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The Legendary Man Chapter 783

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-Following an ear-splitting explosion, a white glow shone brightly,
overpowering every other color in the surroundings.

Light. A holy word. It represented the hope and growth of all beings. It gave colors to every life in the
world and illuminated the realm with its shine, chasing the darkness away from every corner.

Yet when the light kept getting increasingly bright, showing no sign of stopping, it could also become
the deadliest of weapons.

Jonathan had his back facing Springwyn, but at that moment, he felt like the world had disappeared
amid the blinding white glow.

Unleashing his spiritual sense, Jonathan immediately grabbed onto the falling Hossom, who was
panicking due to the sudden blindness.

Jonathan sent the glass in front of him crashing into a million pieces with a kick before hauling Hossom
into the building. He didn’t stop to breathe once he was safely inside. Instead, he rushed forward
through another window on the side of the structure.

The white glow dimmed, and Jonathan launched Hossom toward the opposite building in midair.

“Use your spiritual sense and run!”

Hossom stumbled and fell to the ground but quickly steadied himself and sprinted.

Jonathan looked over his shoulder and saw a towering mushroom cloud rising into the sky.

The gigantic cloud had engulfed every part of Springwyn.

Blast waves formed by plumes of thick smoke and flames spread in every direction.

Jonathan landed on the rooftop. With a light tap of his foot, he whirled around and picked up his pace.

The range of a small special missile’s explosion was at least twenty kilometers.

His location was considered safe, but he still chose to put more distance between himself and the
center of the explosion just to be safe.

As for Vikas and the rest, Jonathan hoped they could find nearby bunkers to shield themselves from
the blast.

At a five-star hotel in Musbane, Jonathan emailed the information he had on hand to Hades.

Opposite Jonathan, Hossom and Kaga made themselves comfortable with a wineglass in their hands.

“Jonathan, can no one else from Asura’s Office come to the West Region? Isn’t it unfair for you to be
doing everything by yourself despite being the boss?”

Kaga’s employers were still a mystery, but their capabilities shouldn’t be underestimated, for they
managed to find out Jonathan’s background within such a short time.

Hossom, who was chewing a large piece of meat, dropped his cutlery and shot to his feet at Kaga’s

“Kaga, don’t say that. Jonathan is a hands-on type of person. That is a show of exemplary conduct and
nobility in Chanaea. It isn’t something you foreigners can understand.”

Both Jonathan and Kaga turned to look at Hossom simultaneously.

“Since when did you become a Chanaean?” Jonathan asked Hossom with a frown.

“I remembered you calling yourself a Machian?”

“This is my Chanaea ID card, Sir.”

Hossom pulled out his ID card from his pocket and showed it to Jonathan as if he was handing over
something precious.

Jonathan merely spared the card a glance and ignored Hossom.

It was common for people like Hossom, who were wanted criminals in multiple countries, to have
several identities. In fact, to complete their disguise, they would fake all their life experiences, from their
birth certificate to their university degree.

A debate about whether Hossom’s identity was real or fake would only be a waste of time.

Kaga poured another glass of wine before handing it to Jonathan using his spiritual energy.

“Aren’t you worried about me intercepting your intelligence for passing on information in front of me,

Jonathan reached for the glass of wine and took a sip.

“If you want to look, I can show it to you right now.”

Jonathan handed the notebook to Kaga as he spoke.

Kaga instantly waved her hands at Jonathan’s offer.

“That’s fine. I don’t want you coming after my life yet.”

Kaga set her glass on the table before studying Jonathan with interest.

“To tell you the truth, before I met you, my impression of the renowned Asura was either a bulky man or
a sly fox who excelled in scheming. I didn’t expect the legendary Asura to be someone like you.”

“Have I disappointed you then?” Jonathan asked with a laugh.

“Not at all.” Kaga shook her head. “It’s just that you don’t match the image in my mind.”

Kaga rose to her feet and crossed the room to open the door.

“Since this is our first meeting, I’ll gift you something valuable on my organization’s behalf. Consider it a
gift from the host to a guest.”

Kaga put two fingers in her mouth and blew out a sharp whistle.

The range of Jonathan’s spiritual sense instantly widened, engulfing a few more buildings in the

In the suite by the elevator, four Grandmasters were heading in his direction while pushing something
that looked like a meal cart.

Jonathan wanted to discern the thing in the cart, but a shapeless energy barrier was blocking his
spiritual sense.

“This is a show of our goodwill, Mr. Goldstein.”

“This is a show of our goodwill, Mr. Goldstein.”

Kaga pushed the cart across the room and halted in front of Jonathan. With a furious kick, the cart
toppled onto the carpeted floor.

A tied-up person fell out of the cart.

Jonathan studied the person on the ground with furrowed brows. With a sweep of his spiritual sense,
Jonathan noted the man had all his limbs broken. Even his meridians had been damaged. The tied-up
man was nothing more than a cripple.

“What is this?”

Jonathan looked up at Kaga with a questioning glance.

Kaga was stunned by Jonathan’s inquiry.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for Caspian? We caught him for you.”


Jonathan studied Caspian’s swollen-beyond-recognition face. Even Caspian’s mother wouldn’t be able
to recognize the man in such a wretched state, much less Jonathan, who had only seen Caspian in a
photo before.

Seeing Caspian unconscious on the floor, Jonathan hurriedly dropped to his haunches to hold the
former’s arm.

He imbued some spiritual energy into Caspian, infusing them into his meridians.

Waves of pain jolted Caspian awake. The minute he recognized Kaga, Caspian immediately scrambled
backward as though he had seen the devil himself. The fear of Kaga attacking him had swallowed him

Jonathan cast a gaze at Kaga, who was all smiles. He had no idea why a cute little girl like Kaga would
be so violent.

He recalled the first time he met her. She had bombs strapped to every inch of her body.

If it weren’t for the location, Jonathan would suspect Kaga was a member of some terrorist group.

Kaga stomped on Caspian’s ankle, beaming as she regarded him.

“Don’t worry, Caspian. I won’t torture you as long as you cooperate with us.”

She jerked her chin at Jonathan.

“This is Mr. Jonathan Goldstein, the Asura of Chanaea. He came to the West Region in search of you.
This is, after all, the territory of the West Region, so I hope you can cooperate and don’t make things
difficult for me.”

Terror struck Caspian at the mention of Jonathan’s identity.

Fear and awe for the Asura’s Office’s leader were deeply ingrained in him after he witnessed the
gruesome massacre of seventy thousand people by Asura’s Office amid the sandstorm in Mysonna.

Jonathan looked at Caspian. “Caspian, you’ve hurt Dorian, and there is poison on his wound. Hand
over the antidote, and I won’t make things any harder for you.”

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