treasure. It was also the most popular one in the West Region.

It was rumored that a previous king of the West Region had left behind a mysterious treasure in the
temple. Anyone who could obtain it would not only be able to become the messenger of Seboxia but
could also gain control of the entire royal court. The whole West Region would then belong to the
person who acquired the treasure.

That rumor was the reason Hossom decided to go there.

The royal family of the West Region had never made any effort to deny the rumors. In fact, some of
their activities even became more secretive. That sparked even more suspicions among the people.

Because of these rumors, many cultivators from different areas in the West Region had the urge to
intrude into Bazar Temple for further investigation.

Unfortunately, those cultivators disappeared into thin air and were never heard of again.

As for Hossom, he learned from those before him and changed his strategy. Instead, he fabricated a
story and played the role of a knight who saved a damsel in distress.

Although most people did not know the identity of the High Priestess, it was not hard to find out.

Making use of Kaga’s organization, Hossom managed to find out about Prima, the High Priestess’
identity and background. It then took him nearly a year to set everything up.

During that period, Hossom also used two different disguises and recruited some unwitting
Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Those Grandmaster Realm cultivators were divided into two groups. The first group was paid
handsomely by Hossom. Their only mission was to distract and lure Prima’s guards away.

As for the second group, they were brainwashed by Hossom within one year’s time and were close to
him like brothers.

Hossom told the second group of men that he had an arch-enemy who was a God Realm cultivator.
Since he wasn’t capable enough to exact revenge, he could only kidnap his enemy’s daughter who was
Prima, the High Priestess.

Those men were indebted to Hossom in one way or another. After listening to his sob story, they
decided to help him out.

The two groups of cultivators were not even aware of Prima’s identity. Yet, they had been roped into
Hossom’s scheme just like that.

A month ago, Hossom’s plan began to unfold. The first group of men attempted to murder Prima and
was stopped and hunted after by her guards. The second group of men then seized the opportunity to

charge at Prima. It was at that moment that Hossom played the knight in shining armor who came to
Prima’s rescue.

As for those two groups of men, they refused to divulge Hossom’s fake name even before their deaths.

Hossom was seriously injured, so Prima brought him into Bazar Temple to tend to his injuries.
However, once Hossom recovered from his injuries, he stole the precious stone from the head of
Seboxia and ran away.

Later on, he was on the run until he met Jonathan.

“That’s it. That’s everything I did,” proclaimed Hossom as he gulped down a mouthful of wine in a huff.

“Prima is the only one who treated my injuries that whole time. She saw my naked body, but I have
never touched her once. I may be a thief, but I have my principles.”


Kaga picked up some snacks and threw them at Hossom’s face.


Kaga picked up some snacks and threw them at Hossom’s face.

“How audacious of you to say that! Poor Prima is already in that state. How can you pretend that
nothing has happened after what you’ve done? If it was me, I would have chopped you into pieces.”

Hossom looked at Jonathan in frustration.

“Say, Mr. Goldstein, as a thief, my attention should be on the treasure. Right?”

Jonathan sighed softly as he stared at Hossom’s bald and shiny head.

“A patient thief is truly frightening! You don’t lack money or status. I can’t believe you used a year to
plan everything just to steal a diamond. In the process, you nearly lost your life too. Hossom, I take my
hat off to you. You’re really daring,” praised Jonathan sincerely as he gave Hossom a thumbs-up.

“Since you have already intruded into Bazar Temple and gained the High Priestess’ favor, why didn’t
you stay there for a while longer? At the same time, you could have checked out the place to see if
there are more treasures around. The diamond on Seboxia may be valuable, but it’s nothing special to
you,” Kaga quickly chimed in when he heard Jonathan’s praise.

“That’s right. Hossom, I’ve gone through Prima’s background. She may be in her late thirties, but she’s
well-maintained. In fact, she looks more like someone in her twenties. Why don’t you just stay with her?
The two of you can live happily ever after together in the temple. That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Live happily ever after?”

Hossom was momentarily stunned before he snapped out of his trance and threw the snacks in his
hand at Kaga.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Do you guys really think I’m there for the diamond? I went
there for the treasures.”

At that juncture, Hossom appeared depressed.

“Initially, I wanted to find out the secret of Bazar Temple. But, I don’t know what’s wrong with Prima.
She must’ve gone crazy to ask me to bring her along. She wants to elope with me!”

“Elope! Hahaha…”

Kaga could not help but burst out laughing when she heard that. She laughed so hard that she fell on
the couch and could not get up.

Jonathan, on the other hand, looked at the duo in puzzlement.

“You played the knight in shining armor and saved the damsel in distress. Isn’t it normal for her to fall
for you?”

“What are you talking about? How is that normal?”

An ugly scowl emerged on Hossom’s face.

“Prima is a holy maiden, the High Priestess of Seboxia. Now that she has fallen for me, a mortal, those
people’s only solution is to annihilate me!”

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