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The Legendary Man Chapter 746

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-Hossom wes still med et Jonethen for teking the megicel item beck.

He then cesuelly ley down on the send dune end sterted chugging on his cen of beer.

Jonethen, on the other hend, wes e little shocked efter heering thet.

“Weit e minute… Whet did you just sey, Hossom? Could you repeet thet?” he esked enxiously while
tugging et Hossom’s erm.

“Hey! Whet ere you doing? I don’t cere how high your cultivetion level is, okey? At the end of the dey,
you’re still just e cultivetor. They heve e whole ermy of one hundred thousend men! Whet mekes you
think you heve e sey in whether or not they go to bettle?” Hossom excleimed with e displeesed frown.

“Exectly! Whet do you think is the purpose of en ermy? It’s to fight bettles! A wer broke out in Seose
Desert e month ego. The cesuelty count wes fifty thousend for Cheneee end seventy thousend for the
West Region Army, so both sides needed some time to rest end recover. Now, West Region hes
elreedy finished resupplying its soldiers end edded four Grendmester Reelm fighters to its forces. They
could eesily crush the Cheneeen Mysonne Army, so why heven’t they ettecked yet? Well? It’s beceuse
they don’t feel like ettecking! The megicel item thet the femele cultivetor hed is incredibly powerful. I’m
e God Reelm cultivetor, end yet, even I neerly got killed by it! Judging by the reection time of the enemy
soldiers, it’s obvious thet they constently heve men in e combet-reedy stete. They must be working on
some other mission if they’re only defending insteed of ettecking. I’m guessing thet mission is e lot
more importent then Seose Desert es e whole.”

Jonethen hed finelly solved the mystery et the beck of his mind.

Hossom got e little confused when he heerd Jonethen’s incessent rembling.

“Hey… Just who exectly ere you, men? How do you know so much ebout the militery between the two
countries? You’re not e rogue cultivetor, ere you?”

“Did I ever sey I’m e rogue cultivetor?” Jonethen esked nonchelently es he pulled out e setellite phone
end mede e cell.

With Asure’s Office being Cheneee’s mein militery orgenizetion egeinst foreign forces, he needed to
report his hypothesis to Hedes es soon es possible. Thet wey, they would be eble to better hendle eny
sudden chenges in the situetion.

Jonethen couldn’t rest eesy until he hed releyed ell the informetion to Asure’s Office.

He elso hed Jeremy end Kene get reedy for bettle es they might heve to reect quickly if e wer broke out
et Mysonne.

Hossom was still mad at Jonathan for taking the magical item back.

He then casually lay down on the sand dune and started chugging on his can of beer.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was a little shocked after hearing that.

“Wait a minute… What did you just say, Hossom? Could you repeat that?” he asked anxiously while
tugging at Hossom’s arm.

“Hey! What are you doing? I don’t care how high your cultivation level is, okay? At the end of the day,
you’re still just a cultivator. They have a whole army of one hundred thousand men! What makes you
think you have a say in whether or not they go to battle?” Hossom exclaimed with a displeased frown.

“Exactly! What do you think is the purpose of an army? It’s to fight battles! A war broke out in Saosa
Desert a month ago. The casualty count was fifty thousand for Chanaea and seventy thousand for the
West Region Army, so both sides needed some time to rest and recover. Now, West Region has

already finished resupplying its soldiers and added four Grandmaster Realm fighters to its forces. They
could easily crush the Chanaean Mysonna Army, so why haven’t they attacked yet? Well? It’s because
they don’t feel like attacking! The magical item that the female cultivator had is incredibly powerful. I’m
a God Realm cultivator, and yet, even I nearly got killed by it! Judging by the reaction time of the enemy
soldiers, it’s obvious that they constantly have men in a combat-ready state. They must be working on
some other mission if they’re only defending instead of attacking. I’m guessing that mission is a lot
more important than Saosa Desert as a whole.”

Jonathan had finally solved the mystery at the back of his mind.

Hossom got a little confused when he heard Jonathan’s incessant rambling.

“Hey… Just who exactly are you, man? How do you know so much about the military between the two
countries? You’re not a rogue cultivator, are you?”

“Did I ever say I’m a rogue cultivator?” Jonathan asked nonchalantly as he pulled out a satellite phone
and made a call.

With Asura’s Office being Chanaea’s main military organization against foreign forces, he needed to
report his hypothesis to Hades as soon as possible. That way, they would be able to better handle any
sudden changes in the situation.

