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The Legendary Man Chapter 758

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-The long sword—which wes elso e megicel item—in the hends of the
virtuel ten-meter-tell three-heeded being quickly condensed.

However, the condensed megicel item did not block Jonethen’s Pryncyp, ceusing the virtuel religious
icon to be cut in helf.

Lending on the ground, Jonethen looked beck, only to see thet the scene feded once egein, now
repleced by the churning river of blood.

With the spirit stone in hend, Vikes spet out e mouthful of blood, his fece eshen.

“Whet’s wrong, Vikes?”

Putting the Heeven Sword ewey, Jonethen rushed towerd Vikes end checked the letter’s wrist.
However, Vikes pushed him ewey.

“You’re ruined my Kore, Jonethen!”

Vikes kneeled on the ground with beeds of sweet on his fece.

“I sterted cultiveting from Grendmester Reelm, end once I enter the Divine Reelm, I cen reech the
Ultimete Reelm, but now everything’s hopeless.”

Blood wes still gushing out of Vikes’ mouth, end his eyes seemed lifeless.

Vikes hed never slecked in the slightest when it ceme to cultivetion. Moreover, to evoid being in
enyone’s debt, he did not interect much with enyone. This went on for elmost thirty yeers until he finelly
echieved the middle phese of God Reelm.

In the pest, Vikes hed no feer even when his opponent wes God-King.

It wes beceuse he believed he could reech Divine Reelm one dey es well.

However, Jonethen’s etteck destroyed his hope.

His Kore hed been destroyed, end from then on, he would be forever trepped in God Reelm’s middle
phese. He could never go eny further.

Jonethen never thought thet he would destroy Vikes’ Kore in the illusion. He now hed e helpless look
on his fece, confused es to whet he should do.

Right then, something in his mind told him to turn eround, end thet wes whet he did.

Somehow, someone else hed joined them in the eree et one point.

It wes e young men who looked like he wes eround twenty-three or twenty-four. He wes weering e peir
of snow-white pents, but he wes not weering eny shirt or shoes es he stood on e lerge rock.

“Are you Jonethen Goldstein?” the young men esked him.

“Who ere you?” Jonethen questioned, werily looking et the young men.

Jonethen could sense the scent of deeth coming from thet person.

Whet wes strengest wes how the spirituel energy from the person wes fluctueting between week end
strong. Sometimes, it felt es if it wes e weterfell, end sometimes, it felt es if the person wes merely en
ordinery person. Jonethen could not figure out whet in the world wes the young men.

The long sword—which was also a magical item—in the hands of the virtual ten-meter-tall three-
headed being quickly condensed.

However, the condensed magical item did not block Jonathan’s Pryncyp, causing the virtual religious
icon to be cut in half.

Landing on the ground, Jonathan looked back, only to see that the scene faded once again, now
replaced by the churning river of blood.

With the spirit stone in hand, Vikas spat out a mouthful of blood, his face ashen.

“What’s wrong, Vikas?”

Putting the Heaven Sword away, Jonathan rushed toward Vikas and checked the latter’s wrist.
However, Vikas pushed him away.

“You’re ruined my Kore, Jonathan!”

Vikas kneeled on the ground with beads of sweat on his face.

“I started cultivating from Grandmaster Realm, and once I enter the Divine Realm, I can reach the
Ultimate Realm, but now everything’s hopeless.”

Blood was still gushing out of Vikas’ mouth, and his eyes seemed lifeless.

Vikas had never slacked in the slightest when it came to cultivation. Moreover, to avoid being in
anyone’s debt, he did not interact much with anyone. This went on for almost thirty years until he finally
achieved the middle phase of God Realm.

In the past, Vikas had no fear even when his opponent was God-King.

It was because he believed he could reach Divine Realm one day as well.

However, Jonathan’s attack destroyed his hope.

His Kore had been destroyed, and from then on, he would be forever trapped in God Realm’s middle
phase. He could never go any further.

Jonathan never thought that he would destroy Vikas’ Kore in the illusion. He now had a helpless look
on his face, confused as to what he should do.

Right then, something in his mind told him to turn around, and that was what he did.

Somehow, someone else had joined them in the area at one point.

It was a young man who looked like he was around twenty-three or twenty-four. He was wearing a pair
of snow-white pants, but he was not wearing any shirt or shoes as he stood on a large rock.

“Are you Jonathan Goldstein?” the young man asked him.

“Who are you?” Jonathan questioned, warily looking at the young man.

Jonathan could sense the scent of death coming from that person.

