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The Legendary Man Chapter 784

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-Jonathan kept his voice low, but to Caspian, his words were as
terrifying as a devil’s whisper from the depths of hell.

He had been on vacation at Newcove Sanatorium when he was suddenly captured and brought to his
current location. During their journey, Kaga tortured him to extract information. However, he had kept
his mouth shut and refused to disclose anything at all.

When he heard Jonathan’s words, Caspian finally understood why he had been captured.

The realization did not calm his thoughts. On the contrary, it made him even more fearful.

The poison in the weapon was not concocted by him. Naturally, he did not have an antidote on hand.

Jonathan’s face hardened when he noticed Caspian’s lips quivering.

“Caspian, we are all soldiers here. It’s nothing personal; just loyalty to our own motherland. If we were
to meet on the battlefield, I would definitely kill you without hesitation, but since this is about a private
matter, I don’t want to make things difficult for you. After all, you are not a key person in this conflict. All
I want from you is the antidote. If you give it to me, I’ll let you go,” Jonathan said coolly.

Caspian’s face turned red in panic and desperation flooded his eyes.

“Jona… No, I mean, Asura!” Caspian called out to Jonathan in a shaky voice. “The poison wasn’t made
by me. I got it from the High Priestess.”

The High Priestess?

Jonathan frowned and turned to Kaga and Hossom who were flanking him.

Although Chanaea and the West Region had been at war all year long, Jonathan’s understanding of
the West Region was limited to its military structure.

The West Region was a country with complex religious beliefs. People of the West Region subscribed
to a wide array of different religions. Even if Jonathan wanted to understand better, he did not have the
time to learn them all.

As such, he had utterly no clue about the identity of the High Priestess.

On the other hand, Hossom and Kaga’s expressions shifted when they heard about the High Priestess.

However, both of them wore a different expression.

Kaga’s usual carefree and fearless look was replaced with a solemn frown.

Hossom, on the other hand, met Jonathan’s eyes for a brief second. Then, he quickly averted his gaze.

It was obvious that he was hiding something.

Kaga, too, cast a meaningful look at Hossom.

“Caspian, this High Priestess that you’re talking about… It’s not the one who’s stationed in the
Newcove Bazar Temple all year round, right?”

“Yes, that’s her!” Caspian exclaimed, nodding fervently. “She was the one who gave me the poison. I
don’t have the antidote with me…”

“Are you telling the truth?”

Kaga’s figure moved in a flash. Without a moment’s hesitation, she thrust her dagger all the way into
Caspian’s thigh.

Kaga had not missed. She had pierced Caspian’s artery directly.

Caspian howled in pain.

The four Grandmasters standing outside the door manifested spirit shields to muffle Caspian’s voice
and block his exit.

Kaga stared directly into Caspian’s eyes. Slowly and deliberately, she twisted the dagger in her hand,
tormenting the man.

“Caspian, I’ll you give one final chance. Your wound is not fatal. If you hand over the antidote now, we’ll
drop you at the nearest hospital. You will still regain full use of your leg with just one simple surgery.
However, if I turn this dagger sideways, your leg will be completely useless. Think clearly before you
open your mouth again.”

Kaga twisted the dagger slowly. Even Jonathan and Hossom felt their skins crawl looking at the blood
that pooled between Caspian’s legs.

It did not escape Jonathan’s notice that Kaga wasn’t actually extorting a confession from Caspian but
instead was reluctant to face the so-called High Priestess.

“I really don’t have the antidote…” Caspian screamed, his voice shrill with pain. “When the High
Priestess gave the poison to me, she told me to use it cautiously because even she herself didn’t have
an antidote for it… How can I possibly be hiding it if it doesn’t exist?”

Blood gushed out where the dagger was buried in his thigh.

Jonathan waved his hand and a spirit shield appeared between Kaga and Caspian, keeping Kaga
away from the latter.

In response, the dagger was forcefully wrenched into Caspian’s thigh.

Caspian passed out from the pain and blood loss while Kaga stood up and sighed, swinging the dagger
in her hand.

“Jonathan, I did my best. He really does not have the antidote.” Kaga gestured at the door. “Hey, you
guys, take him away and kill him. Dispose of his body properly. Do not leave anything up to chance.”

After relaying her order, she slumped into the couch and nonchalantly dug into a bag of chips. It was
impossible to imagine that carefree girl torturing a man so ruthlessly just a moment earlier.

After relaying her order, she slumped into the couch and nonchalantly dug into a bag of chips. It was
impossible to imagine that carefree girl torturing a man so ruthlessly just a moment earlier.

The Grandmasters entered the room and dragged Caspian’s unconscious body away. Jonathan sat
down opposite Kaga.

“Is that High Priestess a lot of trouble?” Jonathan asked plainly.

He knew that he need not beat around the bush with someone like Kaga.

Kaga turned toward Hossom, her hand that was holding a chip freezing in midair.

“Hossom, why don’t you tell him about her? Tell him who exactly is this High Priestess.”

Hossom flashed them an awkward smile.

“Ah… the High Priestess… What does she have to do with me? I don’t have anything to say.”

“Hossom, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it you who seduced the High Priestess?” Kaga asked, smirking at

Jonathan’s ears perked up at Kaga’s statement even though she had not revealed much.

Seduce… What a scandal!

Jonathan looked at Hossom with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“Wow, Hossom, I never thought you’d be capable of that! So, is the Medved Army hunting after you
because you tarnished their High Priestess?”

“Bullsh*t!” Hossom spat at Jonathan, rubbing his bald head self-consciously. “Well, I’m a thief, and we
have our ways. We only go after treasures! Anyway, I did not tarnish her. I would never do that.”

“Really?” Kaga sneered, staring at Hossom. “Then, why did we receive news that the High Priestess
had committed suicide in the name of love?”

A wide smile spread across Jonathan’s face following Kaga’s words.

He reached for a bag of chips and chuckled at Hossom.

“Come on, tell us about it. We’re all strangers here. What’s wrong with spilling your secret?”

At that moment, Jonathan’s gossipy nature as a Chanaean was fully revealed.

“Hossom, what exactly did you do to the High Priestess?”

“What could I have possibly done to her?” Hossom spat, his face turning red. “Well, you know me… I
was the one who stole the diamond from the Seboxia statue. The Bazar Temple was heavily guarded,
so I… had to find a way to sneak into the temple. So, I came up with a plan that involved the High

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