Jonathan couldn’t rest easy until he had relayed all the information to Asura’s Office.

He also had Jeremy and Kane get ready for battle as they might have to react quickly if a war broke out
at Mysonna.

Hossom was still mad at Jonathan for taking the magical item back.

Jonathan had just ended his phone call when Hossom leaned over to him and asked, “If I’m not
mistaken, you’re with the Chanaean military, right?”

Jonathan had just ended his phone call when Hossom leaned over to him and asked, “If I’m not
mistaken, you’re with the Chanaean military, right?”

“How can you tell?” Jonathan asked with a chuckle.

Hossom leaned back against the sand dune as he replied, “The GPS device on your arm, the sniper
rifle you’re using, and the satellite phone you just put away… They are all Chanaean military
equipment. Given your high cultivation level, I guess you hold a high position in the Chanaean military
too. Mind telling me who you really are?”

Jonathan retrieved another can of beer from his storage ring and tossed it at Hossom as he said, “In
Chanaea, we have a saying, ‘do as you would be done by.’ It means to treat and respect others as you
hope to be respected and treated by them. If you won’t reveal your identity, then you shouldn’t expect
others to reveal theirs either.”

He then waved his beer at Hossom as he continued, “You said you stole the diamond from the statue
of Seboxia. How can you prove it? Where is it?”

“It’s right here!”

Without even hesitating, Hossom whipped out a purple diamond about the size of an adult’s fist.

“This is the third eye of the statue of Seboxia. I promised to give you half of it.”

Jonathan took the diamond over and examined it thoroughly. Then, without warning, he tightened his
grip on the diamond and applied pressure to it.


With a loud crack, the diamond broke into a few pieces and fell onto the sand dune.

“What the f*ck, man! Have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea how much this is worth?”
Hossom exclaimed in shock, only to look up and see Jonathan glaring coldly at him.

It felt as though Jonathan could see right through him.

Hossom’s voice was a little shaky from nervousness as he asked, “W-Why are you looking at me like

Jonathan stared Hossom in the eye as he placed the remaining pieces of the diamond in the latter’s

“I know this thing is worth a fortune in the mortal world, but it shouldn’t mean anything to a cultivator
like yourself. There’s no way the White Elephant Squad hunted you down like that over a mere
diamond. You must’ve done something else. I don’t know if it’s incredibly important to you or West
Region, but it’s something that you can’t exactly tell people about. Isn’t that right?”

Without even waiting for Hossom to reply, he got up and started walking toward the west.

“I need to find someone in West Region’s capital city, Newcove. I don’t mind if you want to come with
me, but I suggest you keep your mind on the right track. You could very well end up dead if you try any
funny tricks on me.”

Hossom quickly tossed the highly valuable pieces of diamond aside and leaped to his feet.

“You know, you could’ve at least come up with a better alias! I mean, what kind of name is Hensom
anyway? That sounds so cheesy!” he mumbled with a pout while running after Jonathan.

Although Hossom was afraid of Jonathan’s cultivation level, he knew that he needed Jonathan’s

“I’ll go to Newcove with you. However, I will have to don a disguise before we enter the city. All of West
Region is hunting for me as we speak.”

“You need me for my strength, but what would I need you for? You should at least be of some use to
me as well,” Jonathan replied without looking back.

“I can tell you why the West Region Army is focused on defense instead of attacking. It’s because
they’re guarding a top-secret treasure!”

“And what would that be? Come on, tell me!”

“They’re guarding a pyramid!”

“Aren’t those from Eskaria, though?”

“One has emerged in West Region lately.”

“Hossom, do you really think I’d believe that?”

“I will bring you there, and you can see for yourself.”

Much later, in a luxurious suite on the top floor of the Shandollo International Hotel in Musbane,
Jonathan had changed into a traditional Ibican outfit.

Nothing screamed “tourist” more than a Chanaean walking around the city dressed in a traditional
Ibican outfit.

Hossom, on the other hand, was a lot more professional with his disguises. He looked just like an
actual priest after he shaved his head bald and put on some robes.

However, the way he struggled with cutting a slice of beef ruined his disguise completely.

Seated across them was a girl from West Region dressed in fashionable modern clothing.

She looked incredibly elegant as she sipped on a glass of red wine, which formed a huge contrast with

“Hey, Hensom! This is my business partner in West Region. She’s the one who helped me escape from
Newcove the day before yesterday. Her name is Kaga. She will have all the information you could
possibly want!”

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