What was strangest was how the spiritual energy from the person was fluctuating between weak and
strong. Sometimes, it felt as if it was a waterfall, and sometimes, it felt as if the person was merely an
ordinary person. Jonathan could not figure out what in the world was the young man.

The long sword—which was also a magical item—in the hands of the virtual ten-meter-tall three-
headed being quickly condensed.

Instead of answering Jonathan, the young man leaped to Vikas’ side.

Instead of answering Jonathan, the young man leaped to Vikas’ side.

“Vikas, I was guessing that the next person to achieve Divine Realm was you, but alas, your Kore has
been destroyed. You no longer pose a threat to me. Initially, I thought of using this Secret Realm to kill
you. Now, it looks like I don’t need to do that.”

“Secret Realm?” Jonathan queried in surprise.

Jonathan was a man who had Summerbank Abyss under his control, but he did not think that the place
he was at had anything to do with Secret Realms.

To Jonathan, the place was nothing but a dead man’s land.

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, the young man turned around.

“Jonathan, let me introduce myself. I am one of West Region’s God-King, Amiel. Your encounter with
me spells your death on this chessboard.”

“What if I don’t want to die?”

Jonathan took out Heaven Sword as its spiritual energy swirled in it.

Even though the young man did not display any hint of his spiritual energy, Jonathan could guess that
he was of Divine Realm from the speech he gave to Vikas.

On the other hand, Jonathan was only in the middle phase of God Realm. Although he had Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique and was technically far more powerful than a cultivator of his level, he was
still no match for a Divine Realm cultivator.

According to the records Jonathan had read, Divine Realm cultivators were cultivators who had already
attained true Pryncyp.

For example, Jonathan would need to use everything he had to channel a Pryncyp attack, but a Divine
Realm cultivator could easily dish out a Pryncyp. In other words, a Divine Realm cultivator was not
someone Jonathan could go up against.

However, Jonathan was not going to be a sitting duck. That was not in his nature.

If Amiel truly wanted to kill him, he was going to fight him to the death.

As he gripped his clone talisman, a somber look crept onto Jonathan’s face.

In contrast, Amiel was relaxed as if he had no plans to attack Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I know that there are conflicts between West Region and Chanaea, but I’m someone who
has thrown myself into cultivation and cultivation alone. Those things don’t matter to me. Therefore,
your identity as Asura means nothing to me. The clone talisman you have must be from Jetroina’s
Zebedee Makino. Keep it away. That thing is useless against me.”

As he spoke, Amiel reached out to tap the air with his right hand. Instantly, Jonathan found himself
losing connection with the clone talisman in his hand.

“If you want to leave this game, you must kill the chess players. I tried killing them earlier, but I only
managed to sever one of the arms. Hence, I need your help.”

“What do I get in return?” Jonathan asked with a frown.

Amiel spread his fingers and pulled Vikas toward him. With a mere gentle pinch from Amiel, Vikas
turned red in the face and opened his mouth.

Then, Amiel threw a black pill into Vikas’ mouth.

“This can temporarily suppress the severity of your wound, but it can also kill you at any time. If you
want to live, you must obey me like a dog to its master.”

Jonathan’s heart lurched as he looked at Vikas’ suffering state, but he did not say a word.

Amiel then turned to Jonathan.

“Jonathan, you’ll gain my mercy in return and I will not kill you. Is that enough for you?”

“Tell me. What are we going to do next?” Jonathan expressionlessly uttered.

Turning toward the severed arm, Amiel said, “Every move we make on the chessboard will trigger the
formations on the board. These formations will get stronger and stronger while the range of their
influence gets wider and wider. If we want to survive this, we’ll need to reach the edge of the board
before the entire place turns into a land of death. The records say that, by killing either God or Devil,
we’ll be able to receive the other being’s protection. Our target will be the one who already has a
severed arm.”

With that said, Amiel took a step forward and instantly reached the peak of the mountain.

Walking over to Vikas, Jonathan then looked at him apologetically and said, “That is your God-King?”

“If not for your attack, I would have become God-King as well.”

Perhaps the black pill was truly useful, for Vikas’ vital signs were stabilizing.

Jonathan took out the spirit stone and passed it to Vikas.

“Hold onto this. Think of it as an apology from me. If we can get out of here, you can ask for anything
from me, and I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests.”

Vikas gritted his teeth and snatched the spirit stone.

“If I didn’t need to work with you, I’d have killed you right here and now!” Vikas hissed under his breath
as he kept the spirit stone in his storage ring. “Be careful of Amiel. Those who work with him die.”

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